Where on earth did the old lady come from to be confident and dare to put her idea to Wang Caiwei’s head? !

Talk has entered the Rongshoutang Gu Manyan saw the fifth wife Liu with Gu Jin sisters looking embarrassed and withdrew.
"The princess" LiuShi saw her first one leng and then led Gu Jin salute some embarrassing way "inside".
Gu Man nodded slightly. "I know all about it. You can’t do anything about it. Let’s go back first."
Liu breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, but he couldn’t help but also complained that the older the old lady got, the more confused she was, and she even dreamed of letting an ordinary man ask for a wife.
Ps, forgive me for coming back. I have no face to say anything else.
Yibai war face
Liu is not stupid. Since her mother severely reprimanded her and threatened that if she did something humiliating, she would never be asked to set foot in Bofu’s door again, she has been really quiet now.
At the moment, I heard Gu Man say that it had nothing to do with her. She read Amitabha in her mind first.
Speaking of which, this Houfu is really good. If only the old lady could change her appearance, she sighed for a while and dared not delay too much to let her in.
Lilac was coming out to see Gu Man, but she couldn’t help being one leng. Then she hung her head and trembled a little, and made a curtain sound for her. She was almost inaudible and called her a "nine girls"
Gu Man just took the door and was almost thrown out by the old lady and hit head-on with a gold pillow.
Fortunately, Pei Qin’s load quickly stood in the way, which didn’t make a fool of Gu Man.
Old lady Gu sneered at their master and servant, and said with a smile, "After all, you have been promoted to a princess, and the news is so well-informed. You are rushing back to save your mother before my end?"
Gu Man was really overwhelmed by all kinds of things these two days. Now, I haven’t slept well for several days. This time, I really don’t have much spirit. I’ve been too weak with the old lady.
Seeing the old lady Gu staring at her with a mean smile, she bluntly said, "The old lady’s emphasis on saving the word really surprised her granddaughter. Do you also think that my mother has been criticized too much and needs me to save her?"
Old lady Gu doesn’t feel that she is asking too much. To be honest, although she also hurts Gu Chengfeng, Gu Chengyu is also her own grandson. Gu Chengyu also saved her other grandson this time. In her opinion, Wang’s kindness should be reciprocated, but just begging her brother Wang Tingran to hurt her so much. She will surely succeed if she goes back and seeks truth.
But I didn’t expect that this Wang Xiuying didn’t know what had happened. She was so angry that she just casually called Gu Chengyu as a second wife.
Who knows that Wang Xiuying went crazy when he heard this, and kept clamoring to go home.
In fact, the old lady Gu is not afraid of her leaving, but Nai Lao Dingyuan Hou Qiandingwan told her to tell Wang well.
Thought of here, she impatiently waved to Gu Man and said, "Well, since it doesn’t make sense with your mother, I’ll just say it."
Gu Manyuan’s Wang must have panicked and began to beg for mercy from the old lady Gu, but this time Wang was unexpectedly firm. She stood upright on one side and always had a sarcastic smile on her lips.
Perhaps the old lady Gu’s repeated difficulties finally made her white. Even if she could give in endlessly, she couldn’t make the old lady Gu feel sorry for her.
Gu Man sighed for his mother at the bottom of his heart, nodded his face and said simply, "Go ahead, I’m listening."
"Did Xiao Wu save your brother this time?" Old lady Gu glanced at Wang and sneered, "Should you repay?"
"Didn’t the old lady say that? Brother Wu did save ten, but "Gu Man stared at the old lady’s eyes and suddenly laughed", but ten is not just my mother’s child, is it? Isn’t he a father and a child? Isn’t it the old lady and your grandson? So brother Wu saved his own brother just to expect us to repay him? "
Gu old lady froze. She didn’t expect Gu Man to pull the topic here.
But everything Gu Man said is true. If you really want to talk about the word gratitude, then both Mrs. Gu and Mr. Gu should be grateful.
Before the old lady could react, Gu Man went on to say, "Take ten thousand steps back to repay the kindness and don’t have to pull my grandparents’ house, right? Where are cousin Cai Wei’s parents? Does my mother advocate her marriage? "
"Nine elder sisters!" Gu man’s voice just fell lilac and curtain will smoke to meet him.
Despite the smoke face still with a smile, don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t be busy with the old lady and Wang saw the ceremony. This just turned to look at Gu Man’s way. "Nine elder sisters will talk to the old lady every word again? I know that the ninth sister is close to my grandfather, but isn’t the fifth brother your relative? Cousin Cai Wei is seventeen years old and still has no betrothal. She says, "My fair lady is a gentleman and my old lady is a gentleman."
This time, before Gu Man objected to Wang, he spoke out and stopped Gu Yan. "Needless to say, the marriage of picking EU is decided by my father and my brother!"
Gu old lady smell speech immediately frowned, patience has reached the extreme will stick to a stamping sneer at a way "then what do you want? !”
