Network less nv hit a big sneeze "bad cold dead cold dead you are not allowed to go, I’ll change clothes"

People looked at little nv and ran away, only to remember that she had just fallen into the pool.
Feather and Cen secretly relieved, and then they pulled the high nail A Duo, who was also in shock, because the soldiers in the river network aimed the crossbow at him again, which brought a cold atmosphere to the two human beings.
"Is it true that Miss Tiger fell to Pingyang?"
Sneer at Cen’s hand, suddenly there are two more blue fantasy blades in his hand, and then the murderous look in his hand is furious, which makes the gas chill even more. Many Sen Leng is stabbed by her murderous look. ji Heluo soldiers are more stable in their hands. Everyone is calm in this situation. They have practiced the crossbow several times, pointing to the natural separation level and blocking the escape angle of two human beings.
Feather was so anxious that she tugged at Cen. "Stop it! We’re here to ask for help."
Cen sneered, "But I won’t let others look down on me."
Feather speech to a composed nv rang "network gens was expelled from the terran check is looked down upon by people? Think about the difference between millions of rivers and continents fleeing around and hiding in the mountains and hiding in the ground and wild dogs? Although the river network has not retaliated against human beings, there will always be hostility. "
A middle-aged F man came from behind the warrior of the river network. He got up and wore a coarse white belt, and fell a piece of turquoise and twisted hair. The golden body was clean and neat. The feeling was that she didn’t have a big head and was about the same height and feather.
Feather slightly stunned and asked, "Are you human?"
The F-man smiled gently, "I’m a human adopted by the river network. I think it’s the river network. My name is Y Yoga" and turned to the river network soldiers and said, "Put away your weapons and weapons not to deal with guests."
The soldiers in the river network are respectful now, and S has collected crossbows to her sides, which highlights her position in ji Group.
She bowed slightly in the first few steps. "Guests from afar should rest first. Should they fight first?"
F people smile warmly like Bao Haiyang. Even Cen, a wild girl, can’t afford to fight. She snorted and put away the short blade feather. Finally, she put a little heart.
"Did you bring in guests from A Duo?"
Nail A Duo and completely disappeared a few steps ran over and bowed their heads and saluted "it’s Su Hang’s adult"
"So is there a problem with coming to your house according to the rules?"
"Yes, yes, no, no"
F man patted him on the shoulder with a smile. "You are twelve years old this year, so you should be ready to graduate. You are proud of Hefenggu. Don’t be ashamed at the graduation meeting."
A Duo, the nail, screamed, "I will definitely dedicate my best to the true god of Pan Hu."
Y yoga nodded with satisfaction, and Shi Shiran turned and walked away. A group of soldiers surrounded her and walked with her.
A Duo, the nail, watched Y Yoga stay away from the long breath and said, "Su Xing’s adult also values me. I have to work hard."
Cen patted him hard on the shoulder. "What is Su Hang? Chief? There’s a plane that doesn’t ask our names. "
A Duo, the nail, replied with a straight grin of pain, "Su Xing is not the leader. She will be there when we are in the secret road or when we are in civil construction. jing Tong is the flame force of Yu Fei’s star, the material force of filling the stars and the metal force of cracking the stars, and Y Jia Su Xing is also an astrologer. She often has to calculate the trajectory of the stars to guide our daily life. Last year, she calculated that Su Xing was a great man when the mountain torrents broke out."
Speaking of this topic, A Duo, the nail, gushed with admiration and respect all over her face, which further emphasized the status of Suzhou, Hangzhou and Henan ethnic groups.
Cen nodded again and again only to find that Yu Hua was in a daze. "What are you thinking about feeding sweet potatoes?"
"What is a human being?"
"What does this have to do with you?"
