Immediately after landing, it flashed and then reversed this big move, including jzhad Lu Xi’ an. All three people were pushed back by Czar hu’s amazing big move.

"Rexay’s goal of catching the flash top flight is to make me chubby Lucian in seconds, but on the other hand, my gods Raven and zei Ice Girl escaped this big move. The tsar also put himself in a dangerous situation than the ice girl. Give the tsar a big move directly!"
The frost witch’s cold voice echoed in everyone’s ears. The czar’s wave was a perfect raid, but it didn’t push the ice girl and Raven zei to control the ice girl. Without hesitation, he handed the big move to the czar in front of him.
Friendly players have been killed!
But at this time, the more positive battlefield jzh Lu Xi’ an was continuously attacked and controlled by several people, which directly turned a corpse to lie down.
The fourth volume DiQiSanWu lose!
"Lucian was killed by seconds, but on this side, my god Raven cooperated with the ice girl to kill the tsar who tried his best to push this big move."
In the big screen pilot lens of Fengyun Stadium
No one thought that hu’s plan would suddenly choose this method, and after the sand soldiers moved, they flashed and pushed the group.
But he didn’t think that his perfect means of opening a group didn’t push to five people.
Raven and the ice girl seem to be prepared in advance, and they have already started to distance themselves back at the moment of his hands.
He reversed the big move and almost stuck to the ice girl and Raven’s clothes in the past
"My god, another qa ice girl sent a Q skill to take this head, but after Lu Xi ‘an was killed on the front side, Bobby and the bull’s head were also knocked out by one third. The bull’s head directly opened the big move, and rg wanted to retreat a little, but gg didn’t seem ready to stop like this. It should be ready to chase the bull’s head and wait for his second set of two companies!"
The big-screen team battle opened instantly with the sudden opening of the tsar, but despite his drifting and flashing, the big move pushed jzh Lu Xi’ an out directly and let his teammates take control and drop Lu Xi’ an in an instant.
However, Raven and Bing Nv narrowly avoided his big move and then directly killed the czar on the side of the imperial wall.
"The fattest czar here in rg was killed. Although they also killed Lu Xi ‘an, it is still difficult to continue to fight with gg. My god Raven is very hurt and he is still in his hand. The bull’s head here is still chasing trolls and teammates."
Reggie’s eyes were fixed on the screen in front of him. This wave of killing started too suddenly and too quickly. Although the tsar launched a beautiful move, he finally escaped his big move for Raven and Ice Girl to retreat. Obviously, it was not calculated that this led to the successive control of Rexay and Troll Bloom in the back row of rg, which killed Lucian. At the same time, it was impossible for his own tsar to escape the ultra-high damage of Raven and Ice Girl.
Although this is a wave for one, rg’s death is their most dependent on the tsar!
"The second company in Niutou cooled down and hit it directly, flying back Bloom and Rexay."
The big-screen gg team continued to pursue Fu Weibo from the river, assisting the bull’s head in front of the rg blue buff, and the wq skill finally cooled down. A second company directly hit the bull’s head and Bloom again.
"Kill Rexay. Kill Rexay."
Gg team headset in the middle of the night maple sound is really directly to the front two people wake up.
He and the ice girl are too far behind in this wave. Although the bull’s head is accused of two people, Ye Feng knows that it is impossible to kill them all. If you want to kill one, there is no problem.
"After dizziness, Bobby hit a passive ice-hanging fist to slow down. My God Raven’s third Q hit flew to Rexroth. It should be that I can’t run away from the ice girl. An E came over and W was imprisoned."
In the picture, when the maple sound woke everyone up that night, no one cared about Bloom but wanted to kill Rexay.
Continuous control of damage has blessed him, and it is difficult for lg to escape
"It’s another Q-skill, so this team battle should be over!"
"There are people left who can’t catch up with each other. I didn’t expect the Tsar hu to open a group like this before, and both sides changed it too fast … oh! The pilot lens has been replayed so that we can take a closer look at this wave of team battles. "
This wave of fighting between the two sides of Fengyun Stadium is the most consequences.
The big screen playback screen jumped out to give this wave, and no one thought of team battle playback.
"ang Bobby is the advanced field here. The gg team is preparing Libby to rush off this little dragon when he arrives first, but the troll has accelerated and the speed is also very fast. When the little dragon is about to enter the punishment, the troll has rushed to the battlefield. At the same time, hu here is too courageous to deal with it. Directly, in the opposite situation, no one is dead. The Tsar has a head start!"
"Is really fierce hu this player tsar root is not like a hiding behind the output battery, but this wave of his drift push although manual quickly but there is no large and medium-sized gdeyes raven and ice girl look here, my god raven and ice girl is the previous step began to retreat!
Even raven’s direct eq displacement is pulling back the distance, which is too key. "
In the pilot lens, this is definitely a wave of surprise to everyone. The czar drifted directly from a very far position at the moment when the single troll arrived, and then flashed directly and pushed it backwards.
"jzh Lucian was hit by the czar’s big move, and then Rexroth flashed to control Bloom’s big move and then hit jzh Lucian. When he fell, less than a quarter of his blood volume was quickly damaged and piled to death.
However, the failure to push the big move here to Raven and Bingnvguo also doomed this wave of czar hu to kill himself. "
"oh! ! !”
Even if the audience watched this wave of Czar hu’s raid on the extremely open group again, all the audience still could not help but exclaim. It is still too rare to directly attract people to open the group without being killed on both sides.
"But the retreat of Raven and Ice Girl led to a fatal crack in this wave of perfect opening."
Reggie shook his head and looked at the front screen way
In the replay footage, Lucian was killed first, followed by the attack on the czar by the ice girl and Raven.
"In the end, the pursuit here is a matter of course. Lucian is dead, but the output of the three people, the ice girl Raven and Bobby, has also become unstoppable without the czar’s restrictions. Plus, my god Raven is two heads in hand. Fortunately, rg can retreat in this melee battle."
"Yes, especially the bull’s head opened a big move to top it in front. After the skill cooled down, it chased Rexroth, so after the back row chased it, it was directly a kill."
In the picture, the virtual queen succumbs to a series of control and injuries!
Ps Congratulations to rng. Two consecutive days is the highlight for the big devil. Anyway, come on, team China!
The fourth volume DiQiSanLiu thrilling
"gg here quickly knocked out this little dragon and Ozawa Ice Girl took the opportunity to push the middle line?"
"I don’t think I can push it, but this wave is also profitable for gg, playing one wave for two and taking this little dragon."
Commentary XiRegi and gaga both looked at this wave of team battles and said in succession.
Ho ~
In the picture, with the team battle gg, everyone turned around again and got this little dragon easily.
At the same time, Huang Zeming also controls the ice girl to go back to the line and continue to push the middle defense tower.
"After taking this little dragon, my god Raven didn’t hurry home and went directly to the rg semi-wild area. He should be fighting against the rg red buff. Rexer is coming, but can he come?"
Take a look at the dragon queen night maple. The economy wants to synthesize equipment, but it is still a lot worse. It is necessary to directly insert it in the middle road and the river to reverse the red buff of Rexair.
"I should have heard that the tsar’s side has also outflanked me. My God’s side is to take your red buff and punish who is red!"