The two bodies are constantly entangled and lingering, panting and panting.

Five years of lovesickness can be imagined in generate at this moment.
Thousands of pores in the whole body are stretched out as if they were in the sweet spring.
Time and time again like never enough. Volume sixty-nine
Chapter sixty-nine
"Mrs. Fu, where are you going?"
At noon the next day, when Jing Xuan woke up in a daze, when she looked around at the strong wedding room, when she caught a glimpse of her body with a touch of purples, her face flushed deeply, and she grabbed the brocade quilt and covered it a little bit. Last night, the joy left a little mark on her body.
"Is Madame awake?" Just as Jing Xuan was immersed in her own thoughts, a sweet voice interrupted her leisure time.
"I’m Abortion", a hard-working girl who looks a little simple and honest, blushes and may be the first time to wait on her wife. She is a little nervous.
"Abortion?" Jing Xuan smiled indifferently. Although the girl was not as beautiful as Xiao Qiao, her heart was simple and honest, but she was somewhat similar and had a good impression for no reason.
"Yes, madam." Abortion was stunned by her captivating smile. Madam is really as beautiful as the moon.
"Where is Xin Lei?" Static Xuan some absently swept aside swinging pillow is still warm, should leave not too long.
"Madam Hui, it’s the guest house today, and the master of the piano and stage club in January is not absent every time." Abortion was a little cautious.
"Oh?" Jing Xuan said lightly, "Do you know anything else?" Ask softly but don’t refuse.
"Mrs. Fu" abortion suddenly felt a kind of oppression by this strange smell.
"Actually," Abortion is not a girl who is good at lying after all. She looked nervously at Jing Xuan and turned a little pale. "I heard that Abortion is to commemorate the deceased empress-"
"Go on-"Jing Xuan’s eyes flashed a little and took a deep breath. Somehow she wanted to know more.
Abortion carefully looks up at Jing Xuan’s plain and fantastic beauty, biting her lip and making up her mind. "Young master will come back on this day of every month to commemorate the death of the empress for five years ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"Stop abortion." Jing Xuan’s eyes flashed with tears. He loved more deeply and persistently than she thought. If she didn’t come back, wouldn’t it be selfish and cruel to continue her love and live alone?
"Let me get some water." Jing Xuan moved gently and quickly fell apart. She urgently needs to take a hot bath now. "By the way, I’ll get a set of simple but elegant clothes."
"Yes" Abortion should go.
Stay static xuan outfit new toward abortion, sweet smile America laguna straight see abortion tybalt slain Yu Di pushed open the door in hand and went out.
Don’t you have the beginning scene? I’ve been stunned for a long time. Abortion rushed out, chasing and earnestly asking each other. I remembered that the young master specially told her to take good care of her wife and let her have a good rest … What should I do if the young master came back and didn’t see her wife? I’m so anxious that tears are coming out.
"Bang-"Because she was too eager to catch up with abortion, she almost knocked down Jing Xuan, who had just lived.
Jing Xuan looked at abortion and looked sad. She sighed softly, "Abortion?"
Abortion saw that she had the temerity to bump into the lady’s heart, but she was even more flustered and piteously promised "Mrs. Fu"
"You?" Jing Xuan was finally defeated by her trepidation like a frightened rabbit. Frustrated, Yu Di tapped Abortion’s little head and smiled bitterly. "I want to meet Xin Lei. Look, you are anxious."
"eh? !” Abortion didn’t wander for a while.
"Let’s go." Jing Xuan walked lightly across the abortion and strode out, which attracted all the servants to look at each other, but they were all very respectful. Jing Xuan always saluted with a little smile in return, which made everyone feel like a spring breeze.
"Lady is so beautiful! Like a fairy in a painting. "
"Not only beautiful but also so kind!"
"This hospital is busy. Didn’t you see how happy the young master was today! !”
"Yeah, yeah, it’s like a different person, even smiling at your eyes!"
"What a good lady! She brings sunshine to our young master."
"Master check? The whole PeiFu is … "
After watching Jing Xuan’s figure gradually disappear, they bowed their heads and sighed with emotion. After that, they won’t see the melancholy and sad face of the young master again. They have always loved and respected the young master. Master Lang, as bright as the moon, is back. Thank you, beautiful lady! Love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me.