"There seems to be no"
After careful observation, Yu Hua and Cen felt that the clan of the rivers and lakes were not as simple as they looked. The men in the rivers and lakes were all narrow and long. K wore soft boots, and the people in the rivers and lakes were equally luxurious. At most, they added some ornaments to their ears and hands. Only in front of their houses did they know that the windows of the houses were made of crystal, and the sunshine was shining. Even Waltz Cen in Higashi had never seen such dazzling windows. The royal family in Higashi was a huge floor-to-ceiling glass. However, as the light shone, there was a cold dng but there was no crystal S color cascade.
A Duo, the nail, came into the house with two stupid birds. When he entered the house, he was even more feathered and Cen was like a savage who entered the city and countryside for the first time and felt that his eyes were not enough
There are unknown black S floor tiles everywhere, which can be seen by people. It’s a little warm but not slippery. The layout of the room is quite simple, but all the pieces are made of jing heart and full of smart breath. Picking up a cup at hand is also a silver ornament, which is so light that it has almost no weight. Ordinary family objects have only been seen briefly. Even the N noble families in Donglu have lost their feathers after 100 Richter. I have never seen such jing-induced objects in hua Garden, and Wanzhou Richter is famous for its luxury.
The houses in the river network are generally not high off the ground, but the fault in Kuafu, Zhangxu County, can’t straighten up, which makes Feather and Cen feel a little stuffy, but with the guidance of the boy in the river network, they find that they have actually walked in the past. It turns out that the structure of the houses in the river network is built to the ground through a row of stairs, and they finally arrive at the real home of the river network, and then Feather and Cen are completely confused.
The river network home is so deep and wide that you can feel the joy of people’s hearts. It seems to be too big. There are three or five hundred houses, and there are roads connecting other people’s homes here, forming a huge city. Fiona Fang is at least fifteen miles wide. Think carefully. This city is definitely out of the mountains, or red and brown S mountain walls can be seen everywhere in or around it. Pure white fluorite is brighter than lamps and candles hanging road signs. It is quite large. The piggyback rats pull the rivers and homemade cars, and the roads are speeding. The adults and children are as busy as the city. As usual, the water vein flows out from the mountain wall and pit dng, flowing like a spider’s web and looking down like a few silver chains. It is as gorgeous as the Milky Way, and it is amazing to see the vitality here.
There is a place in the huge city that has aroused feathering and Cen pays special attention to it. It is a big dng in the northwest. From their site, you can see that dng is like a beast’s mouth. If you look closely, it is indeed a beast’s mouth. An unknown monster is carved around the dng mouth, which is the monster’s mouth.
A Duo La, the nail, appreciated them very much. She smiled and pointed out that "that’s our work area, and that’s our mineral."
Feather and Cen couldn’t help nodding their heads and admiring this magnificent place, but at the same time they remembered a saying in Terran that "the river network is a group of ground mice", but now they think this sentence is really wrong because the scene before them is far more dynamic than the bustling South Huaihe River.
"Stay here if you like."
Crisp nv suddenly rang feather and cen at the same time a surprised shocked in the magnificent city, they didn’t notice that suddenly more people around them turned to look. Isn’t it just that NV, who touched the network less before, turned to be a little dear?
Nail A Duo quickly saluted "Hello Aloka’s adult"
River network less nv smiled and gave a "don’t mention it, I’m here to find them"
Feather and Cen finally feel the collapse. Is such a small nv child actually the leader of the river network?
Rivers, there is no place where the normal devil is secretly wondering < d Chapter 131 Poor devil.
Text] Chapter 131 Poor devil-
The dishes on the table are steaming, and there are a little strange things floating in the soup basin. There are white S things and black S things feathering and cen breathing deeply. The bizarre foods aroma is a little intoxicated, but they can tell that the red thing is pepper.
Nainai, the old man in the river network, greeted them calmly, "Come to human children and taste the most delicious food in our river network. I can guarantee that you will still want to eat after eating it."
She is a typical winding nv. Although she is old, her hair is as smooth as nv. There are more traces of frost, which makes Cen amazed. It is a nail that A Duo pulls. He is also a typical winding man. He is always dirty, like he just came out of the mine dng, which makes Feather confident and really dark.