At the toe of Han Chen’s toes, his figure is also like a shell at the motionless Li Yuanhao.

"Huang Jie wushu? It seems that Han Chen you really respect me. "See Han Chen that Li Yuanhao is a little sneering at his anger.
Just when Han Chen appeared in front of him, he heard the roar of his life. Li Yuanhao’s body shape also disappeared rapidly
"This is the first move" responded Han Chen quickly steadied himself and the corners of his mouth slightly lifted the soul force of the earth, and immediately he found the Li Yuanhao.
"Look at my second move, Youlong’s palm" responded with a cool smile. Han Chen’s hands slowly condensed. When his figure flashed rapidly, a little bit of lux gathered in his hands, which was taken at that Li Yuanhao.
"Huang Jie’s low-level Wushu?" Corners of the mouth slightly lift to see Han Chen cast Huang Jie wushu that Li Yuanhao is eyebrows slightly wrinkled each other this move is also looked down upon him.
Hum …
Han Chen shape quickly appeared in front of the Li Yuanhao to the former shoulder to hit, but then a ring out immediately a soul barrier will Han Chen offensive to stop.
For this Han Chen is also a cool smile when the body is also a flash.
"The end of the second move" face with a hint of ponder smile Han Chen light looked at the Li Yuanhao eyes also has a light sense of disdain.
"Show your third move" quietly Li Yuanhao’s face resumed its expression, but there was a faint anger in his eyes.
"Look at my third move, Xuanjie Senior Wushu Shanhai Boxing". The mouth slightly lifts Han Chen’s figure and roars, which is the front of Li Yuanhao.
"Huang Jie wushu" coldly hum that Li Yuanhao is there before leaving a light soul barrier slowly forming.
However, when Han Chen’s figure appeared in front of Li Yuanhao, Han Chen’s voice came slowly. "Brother Yuan Hao, I’m sorry that you became a big magic thunder hand."
Voice Han Chen shape flashing hand suddenly leaned out a condensed with earth thunder light energy hand quickly condensed into a line when it is fast if flashing toward the Li Yuanhao agent.
"Bad" Seeing this sudden Tathagata scene, Li Yuanhao’s heart was also surprised, but his reaction was faster than he felt bad, and he also turned his anger to work instantly. For the sake of his toes, he suddenly stamped on the ground and his body quickly retreated, which narrowly escaped the blow of Han Chen.
"Call" light breath Han Chen eyes looked indifferently at the body not far from Li Yuanhao.
"Teacher, this Li Yuanhao seems a little too conceited, but I don’t know that Han Chen’s brothers are very scheming." Before looking at the high platform fighting, Qing Xuanyu’s face was also smiling. He was also depressed by this Li Yuanhao’s vision, but after seeing Han Chen play the former, he also laughed at that Li Yuanhao’s conceit.
"Although Han Chen this little guy looks like an honest man, his bones are treacherous and original. I was worried that he would have some emotional feelings, but now it seems that he has been playing with that Li Yuanhao all the time." Nodding his head gently is also a little smile.
"Hum old man, isn’t this Han Chen too treacherous?" See that some dramatic scene in the field Dan lingshen said
"Ha, ha, old man Dan, that’s a little funny. If you put a real gun outside and fight, if someone kills you by trickery, will you still call him mean?" For Dan ling words always laughed at and said
Hear the old words that Dan ling face is some changes.
It is true that the world is seen by others as you, and as a result, no one will talk about your process.
"Brother Li Yuanhao, now that three moves have passed, let’s formally fight." The face smile slowly converges, and Han Chen’s face is also flashing with some serious colors.
"In that case, let’s do it." Li Yuanhao looked at Han Chen indifferently and seemed to have forgotten half of what had just happened. The anger in his eyes had disappeared.
Han Chen was a little surprised at the change of the former, but soon he couldn’t help laughing coldly. It seems that the guy didn’t rest assured just now that he regarded himself as a clown.
Just when Han Chen thought so, he suddenly appeared in front of him like a ghost.
"Good speed" for this Han Chen is unexpected, but his perception is amazing. He also narrowly escaped this chapter. 257 Playing with fire [seeking 61 gifts at night]
"Hum" cold hum that Li Yuanhao face also has a hint of coldness. Of course, Han Chen can avoid the blow. He is also a little surprised.
"This little guy looks really not as simple as it looks. I don’t think it’s his strength now." I was also very surprised in my old eyes. Of course, I’m not the only one who has this idea at this time.
"Hey, old man, who on earth is this Han Chen? How can he have such a tough fighting capacity? I don’t believe that this little guy has no backer who can practice by his own strength until the end of the five-ring hunting life division. There are really not many people who can do it at the end of the day." Road flyover Tianfu said slowly with a strange look in his eyes.
"This little guy’s identity can’t be said yet. He has to wait for the leader to come back before he can say" mysterious smile, but he always ignored the road flyover operator that day.
Hearing the old words, Taoist Tianfu is also quite strange. Looking at him is just omitting his words as a joke.
But at this time, the elders who quietly looked at the high platform fighting Long Qian were frowning slightly, and their hearts were also full of speculation.
"Is this little guy?" Eyebrows puckered slightly, and the face of Long Qian’s elders changed greatly, but it quickly calmed the speculation, but it was overwhelming in my heart.
"If that’s the case, you can really ask the leader to come back, but even those who are old and deathless will come out." Think like this in your heart, Long Qian’s elders also slowly spit out a sigh of relief and continue to watch the battle in the field.
Bang bang bang …
The two bodies are constantly staggered and moving in the field with a jerk, and the thick vitality is also a burst of earth fluctuations, which makes the high platform tremble constantly.
"great collapse"
"Lingxi Finger"
Freshman drinking Han Chen is also constantly displaying all kinds of Wushu that he has learned.
However, although Han Chen’s Wushu is of the earth, but Li Yuanhao is not a vegetarian, the two sides have their own injuries, but Han Chen’s injuries are relatively serious because of his strength.
Some pale but Han Chen eyes are a little crazy feeling.
"Shout" slowly spit out a sigh that Li Yuanhao’s hair is messy and his face is a little pale, but just then his arm shook a Dan medicine but suddenly appeared in his hand.
"Old man Dan, this disciple of yours is really good. In the middle of the fight, he also took out a Dan medicine to restore his vitality." Seeing that Li Yuanhao will always use Dan medicine, his eyebrows are wrinkly.