It’s a pity that there is no music, no goblets and wine!

After putting out a heart-shaped candle on the table, Yunzui blew out the candles in other places before sitting at the meeting position. Yunzui said to the opposite pool across the candle, "Okay, now you can move."
They have candlelight dinner, huh
But Chi Mi doesn’t know what Yunzui is doing. With doubts, Chi Mifeng’s eyes have been staring at Yun Zui.
It feels strange to eat this way.
Yun Zui bit his chopsticks and Naiyou explained to Chi Mi, "This is a candlelight dinner and I will give you romance."
Say it and act directly regardless of whether Chi Mi understands it or not.
Although I don’t know Yun Zui’s intention to make a heart-shaped candle when he is busy, he can still detect an atmosphere that is warm and a little happy and satisfying.
This feeling is wonderful, and Chi Mi is in a good mood.
Yunzui surprised him a lot, and Yunzui was also very special. Even Su Dye Pupil didn’t give him so many surprises. Yunzui is more attractive than Su Dye Pupil!
After a meal, they didn’t talk much and didn’t see Chi Mi. After finally paying the bill, they went out of the restaurant with Chi Mi and went out to the street.
At this time, it was already dark, and several candles were extinguished.
However, the faint moonlight spread all over the imperial city. Although the line of sight is not too clear, you can still see the outline of the surrounding environment.
It’s a road crush for two people to stroll along.
Chi Mi is willing to take possession of Su Ran’s pupil after thinking about making Yun Zui love him, but Chi Mi just thought of a question. Will Yun Zui disappear?
Yunzui can see that Chi Mi has something on her mind, but she has opened her heart. How can she make Chi Mi still be so emotional?
"Hey, now that we’re dating, you’re not thinking about other women, are you?" Yunzui stared at Chimie.
Chi Mie came to her senses and looked at Yun Zui with deep eyes.
That face is exactly the same as Su Dye’s pupil. If it’s really Su Dye’s pupil, even if two people merge into one person, it won’t disappear if they are drunk, will it?
"Do you know Su Dye Pupil?" Chi Mie thinks that now that he and Yunzui are one step closer, it’s time to plan a resurrection.
Yunzui is the first time to hear this name, but the name Yunzui feels like a very special feeling.
Very strange
Being able to say people’s names in the pool will definitely not be an ordinary person, but Yunzui really has never heard of it once.
Honestly shook his head and Yunzui said that he didn’t know or heard.
"Wang wants you to meet" Chi Mie doesn’t know what to say.
If Yunzui knows that she and Su Dye Pupil are actually one, maybe Yunzui will voluntarily come back to life. By then, there will be no toffee and Yunzui’s wife Su Dye Pupil.
I was stunned by Chimie’s words.
She feels that Su Dye’s pupil and Chi Mi are different.
225 Chapter 225 Wedding
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"It’s getting late now. It’ll take days to see it." Yunzui doesn’t know what he doesn’t want to talk to Chi Mie about Su’s pupil dyeing.
She’s going to find out for herself who Su Dye Pupil is and what she wants.
"Then I’ll send you back." Chi Mie and Yun Zui didn’t walk in the street in a carriage.
Both of them are men’s clothes, but the height gap is still a little big.
Chi Qi is tall, looks evil, has a strong, overbearing, cold atmosphere and a slight weakness in the gas field, so the street is richly set off.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
The door of the Prime Minister’s Mansion is closed, and Chi Mi is holding Yunzui and flying directly to Yunzui Courtyard.
After landing, Yunzui once again felt lightness skill, which was essential in ancient times.
"See you in heaven" Chi Mi said, taciturn.
Yunzui is in a good mood, but she is close to Chimie. After smiling beautifully, Yunzui suddenly stood on tiptoe and sent a kiss on Chimie’s cheek when Chimie didn’t know Yunzui would laugh.
Yunzui said "good night" after the kiss.
Then he turned and walked towards the room.
Chi Mi is still a little stunned. What should he say?
Yunzui’s kiss was not shy, but it was bold, straightforward, frank and not reserved at all, unlike a woman in mainland China.
And the strange way of eating is called "candlelight dinner" and Yunzui says "romance" including "good night" are all new words.
Chi Mie now not only feels that Yunzui is special, but also very different.
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