Why does this woman follow big brother again?

Gu Huaijing doesn’t like eucalyptus at the age of danger. Every time I see her, that ordinary sister always feels that she is not coming clean and licking a fake smiling face. People don’t really associate with each other, and he has never been associated.
However, due to the mutual affection of eucalyptus, she is hypocritical and polite
He nodded to Ling Wan ‘er and turned his head away from seeing her. Instead, he grabbed Yu’s eucalyptus wrist with a backhand and pulled her up.
"Three elder brother, eucalyptus and I heard on the road that lanterns are the top priority today? Today, it’s a good idea to let the lantern people pray for blessings from afar. "
Say that finish also shrugged danger eucalyptus pushed her in the previous step and told her to face Gu Chengyun straight.
Danger eucalyptus eyes drooped to cover up the fundus emotions and gave a very standard ceremony "too" to Gu Chengyun, who had ruined his family in his previous life.
She called lightly, then got up and went back to review Huaijing.
The girl looks gorgeous, the facial features are exquisite and small, the skin is coagulated and the eyebrows are full of publicity. Now she is wearing a big red robe and is set off by the wind, causing waves in the middle of it.
Gu Chengyun eyes flashed a stunning stare at danger eucalyptus for a moment, look dull and don’t slowly call a "eucalyptus".
Or that gentle sample is pleasing to the eye of others, but in her eyes, it’s hard to say that it’s against her.
Gu Huaijing has some doubts. Isn’t this attitude of Eucalyptus at ordinary times joyful when he sees the third brother? How can I see too much today but it’s so dull?
But Gu Chengyun seems to be aware that while talking to others as usual, he wants to leave a wisp of broken hair behind his ear.
But take a step back and pretend to look at the high platform to avoid Gu Chengyun’s hands frozen in his mouth and stop talking to look at the eucalyptus at risk.
Still very gentle and faultless. "Eucalyptus is a little strange but unhappy today?" Did someone annoy you? "
Yu sui eucalyptus doesn’t want to get into trouble. "No, I’m a little tired of running around today."
Too thoughtful and nodded "What can I do for you?"
Danger-year-old eucalyptus nodded and really didn’t want to talk to this person again. It was also called away by a palace secretary. It was estimated that it was a banquet.
I looked back at her before I left. "You … look great tonight."
Danger years old eucalyptus was stuck in situ and was petrified in situ.
It’s only when Tai’s figure is drifting away that she feels cold in her back. Now she wants to think about the things that this person sat in his previous life, and she can’t wait to say this compliment from Gu Chengyun’s mouth.
It will remind her of her past life again and again, and sweet words and vows will make her hate him more.
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Too leave and take away a bunch of young masters and leave a few harem. Lin Qian, the first lady of the Prime Minister’s office, is surrounded by all the harem, full of flatterers, including Ling Waner.
Lin Qian was too much of a suitor. In a previous life, the two of them were always too jealous to see each other.
Mrs. Jia stirred up a person to say two things, but she and Lin Qian were deeply affectionate and told them that they were the right girl for Gu Chengyun.
In two people always bicker as soon as they meet, and every time Ling Waner mediates from it, she will reap the benefits.
Tailing Waner, a pair of dogs, men and women, echo each other used them as guns to make a fool of themselves.
Danger eucalyptus think chat don’t want to talk to this group of people, three views don’t agree, don’t force push hand to leave away Lin Qian suddenly out.
"Yu-year-old Eucalyptus didn’t see me in January, but I didn’t even say hello. It’s just this time … you are so narrow-minded."
Lin Qian is eagerly waiting for the embarrassment of Yu Sui Eucalyptus. She knows that Yu Sui Eucalyptus cares about too much every time, and every success is not included.
"Too?" How is the language of eucalyptus at the age of danger Gu Chengyun? Why does everyone have to pull him?
Lin Qian looked at the eucalyptus at the age of danger and wondered. She forgot to look at the person next to her, and the person immediately got the message.
"Is it not too temple gave Lin Qian a sweet bursa! Let you even don’t want to "
That man looks sharp, but he looks mean, and fine makeup can’t cover up the chicken thief.
If everyone can see what is in their hearts at this moment, they can see a big "?"on the top of Eucalyptus Yusui’s head.
Sachet? She doesn’t know. Wow
And this lady looks like a hen. Who is this?
The eucalyptus at the age of danger is confused. Forgive her for forgetting all these things after so many years. It’s too long ago.
Danger of eucalyptus bowed their heads and don’t talk.
But this picture fell to Lin Qian’s eyes because she was feeling dejected and licking the calf wound. Lin Qian got what she wanted, and she was in a very beautiful mood, and finally she pretended to say a few words of "relief"
"Yusui Eucalyptus, since you already know that you like me too much, don’t worry too much. You might as well wait for the emperor to get married and climb the Taidian alone."
Lin Qian gave her a commanding glance. "Hum, let’s go!"
After that, he left with a group of harems and passed by Yushu. Many people turned their eyes and gave her a "friendly" greeting.
Yu sui eucalyptus "!"
Are these people afraid of brain tonic? She didn’t say a word, and they just held their heads high like this. That’s it?
Yu Sui Eucalyptus can’t endure a cold hum and two sleeves, so she’s ready to go to Lin Qian and have another fight. Gu Huaijing is holding her back. "Calm down, calm down. You still have me to help you. Third brother must be you!"
This is like pouring a pot of cold water on Yu-year-old eucalyptus. She stopped to pull Gu Huaijing’s hand from his sleeve to look at him and said sincerely, "I really don’t like it anymore."
Gu Huaijing does not believe that "there is nothing for us, you are not embarrassed, brother, I will help you with this." Say that finish, I patted the shoulder of eucalyptus at the age of danger.
Eucalyptus in danger …
She really doesn’t like it What, everyone thinks she likes it too much?
Forget it, after all, a few days ago, she was still giving to Gu Chengyun, and a sudden change was really abrupt.
What is she going to say? Gu Huaijing saw someone behind him and suddenly ran away. The monkey disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Then there was a movement behind him, which sounded simple and dignified "eucalyptus"
Yu-year-old eucalyptus got the message, turned around and knelt down to make a ceremony, but she didn’t expect it to be a dragon pattern yellow.
No wonder Gu Huaijing ran so fast that it turned out to be the pursuit, even if he didn’t copy it today and was afraid of being punished again.
"Get up quickly," the emperor said with great emotion. "Time flies so quickly. You are so old in the blink of an eye. I saw you when you were born. You are so little."
The emperor was good at drawing a picture of eucalyptus in the middle of the game, and then the people behind him spoke.
"I’m not afraid to make people laugh when I’m so old."