Think pupil miniature don’t know what to answer at the moment.

"It’s just this opportunity today that everyone should know about you and me," Chu Ningzhao said, regardless of the attitude of thinking, and directly announced that "Rui Rui is my son, thinking about me, and it can also be said that it is your boss’s wife. She will represent me when she comes to the company."
The significance of Chu Ningzhao’s words can be described as very far-reaching, which represents the absolute discourse of Si in this company.
This even shocked me. I wanted to interrupt ChuNingZhao, but he put his arm around his shoulder. "I don’t want to see this happen again. Director Li, please resign."
Frightened voices sounded one after another. Maybe everyone didn’t expect that Chu Ningzhao would let Director Li resign so directly.
Director Li looked at ChuNingZhao in disbelief. "Boss, do you want to quit me? What? I just said something wrong, but my contribution to this company is obvious to all … "
Section 256
"Do you need me to explain why?" Chu Ningzhao’s expression is cold and silent. "Then you should leave here more. Chu doesn’t need to be rude."
Li’s fate was decided by Chu Ningzhao’s simple sentence. At this time, even if she wanted to save it, there was no way.
Chu Ningzhao came up to me at the right time and said, "Director Li, please go through the resignation formalities with me, and we will compensate you accordingly according to the contract."
"All scattered to work" ChuNingZhao eyes again coldly swept away the crowd immediately.
Think this just pushed ChuNingZhao with a straight face from his arm to hide "that I also go"
"Don’t go." ChuNingZhao once again caught Si back, holding Rui Rui in one hand and thinking in the other.
Green morning cough a "that what interview also normal? Or wait until you have settled your affairs first? "
Chu Ning said simply "Go to my office"
Qing Chen followed them with the workers. Chu Ningzhao arranged Si and Rui Rui in the office compartment first, then let Qing Chen interview him for ten minutes, and then ordered him to "walk slowly"
In the morning, Nunu’s mouth was "really … kick down the ladder"
ChuNingZhao office door without hesitation.
Qingchen met the cameraman face to face at the door, and the lighting engineer whispered, "Well … shall we go now?"
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