"What do I want?" Wang smiled sadly and was unwilling to do his best. For the first time in his life, he asked the old lady Gu, "What can I do? ! Old lady, I’ve been married to Gu Jia for so many years, and I’ve asked myself what I wanted to do. ! You hit me in the face again and again. Did I ever complain? Did you accuse me of setting fire and ask my brother to help my brother-in-law? !”
Wang’s every word from the old lady’s face was gloomy. In the end, it was already uncontrollable rage. "Who did you have these?" !”
Gu Man leaned over to Wang’s side and gently held her hand.
Wang wiped her face with tears and said firmly, "The old lady, my daughter-in-law has never failed for so many years, so I invited myself. You don’t have to look at me in the future."
When Wang’s words were so urgent and quick that almost no one thought about it, she threw another sentence, "Please give me a peace sheet. From then on, I will take care of my family!"
I didn’t expect soft persimmons to be soft when Gu Yan took a meaningful look at Wang’s heart. Anyway, Gu Man had a hard time with Wang and she felt happy.
Despite the old lady surprised angry almost vomited one mouthful blood to pointing to the wang cursed "how dare you? ! If you say something so disrespectful, will you be ashamed in the future? ! Do your children want to face it? ! You call them foothold again? You wait. "
Mrs. Gu snorted, "Sometimes they hate you!"
"Why do you hate your mother?"
The curtain was lifted again. Gu Zhao took Gu Chengfeng slowly through the door and took a look at everyone. I repeated what I just said, "Why should we hate our mother?" to be continued
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111 Heli
Old lady Gu was stunned by Gu Zhao’s question. Isn’t it enough for Wang to dare to make such a big mistake? Now both Gu Zhao and Gu Man are world princesses, and they all want to be princesses in the future. If their mother is an initiative to ask for divorce, can their names be good? With this, Gu Zhao and Gu Man will have to shrink their tails in the future, and they will have to put up with others pointing at them. Even worse, they may be ashamed to go with other princesses in the future. Isn’t that enough to make them hate Wang, a selfish woman? !
The room was quiet for a while, and I looked around at the smoke and suddenly smiled. "The old lady has to think of the third sister, the ninth sister and the tenth brother for fear that when the time comes, she will embarrass you because she has invited herself and left her mother. In my opinion, my mother should not have to do it again. It will be difficult for her sisters to do it when the time comes."
"I didn’t know you were so talkative." Gu Zhao gave her a partial look followed by a stern tone and asked, "You are a sister at home, and you are also a sister in law. I am a princess by status, and you are a county princess. I don’t know who taught you the rules and told you to interrupt when I was talking. !”
Gu Yan used to eat Gu Man’s row of noise, but it was the first time that she was scolded by Gu Zhao, the third sister, so mercilessly. Rao was the first time that she couldn’t help but stand on the spot, and she didn’t know what to reply at the moment.
Gu Zhao is no longer in charge of her looking up at the old lady. Word for word, "The old lady, my mother said that it makes sense for her to stay here, and you are disgusted with it. It is better to get together and leave. Look, after more than ten years of hard work in her family, I gave birth to nine sisters and ten brothers, and asked the old lady to be her this time."
Fannie and Freddie, that is, Gu Zhao and Gu Chengfeng brought the fate of the old lady to Gu from childhood, which was quite smooth. She never dreamed that one day this granddaughter would be on Wang’s side to accuse her.
The atmosphere in the room was a little scary at the moment.
Gu old lady hung her head half ring callous to ask Gu Chengfeng "what do you say? !”
Gu Chengfeng is more favored than Gu Zhao. It is true that the old lady is very mean to Gu Man’s Wang family, but she has always been heartfelt to Gu Chengfeng.
She is full of hope that her grandson will listen to her words on her side.
Nai Gu Chengfeng is not a child who is indifferent to right and wrong. He has gone through a lifetime of vicissitudes and naturally knows what is the most precious and what he should protect.
He straightened his clothes, glanced at the awkward Wang, and then threw his robe at Mrs. Gu again. He knelt down and said firmly, "Grandma and mother have really done the four words of benevolence and righteousness. Please be her!"
Gu old lady really didn’t expect Gu Chengfeng to say so. She trembled and pointed to Gu Chengfeng and suddenly felt a little disheartened. "Do you also think that your grandmother is mean to your mother? ! Or do you think your fifth brother wronged your cousin by asking to marry him? !”
Gu Man can’t expect her to wish for her early death. She knows that, but how can Gu Zhao and Gu Chengfeng do the same? They all grew up in pain from childhood. Old lady Gu felt aggrieved and couldn’t breathe smoothly.
Gu Chengfeng’s eyes slowed down before he looked up to see the old lady. There was some imperceptible boredom in her words. "No matter who the old lady is, it’s not easy for you and your wife to meet in the future. While these ten years of mutual affection have not been finished, while my mother still has some kindness to our Hou Fu, this matter will stop here."
When you say this, the old lady’s eyes immediately turned red. She glared at Wang’s cold way next to her. "What do you mean she still has some affection for our Hou Fu? As long as she still has the slightest kindness to us, she won’t say such cruel words to annoy me! I won’t think about leaving after my husband died for three or four years! "