Enoch followed Kikumaru’s eyes and looked at the dragon horse. It was really smiling, and that kind of smile was as pleasant as diamond cut diamond’s that he had never seen before in the competition with himself.

"bang! 6—5”
Longma is in the lead for the time being, but the situation is not optimistic because Jingmu has always been left-handed, which means that this is not his real strength.
"Aren’t you ready to change hands?" The dragon horse gasped and said confidently, "You are going to lose to me! adaadadane!”
Jingmu didn’t feel flustered. He shook his arm and rubbed his shoulder and said, "Ah, my arm hurts, brother, I don’t want to play!" Say that finish jingmu help eyes rested on the trace department.
"Let’s have a rest then." The trace words made Enoch gush out very well.
"Poof … what did I just hear? Jingmu is no better? My god ….. "My forehead. What is this situation? I can’t compare it if I say no!
"It seems so, but the most angry thing should be …" Buji smiled and pointed to the field with a slender finger, and the dragon horse with air conditioning said, "The dragon horse is very angry." W said with a ponder smile.
Enoch nai shook his head and just hit the mood. Who wants to do this? And it’s still such a lame reason to’ don’t want to play’ … This excuse is Jingmu’s idea, right?
Jingmu went to the trace department and took the towel handed over by the trace department and wiped her face with excitement. "Brother, was I very powerful just now?"
"Well, it’s not the kui is a big brother." The trace department nodded with relief and patted Jingmu’s shoulder with a face of elders.
Enoch looked at the dragon horse walking towards her with his head down and couldn’t help laughing. "Haha, it’s so cute that the dragon horse was beaten …" Enoch swore seriously that it was definitely not meant to be said … It was so funny!
The dragon horse brush looked up and gouged out Enoch, then deliberately hit Enoch’s foot with a dozen fruits …
"Ahhh! It’s killing me! The dragon is killing you! !” Enoch angry rubbing his feet angrily said
"What a suck!" The dragon glanced sideways at Enoch, who was very unhappy. He took the chair towel and sat down beside Enoch without saying a word.
"Hello" dragon stuffy said.
"Why!" Enoch didn’t good the spirit should way
"Go home and play with me!"
Enoch clenched his fist and bit his silver teeth. Didn’t this guy see his foot hurt? Just as Enoch refused, the dragon horse suddenly said, "When you get well."
Enoch looked at the dragon horse and said, "You are a little human!"
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I want to recommend! ◆Deah◇≮ Insight into Law ≯
In this way, in the anger of Long Mabi, Enobi gloated and Mubi was happy. Everyone left Qingxue. Miraculously, the Ministry did not say that it would send Enoch and Longma again. Enoch was so happy, but Longma looked depressed.
"Monkey Mountain King won’t send us, that is to say …" Long Ma took a white look at Enoch and said with a bite of his teeth. "I’m going home with a pig on my back!"
"Hey, how can you say that?" Enoch so angry device waist sitting in a chair uncomfortable said
"Cut adaadadane" The dragon horse pressed the brim of the hat and squatted down to let Enoch lie on his back. "If it falls, it’s none of my business!" Wake up, the dragon suddenly got up, and Enoch shook his neck a little unsteadily.
"Dead woman, you let go. You want to strangle me?" The dragon face suppress some red struggled to say
Enoch shriveled and pouted menacingly and said, "If you want to throw me to the ground, I’m sorry to strangle me …" Then he strangled Lelong’s horse neck hard.
"Ahem, I know … Let go of the dead woman!"
Enoch let go of the dragon horse, smiled triumphantly and stretched out his arm and said, "I’m going home west!" "
Jingmu drank juice and chatted with his mobile phone.
The trace sits opposite Jingmu, crossing his legs and supporting Ba disdainfully. He is like an emperor.
"Jingmu, where have you been this year?" Traces to explore eyes rested on JingMu body see JingMu casually said "um … to travel"
"Where to travel?" Traces are still some adamant4 said
"Holland, Britain, the United States … well, of course, China." He raised his head and smiled gently, then threw his mobile phone on the sofa and said with an exaggerated expression, "By the way, do you know? China food is really delicious … "Say that finish bite bite straw a face of nostalgia.
"…" The trace department looked at a face of excitement. Jingmu unconsciously frowned. I don’t know if it’s weird to look at Jingmu talking and laughing freely.
"You’ve become a lot more cheerful," Trace said thoughtfully.
"Uh-huh …" Jingmu waved the juice in the cup at one breath and looked at the ice in the cup and continued, "There are some things that some people always change …"
Trace looks at Jingmu’s deep black eyes. There are too many things that Trace can’t understand. According to Trace Insight, when you look at your own brother, you can’t see him.
"So … explain what happened to your right hand?" Trace caressed nevus and said
"Ahhh ….. it’s just that I often play with my right hand." Jingmu said that the clouds are light and the wind is light, and then he handed his right hand to the trace department and said, "My hand really hurt at first."