In a Champions League group match, he was blown away. To be precise, a goal and an assist result led to no performance in the game. He always wanted to vent his frustration at the stadium, but now this kind of thing happened again … He was caught with a bird’s egg and then he didn’t show it at half time. It can be seen that Zhang Tiehan was in a good mood.

Zhang Tiehan’s face is gloomy and anyone can see it.
Back to the dressing room, Steven Gerrard and other teammates wanted to comfort Zhang Tiehan, but there seemed to be no place. When they returned to the dressing room, they saw Zhang Tiehan burying his head in the bathroom.
"He is … what’s the matter?"
Several people gave a looked at each other.
According to their understanding of Zhang Tiehan, this guy can’t even resist this blow. How did this happen? What happened to man of iron?
They all said to each other.
Then it wasn’t long before they saw bathroom door’s "thud" open and man of iron burst out laughing in front of the bathroom.
Just when everyone was confused, Zhang Tiehan shouted, "Old people are really healthy!"
Everyone is more at a loss
Zhang Tiehan doesn’t care so much. He just checked himself out and got hard. This has killed his biggest worry. Compared with the competition, it is a trivial matter. Now he is chanting butterfield’s name. Half-time will definitely make this guy look good!
Dare to catch an old bird’s egg!
I’ll let you know that it’s amazing!
At halftime, many media were talking about the match between the two teams.
This is the third lap of the Carling Cup, a decisive game. If one side loses the game, it means that it will be eliminated directly from the Carling Cup, and the competition system is still very cruel.
Now Liverpool are one goal behind, and their performance shows that many media think it is difficult for them to equalize the score. Although Liverpool is strong, it is the home of Crystal Palace, and the overall performance of Liverpool is very low.
"It may be that the Champions League has affected Liverpool’s two-line battle. They just returned to England from Belgium the night before yesterday, and now it is an away game. Many players in their starting lineup have participated in a Champions League, which is normal." Some commentators explained the reasons for Liverpool’s poor performance.
"Zhang was probably influenced by the foul, and after he re-appeared, he ran and moved awkwardly. I hope he wasn’t seriously injured …"
"Benitez should change it and let him have a face-to-face examination …"
Some media suggested
Although "catching birds’ eggs" is very interesting, they are still a little worried when they see that Zhang Tiehan is affected. After all, it is no small matter that that thing is injured.
In the visiting team locker room
Benitez is also talking about this issue. He said to Zhang man of iron, "Can you still play?"
"No problem, sir!" Zhang Tiehan determined
Benitez was a little suspicious, and his eyes were aimed at Zhang man of iron’s triangle, and then he was embarrassed and coughed before he doubted, "Really?"
"Of course, sir," Zhang Tiehan’s face flashed with happiness. "I checked that it is still a magnificent weapon. I am all right now! You can rest assured! "
Benitez stare big eyes.
Other players who have already guessed also laughed. They just didn’t react for a moment, so they knew what Zhang Tiehan was worried about. It turned out that this guy didn’t behave well because he was worried about this.
If everyone is holding back until now, they finally can’t help laughing.
Benitez couldn’t help laughing when he reacted. He tried to hold back and patted Zhang Tiehan on the shoulder, but he didn’t say anything. He felt that his worry was really unnecessary to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and twenty This is just the beginning!
Butterfield is quite proud.
Zhang Tiehan is the top scorer in Serie A and the top scorer in the Champions League in summer. Adding so many titles to a player’s body makes his head shine. What’s more, it is not only a title but also a proof of his strength. Many media have given Zhang Tiehan the category of "almost unstoppable striker", and many defenders have come out to say that Zhang Tiehan is really difficult to defend.
What about fruit?
If he butterfield gave the’ star who can’t be defended’ a limit.
Butterfield is really full of ambition!
At halftime, the head coach also praised his performance, which made him even more proud. Zhang Tiehan was so fierce in the league and the Champions League that he was top in scoring and performance. Now he can imagine what the media will say about himself.
"Crystal Palace is surprised by the magic guard!"
"butterfield yes that’s him! He stopped Zhang! "
"What are you waiting for? Take him away. He shouldn’t play in the Championship. He should go to a higher level! "
So ….. It won’t be long before I can become the focus of England. You know, I can’t resist Zhang Tiehan. There will be several media reports on my glorious deeds. Maybe I can go to a rich family then?
God, that’s great!
When butterfield was immersed in fantasy, the players of both teams had already appeared. On the other side, a group of Liverpool players were already in position. He didn’t find that it was in the middle circle. Zhang Tiehan stared at him with a fierce and dangerous look.
Maybe butterfield found out and didn’t care. He still thought it was his success.
At the same time, the fans of Crystal Palace also came to the team’s refueling field. Many fans came to the audience. More than 20,000 seats were filled, including more than 1,000 Liverpool fans. The rest were fans of Crystal Palace. They came to watch the game because their opponents were Liverpool.
Compared with Liverpool, Crystal Palace is nothing.
But they didn’t expect the team to perform so well in front of Liverpool, especially the team’s defense could limit Liverpool’s No.13 Zhang man of iron. It’s really … it’s amazing to know that many crystal palace fans came to see Zhang man of iron’s performance
Although they are rivals, Zhang man of iron’s goal is a bit strange for fans.
However, today, Zhang Tiehan did not see their performance, but saw the team’s’ lean’ defense, which was really unexpected, and also made Crystal Palace fans happier. They wanted to see the team’s performance more than watching the performance of their opponents’ stars, but the latter was really extravagant, and Crystal Palace fans dared not think about it.
But now I dare not think that my dream will come true!
The fans of Crystal Palace shouted for cheering for the team, and at the same time, they shouted the names of all the stars, especially butterfield, who received a lot of cheers, because everyone could see that it was butterfield’s defense that restricted Zhang man of iron. In the eyes of Crystal Palace fans, butterfield performed even better than Blanco!