"Do you study alchemy?"

"Give a little help to those who need medical treatment in heaven." Cloud pursuit reminds me of what my sister said just now, and now he is in front of this dark old gentleman. He is a little white.
The ink green old man asked the cloud for a simple answer.
"well! Give your hand to the old Chapter one hundred and fourteen Wang Yi dance honor was destroyed.
Cloud pursuit obedient hand in front of the ink green old man.
Mr. Moqing put a crystal clear crystal ball in the cloud’s hand, and slowly the white crystal ball changed. Soon, seven different colors appeared in the crystal ball in the cloud’s hand. The old man’s serious eyes suddenly overflowed with surprises, not only Mr. Moqing but also Ouyang Jingkang and Lu Xiangling. Everyone behind him was shocked to watch this scene.
In particular, Mr. Mo Qing is so happy that his mouth can’t close properly. This is the only person who has been tested to be able to practice seven of the twelve techniques in recent years, and he is so handsome and extraordinary. It seems that he is going to have someone, although he is not satisfied with the twelve techniques.
Looking at the cloud, the forehead was dissatisfied with the sweat, and the old man took back the crystal ball. As soon as the crystal ball left the cloud, the hand was white again.
"Go to the main hall and wait."
"Is this passed, sir and brother?" Cloud asked excitedly, smiling very charming.
"Ha ha!" Mo Qing’s old gentleman stroked his beard. "If you can’t pass the old master."
"Thank you, old gentleman, brother and sister. I always hope that my brother can be taught by my husband. This sister can finally feel at ease."
"Don’t be in a hurry to be happy. This is a first try. You can’t worship at the old gate until you stand out among many younger brothers." Mr. Mo Qing said this, but ten times out of ten * * is him.
"My husband and brother will definitely work hard."
"Go ahead!"
"Yes" cloud pursuit turned to Liu Xiangling and made a refueling gesture before leaving.
On the other hand, the cloud chasing the moon here is so impatient that it frequently looks at the entrance of the main hall.
Only a dozen people have passed the initial test, and the ability to find children should be able to pass.
"The moon has to see you, you can rest assured! Find son will be able to pass the first try "OuYangTianYi soft comfort her.
Sitting not far from them, Wang Yiwu stared at the clouds chasing the moon and Ouyang Tianyi looked at Ouyang Tianyi’s gentle eyes. She was jealous and resentful. She was also a natural beauty woman. What? She didn’t have the honor of chasing the moon like a cloud. She walked in many men, but like Ouyang Tianyi, she was so domineering and handsome that she could make women want to throw herself at men, but she never met them once.
The people present were most angry than Chu Ling-cold. Because of his special status, he was seated behind the courtiers. During the whole process, he didn’t have the heart to think. Other gloomy people stared at the clouds and chased the moon and looked at her face, giving off a happy smile. He felt that there was nothing more dazzling than this kind of smile.
At last, the Oriental Holy Shadow sat not far from Chu Ling-cold. He clearly felt the deep anger and resentment in Chu Ling-cold’s heart. Looking at him, he kept staring at the moon’s eyes. The Oriental Holy Shadow knew that there was nothing wrong with his second guess. It was Chu Ling-cold …
"Miss, look, it’s Xiao Gong Xiao Gong who passed." Fontaine shouted excitedly, and everyone was led to the door by her eyes and came in happily.
"Ahem …! Looking for a son "cloud chasing the moon is a little excited. After all, it is his younger brother. Although he knows that he can pass the test, he is more happy than anyone to see that he really passed.
"Sister Xuner passed the initial test." YunZhui ran to YunZhuiyue in high spirits.
"Looking for a good son" Cloud Chasing the Moon happily pulls the cloud to pursue and sits beside him.
"hey! Xiao Gong has just passed the initial test. Is it too early to be happy? Are there two games left? However, Shifei is talented, and I think Xiaogong can pass the last two. After all, you are Shifei’s younger brother. "Wang Yiwu said sourly in the last sentence. She satirized the high volume and seemed to say that cloud pursuit can pass because it is Shifei Wang Yiwu who sneers at cloud pursuit and is happy! Have fun! The happier I am now, the more disappointed I will be later.