Chapter sixty-five
"Can I go?" Jing Xuan looked at Yue Hua and wept with joy. She was afraid of being surprised and gentle.
"eh?" Yuehua looks up at him and anxiously looks at Junqi’s sleeping face again. Her breathing is almost stable and her face is softer. Her heart is very grateful.
"Madam, as I just gave it to Ruyi, there would be no problem." Jing Xuan’s eyes flashed with confidence.
"Thank you" Yuehua stood up and blessed him with sincerity, which made him auspicious and wishful. Madam is the first lady of the distinguished country!
But what surprised them even more was that Jing Xuan was calm and natural, and he seemed to be able to withstand all this noble etiquette. The two men did not seem abrupt at all, but seemed so natural and harmonious
"Meeting is predestined relationship." Yuehua warmly extended a hand of friendship. "Thank you for saving your life when your brother comes over."
"Thank you for your long time". Jing Xuan was afraid of hiding and staying. She didn’t want to regenerate any trouble. She hurried to say goodbye and almost ran out of the "Jirentang". When she finally found a humble teahouse to sit, she sighed that she was in such a hurry that she didn’t come to enjoy the famous "Jirentang". It seems that this move will definitely cause a stir. What should I do if I see what I am afraid of? Look at your clothes again, and it’s a flash of light. Why don’t you restore your daughter’s costume and find another chance to try your luck in the guest building
I thought of doing it and quickly went to the street to buy several sets of daughter costumes. I restored my daughter’s home to be beautiful and absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know what she put on her face, but another ordinary daughter’s face shows up like this. Who cares? I am very satisfied with taking care of myself in the mirror. By the way, I found a good home, Yuelai Inn, but it’s not that I don’t want to be in the guest house, but that compared with the guest house, it’s really cash-strapped or it’s good to find a clean one.
Since then, it has been another day.
How time flies! It’s been ten days. Jingxuan often takes the road to the guest house, but she can’t wait for her to find someone. Where is he? Didn’t he like the breeze very much before? Didn’t they drink in the guest building? Why haven’t you seen it for ten days in a row?
Some frustrated Jing Xuan walked in familiar streets. Since that day, "Jirentang" stirred up a thousand waves with one stone, her name has spread all over the streets. She accidentally created another wonder! These are not important to her. As far as her present appearance is concerned, she is not like a god. She still seems a little annoyed and lost for days. She walks around the corner of her eyes and is attracted by a touch of green, and she walks in without listening to her steps.
This is a very impressive jewelry store. There are a wide range of shops in it, which are fashionable and attractive, but they have that green color that makes people feel relaxed at first sight.
"Can you show me?" Jing Xuan was infected by the emerald green, and her heart calmed down a lot in recent days.
"Ok, please wait a moment." An old man who looked at some age but was very spiritual politely went over and took the green and handed it to him with both hands.
Jing Xuan hands took the feeling that it was cool and straight to the bottom of my heart. I can’t tell you how comfortable it was. At this time, it was a Yu Di lying in her hand. The color was extremely full and rich. Some of them looked at it fondly. It was a great visual enjoyment for Yu Di to hold it in her hand like this. Her delicate little hand stroked the flute body and raised her hand and blew a few simple notes lightly. Beautiful as a day, it was really a breeze that gently blew her wide cuffs, making her attire fluttering very light.
Inadvertently, the old man who just handed the flute flashed a touch of surprise when his eyes froze. Suddenly there was an unspeakable joy. Will she be what he expected?
"How much is this?" Jing Xuan looked at this excellent Yu Di hesitantly. It must be extremely valuable without any flaws.
"Does the girl like it?" The old man asked with care and respect.
"Well," said Jing Xuan, with that Yu Di in her eyes, she ignored the old man’s eyes.
"If only the girl likes to take it," the old man’s attitude remained.
"eh?" Jing Xuan came to her senses and looked at the old man’s ability to penetrate all eyes. After thinking for a while, she slowly said, "The work is not affected by the real benefits. What’s worse, this Yu Di pure color is definitely not low."