"Where is my father?" Zi Xuan asked again.

"Nothing," said Xiao Tai, approaching the little finger and gesturing for Zi Xuan to lean over.
Zi Xuan frowned, but Taitai whispered, "Your father is really like an ice cube. How did you come here when you were a child?"
Zi Xuan one leng immediately ha ha laugh over a nai in the eyes.
How can I come here? I’m just spoiled and painful. If I’m older, I’ll rarely see my father. When he travels all day, he will ask her for medicine.
"Just came over, my father spoiled me too much, so I was not good later." Zi Xuan still replied with a smile
"Princess, let’s sneak away. I know I have a map!" Small too pulled pull Zi Xuan sleeve instigated again.
"Wait for Xiaozha, wait for him to go together" Zi Xuan said lightly.
"Oh, don’t worry, my father said that this uncle has a high medical skill. If you give him a small letter, nothing will happen!" Xiaotai persuaded
"If I can’t, I will wait for this little letter to come out and see me at the first sight." Zi Xuan’s words revealed a little seriousness
"Aren’t you afraid that something will happen to Big Brother?" Taitai still won’t give up. If he doesn’t leave now, he really can’t leave.
"Not afraid that I believe him," Zi Xuan was so faint that he still leaned against the wall.
Small too is straight up staring at her is motionless.
Finally, Zi Xuan Nai gently touched his little head and said, "Why don’t you ask Uncle Shen Bing to let him nag with your mother?"
"I just … don’t … beg him …" Xiao Tai deliberately stretched the tone.
At this time, there is a door.
Small too surprised was about to leave Shen Bing has already stopped in front of him.
"Little too early. Where was I with you?" Although Shen Bing is tired for a day, he still shines when he sees this little wife.
Zi Xuan was watching smiling and remained silent.
"Said said I remember" small too sideways to go but was Shen Bing a pull a hold him up.
"I haven’t said it yet. Why didn’t I just say it again from the beginning? Remember that this rejuvenation technique is not like this. More than 70 of the 360 herbs you selected were not mature enough and were picked. You must have collected drugs from major pharmacies at a high price. This medicine was agreed to be urgent. You don’t know about these more than 70 herbs, do you? I tell you again, you must remember that when you meet it, you should know how to distinguish this medicinal material, not only its medicinal properties, but also its growth. I will teach you a way … "
It seems that Shen Bing has no chance to interrupt anyone, except his Lord, of course
Zi Xuan looked at Xiao Tai’s watery face and smiled, but he walked carefully step by step to the house.
"Okay, okay, I know. I know everything …"
"You don’t understand that I haven’t finished yet. Your talent is good, but your heart is too floating. Studying medicine is the most taboo. I’ll take you back to Yueguo to go to the underground palace when I wake up. It’s a clean place, and I will be able to decide that you are impetuous and just said those seventy-two herbs …"
"Where is my heart impetuous? I can listen to you chanting that I am very quiet …"
"Look at you. Look at where you are quiet. What is called serenity? Quiet is a realm. Saints advocate keeping serenity. No matter how busy the world is, it is a quiet realm. If we live in the world, we must recognize our position, whether it is busy or busy. Doctors have to get out of that part of the hustle and bustle and reach the quiet realm. It is only in recent years that I realized you. If you think about this quietness since childhood, you will be able to …"
Shen Bing said a lot of things without playing, and finally she couldn’t stand it and shouted, "Princess, you live!"
Zi Xuan stepped into the threshold with one foot and the other foot was still outside the door!
Shen Bing suddenly turned around and put Xiao Tai in a hurry, and then quickly stepped forward with a worried face. "Little master please this rejuvenation technique. You know that you can’t get close to one thousand pregnant or hurt yourself. That’s so good. And the emperor and empress made it very clear what time it is. You should go to rest …"
Zi Xuan wordlessly listened and looked at the front and spat out her tongue.
Taitai jumped up with a look of schadenfreude and forgot to get down to business just now. He must go now. No, not to go, but to escape from his father and mother. He will return to Baina tonight!
"Princess, you put a hundred hearts in it. This child is also distressed. I must wake him up as soon as possible. I can recognize you at a glance in three days at most. You should rest quickly. It’s so late. Do you want to cook soup for you? Lotus soup or tremella?" Shen Bing finally stopped.
"Don’t rest to send Ling Wang and Queen?" Zi Xuan said with a little smile and came.
Small too frown in the heart suddenly a surprised this just remember this thing to nasty turned around and saw his father has been behind him.
Princess Ling Wang smiled.
"Uncle really won’t stay for a few days?" Zi Xuan retained.
"No, the ministers of the DPRK frequently sent letters urging that even this little boy ran out and no one sealed the memorial." Lingche said jokingly.
"Let him see Xiaozha again, just go back and mend this bone once," Zi Xuan said with a little smile.
Small too looked up at Zi Xuan eyes couldn’t help some wet.
"Go, come out quickly, your mother is already waiting." Lingche squints at Xiao Tai and smiles and is full of spoiling.
24 saint
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Qing temple
The dark clouds are overwhelming and raging, and the thunder bursts like a huge storm is coming.
Duguyue just stood in the wind and looked at the mountains and clouds, and her eyes were full of piety.
Aside, all the brothers and elders sat motionless.