"You stupid ass don’t care about your business." Cloud looked at Wang Yiwu and scolded him. How could he not recognize Wang Yiwu’s implication? Suddenly bright eyes glowing with cold meaning.
"How dare you call Miss Donkey?" Wang Yi jumped up from the chair and glared at the cloud to pursue her. She never dreamed that the cloud pursuit would scold her and embarrass her in front of so many people, and she was immediately gnashed with anger.
"Why can’t you dare to scold this man? It’s just not as late as the man around you. Even if you come out in broad daylight, it’s very kind of you to scold your ass." Cloud pursues a face of innocence and says to the heart who has seen it.
As soon as the word of cloud pursuit comes out, everyone will watch the drama. Looking at Wang Yiwu, this celebrity who destroys others face to face is even afraid of cloud pursuit.
Qi Lin shrank his neck and stared angrily at the cloud to pursue this big mouth, regardless of the occasion. If the owner knew that he was taking the cloud to pursue it and happened to pass by the Prime Minister’s office and saw the crotch, would the owner be so angry that he would not want him? Qi Lin suddenly wanted to cry.
"What did you say?" Wang Yiwu glared at people’s faces, which turned blue and white. How did he know about this kind of thing?
While Guo Donglin’s face was livid. Isn’t the Prime Minister’s Office heavily guarded? Someone came in and out in the middle of the night and no one noticed it. Ruined her name, but she danced with Wang. Who told her to deliver the door herself every night? He also added some powder to her room to enjoy it. I didn’t expect her to be addicted.
"The princess your brother how can so rude? If the old gentleman who slandered his daughter’s name was the first to disagree with him, Wang Kaihuai was also angry that his daughter’s honor was destroyed in public, and he couldn’t swallow this tone.
"Hum! Prime Minister Wang doesn’t have to be angry. The truth of the matter hasn’t been checked yet. Besides, although my younger brother is stubborn, his words and actions are always justified. He will never say that Miss Wang dares to prove that she is a virgin? " Cloud chasing the moon sharply looked at Wang Kaihuai’s bright eyes. At that moment, even Wang Kaihuai was shocked by the strong momentum. That * * wearing all cold eyes made people shudder. No wonder he chose her.
Defending one’s faults is absolutely funny. Looking at the clouds chasing the moon, if Wang Yiwu knew that the moon was so protective of her brother, no one would want her brother. Wang Yiwu would never dare to say a word today.
Chu ling2 han2 is too lazy to pay attention to people’s depressed drinking wine.
Ouyang Tianyi, on the other hand, keeps an eye on the surrounding dynamics from time to time.
"Shi Fei, don’t forget how Shi Fei Shu Di got her name. How can you slander a girl’s honor in this public? Doesn’t Shi Fei know how important name is to girls?" Wang Kaihuai raised his arms and shouted, showing how angry he was.
"Regardless of the name of Shu Di Fei, just like Prime Minister Wang said, a woman’s honor is as important as life. If Miss Wang has not done it, how can it be convincing? If you want to prove that it is Xuner who slandered Miss Wang, it is very simple. Miss Wang is an unmarried darling daughter who wants Miss Wang to show her palace sand." Looking at Wang Kaihuai gloomily, you will know from Wang Yiwu’s expression that Xuner is true. Although it is wrong, it is not understandable that Wang Yiwu is restless and provoking Xuner.
Wang Yiwu sat down to the chair and looked pale and looked down at people.
"Shi Fei is really strong-lipped and bad-mouthed. Isn’t your brother so stubborn that he is not afraid to speak out and take trouble?" Wang Kaihuai stared at his daughter. How could he not know that this storm will not stop until the emperor comes in?
"Prime Minister Wang flatter me. Although my younger brother has always been outspoken, he has always been a whip and a scar."
The pursuit of what is said is not far from the truth, but it is also a matter of Wang Yiwu.
Wang Yi was so angry that her lips turned blue and her eyes were red with anger. Today, it was her turn to make a fool of herself by chasing the moon. Why did it become her again? Everything was planned by herself, so why didn’t she go according to her own ideas? But how did she think that with her scheming, how could she compete with meticulous chasing the moon?
Everyone present was stunned, just knowing that it was true that Wang Yiwu’s honor had been destroyed, but no one dared to talk about it. After all, it was the prime minister’s daughter.