Xia Xue advised Xi Yunzheng not to be angry. Give Xi Yunzheng a long sleeve to wipe his chest.

Looking at this messy place spinning in the air, the paper dust debris slowly falls to the ground like the dust settles.
Some things really should come to an end.
Blue song masks the sadness at the fundus and looks at the eyebrow. "Xiao Wu, wait for me outside. I’ll come out after I give grandpa the last wick sweet."
Blue Song, this is to say goodbye to the old man at the same table. Wu understands that she nodded and then went out of the mourning hall.
Hearing the blue song saying that he would give grandpa incense, Xi Yanqing immediately drew three sticks from the incense box on the table and lit them, then handed them to Blue Song, Blue Song smiled and took the bow, then inserted the long incense stick into the incense burner and kneeled three Xiangtou.
"Grandpa’s gone and I’ll see you when the song comes out."
Her voice is bleak and sad, but her words and deeds show that the first celebrity is neither humble nor humble. She took a last look at her grandpa from the cushion and then walked away, and Xi Yunzheng passed by.
Xi Yanqing glanced at the eldest brother bitterly and blamed him for driving Sister Lan away. He sighed and frowned and chased him to "Sister Lan, I will send you."
Xiyunzheng people didn’t go out with her, but deep eyes followed her thin back closely.
Xia Xue asked softly, "Yun Zheng, are your hands all right? Do you want to deal with one first? "
People’s hearts are made of meat, and blue songs have been waiting for Xi Yunzheng for so many years. Maybe he has never been touched in his heart, and maybe blue songs have no place in his heart.
If it wasn’t, when the brazier hit the foot of Blue Song, how could he be desperate to pounce?
But compared with this, it is not worth moving Blue Song to do things that he hates.
When Xia Xue started to burn his hand, his hand could not help shaking gently and holding the pain a little bit, which made Xi Yunzheng wake up again. What a vicious and bad woman Bai Lange was? He lightly said "Nothing".
Three days later, the day of Xi Lao’s funeral was the day when Lan Ge was sentenced.
Xi Yunzheng is so eager to send her to prison.
The court Yang Jia testified that in fact, the situation in Xia Xue was not so bad that it was necessary to remove the palace. It was because of the jealousy of Blue Song that she took off Xia Xue Palace.
Blue Song has another charge-intentional injury.
She didn’t deny that it was a wry smile with a stuffy head
Blue song did not deny that it was a wry smile with a stuffy head.
Finally, she was sentenced to years in prison.
Mei Wu didn’t go to the jury, but went to Xi Lao’s funeral and sent him the last journey according to the blue song.
Because Xi Yunzheng hates eyebrow Wu, she won’t let her come to see Xi Lao off, and she doesn’t want Chi Muhan to agree that Xi Yunzheng won’t attend because of her conflict with Xi Yunzheng again.
Although it is late summer, the wind in the mountains deep in Chang ‘an tomb is very cool and a little cold.
Eyebrow Wu shrank behind the dense forest and looked at the old urn buried in a double hole. It was before Grandma Xiyunzheng’s funeral that she and Blue Song Club came here to worship together in Qing Dynasty.
Wait until the funeral procession leaves the eyebrow before a person quietly walks to the old tombstone and kneels silently to worship.
Mei Wu’s grandfather has never met by destiny, saying that she left before she was born. The old man is approachable and has not treated her at all. She is as good as a blue song. She can’t help crying at the thought of all the things before.
Her novel "Grandpa Xi’s Blue Song is going to jail today" lightly touched the tombstone portrait and sobbed. You must know that Blue Song was wronged, right? Your great grandson is really a waste of feelings and youth of Blue Song for so many years. He also sent Blue Song to prison in a ruthless way. If you feel bad about Blue Song, you should often visit your thoughtless grandson and that woman named Xia Ji to scare them for Blue Song. "
Eyebrow Wu wiped her eyes wet again. "Grandpa Xi will come here to see you next year, and I’ll bring your little great-grandson together to show you."
"Goodbye, Grandpa Xi"
Eyebrow Wu choked again, and it was only after deeply knocking on the head that Xi Lao slowly rose and left.
Walking back along the stone road eyebrows, I was inadvertently attracted by a familiar figure of a man.
She rubbed her blurred eyes. Yes, that’s Chimuhan.
Opposite him stood a delicate black dress, standing on a pair of small high-heeled women inlaid with pearls, her head propped up with a black parasol eyebrow, and she couldn’t see her clearly.
But with a woman’s sixth sense, Wu knew that Chimuhan and that woman were unusual.
Why wait until everyone has left before meeting alone?
This woman must have come to attend Xi Lao’s funeral, too. Will one of them be Xiao Yinyin?
But looking at this woman’s figure is not quite like that of Xiao Yin. Many figures look more informative. Unfortunately, she can’t see the woman’s face from a distance, and she can’t find out whether she can watch from a distance before she rashly.
They didn’t talk for long, either. Chi Muhan took an umbrella from that woman. Gentleman, she walked with an umbrella, and the two of them stood shoulder to shoulder intimately.
☆ Chapter 5 Love never allows people to be half-hearted.
Section 34
Eyebrow Wu looked at Chimuhan figure and took out his mobile phone to call Chimuhan.
Some things can’t wait and die, but you must take the initiative to attack. Even if you die, you will die in vain. You must never sleep with another woman like this. She is the last one to know that especially the blue song marriage must be taught.
The other end rang for a while before being answered.
Because she cried and her voice was a little hoarse, she gently coughed and deliberately asked, "Can Chi Gong pick me up at the gate of the court now? We’ll have dinner together at noon. It’s my treat this time. "
Almost without hesitation, I replied, "I have something to do this afternoon. I’ll ask Liang Hao to pick you up."
Something wrong?
With that woman?
Eyebrow Wu heart or sink sink sink casually said, "if you have something to do, go to busy, don’t let Liang Haolai pick me up, I’ll find a friend to go out for fun."
Chi Muhan, you don’t know that picking me up and eating are excuses. I’m just in a bad mood and need someone to accompany me.
After a man says "good", there is no more text.
Before Mei Wu came to say goodbye to him, he broke off.
After the head hung up, the "Benedict" eyebrow Wu held the mobile phone tightly and maintained the answering posture. He witnessed the man who was drifting away in front put the mobile phone back in his trouser pocket.
Hotan Cheng went to K and drank a little wine. It was nearly 1 o’clock when he came back, but Chi Muhan hasn’t come back yet.
Mei Wu is a little upset. I don’t know if he is busy with fortifications or with another woman.
Mei Wu is not qualified to be sad in spring and hurt in autumn. Marrying Chimuhan is her own choice. She has to go anyway.
After taking a shower, I was lazy and covered with wet hair. I was tired but couldn’t sleep. So I went to Chimuhan Room to find some business management credentials.
Sooner or later, Shen Shi will be led by her alone. No one can be trusted but herself.
Chimuhan Room is her first time to come in.