"So what brings you here?" But also to invade in this incredible way.

Lian Wei replied in a very serious and serious tone, "Come on vacation!" That’s right. She just decided to stay up all night. It’s a good arrangement for her vacation, isn’t it?
After listening to Love Micro-answer, the black Lord Grey Yan and Kuran Kaname are now in a very delicate psychology. They want to vomit but they can vomit forcefully. You said that you broke in here in a mysterious way in the middle of the night just to take a vacation. Who will believe this reason? Even if you make excuses temporarily, you should find someone who is a little passable. Don’t treat us like idiots!
At first glance, I knew that the two people on the opposite side didn’t believe their words, and they sighed slightly and looked sad. "No one believes the truth these days!"
Hey, hey, girl, you’re not suitable for this tone! Don’t be so sad that the world is unfair. Well, you just show up too much.
Weird. Don’t blame this world. It’s koo!
Black Lord Grey Yan chose the language opening "Love micro, we are not open to travel here!" His college really doesn’t have the function of tourism!
"I’ve made up my mind!" Love micro a pair of "I just don’t go, I just want to occupy the king. What can you do with me?" Bully just happened.
Still smiling like a spring breeze
Black Lord Grey Yan carefully considered for a moment and decided to leave this uncertain factor in his own territory to observe-after all, her appearance was too suspicious.
Moreover, according to Jiu Lan’s speech, it is speculated that her skill is incredible. "That love can be studied in Heizhu Academy."
Being a student again? Love wondered why it didn’t take long for her to learn to cross when she was a tennis king, but she became a student for the second time.
Do you look like a student? But being a student is better than being a teacher. If someone comes to her and says, "Come and be a teacher!" " She thought she would.
Broken night shattered him.
"I have no money!" Love micro is very koo-looking, and will become her chairman. When it comes to money, love micro is loyal to this sentence.
It seems that she didn’t have the money to worry about the fact that there are scholars and Jingwu in the world of Netscape from the beginning, but they are better than the so-called models
Much more independent; However, in hueco mundo, where there is no money, and there is bss to support the money, what root does not appear in her thinking range
Pass; In the hunter world, I owe Xiao Yi a huge debt. I touched Sisso, a good repayment machine, to make her pay her debts.
Xiaoyi and others also help themselves to take care of everything, and they have never worried about it; And when we got to the wizarding world, Sebas was in charge of everything, and even more so.
With Lucius’ backing, money is even less important, but now I have come here unexpectedly and I have no money to think of it.
The question of money
It’s the first time I’ve met someone who said this so confidently. You said you had no money and said you wanted to travel.
Haven’t you already prepared for cheat people? And now she is the object of her harm! But I can keep her from studying because of this problem.
Heizhu Academy? Think about it and you know it’s impossible! If you don’t tell her that you won’t let her stay, you won’t stop bullying. Just say that you don’t let her stay.
Determinants can’t be done without him! Lord Naihei burst into tears but had to grind his teeth and say, "Bu!"
Love smile innocent and lovely eyebrow eye bent into a thin crescent "thank you, director of the" ninety-seven "night.
Just as he was about to make a decision, he silently watched the development of things. Kuran Kaname suddenly interjected, "I don’t think the Japanese Ministry is suitable for love." He didn’t trust this person to stay in Yuji’s Japanese Ministry until he was sure whether he was an enemy or a friend.
Kuran Kaname dialect surprised the black master, Grey Yan. "Does Jiu Lan mean to let Lian Wei go to the night school?" But love micro is not a vampire. Isn’t he afraid of being discovered by love micro? And it’s too dangerous for an ordinary human to stay in a night full of vampires.
Even if it is not white love for micro-identity, it is also a way to indulge and let her be so dangerous. "Jiu Lan, this is not suitable!"
"I think the night is the best place to love the mulberry, don’t you think?" Kuran Kaname sat casually with a slight melancholy.
Elegant voice is kind and soft, full of coldness and does not refuse to be overbearing.
Watching and waiting for her to answer, the two people fell in love with each other, but they didn’t care about the dark Lord’s shallow worries and Kuran Kaname’s compulsive problems.
I was very calm and asked, "What’s the difference between the night department and the day department?" She is a person who has just arrived here, and I don’t understand why.
Is normal, isn’t it?
Black Lord Grey Yan choked on this question and then whitewashed it with a giggle. "It makes no difference. It’s just that the class hours are different."
Ha ha! "
"Are you an idiot?" Love micro despises the black Lord Grey Yan completely "or do you think I’m an idiot?" Here
It’s dangerous to be in love with a whisper. If you dare to think about it, you will be relieved.
"Ah, ha, ha …" Black Lord Grey Yan was quick. Why did he see the murderous look in an instant? "Of course not!"
"So the chairman is telling the truth?"
Love smiles, gentle and shiny sounds are also gentle and sweet, but the black Lord Grey Yan suddenly shivers.
What, in the face of a girl who has just left Lori’s age, he will feel scared? !
After the black Lord took one look at the gray Yan, Kuran Kaname said a little after seeing that he had no objection. "In fact, it really makes no difference."
It’s just that there are some differences between the types of students in the night department and normal humans! "
Love micro asked with interest "oh? What is the difference? " Then I looked at it and thought about Lala, a lot of vague black dust
Yan Lian woke up faintly. "Get to the point directly!"
The last sentence of the beloved micro-hero, Grey Yanma, said, "They are vampires!" Mao, he will find this girl so imposing.
And? Don’t command yourself but consciously obey … is this to say that you are arrogant?
"Well ….." Love micro smell speech whisper slightly lowered his head looks like thinking.
Love is very calm, and the black Lord Grey Yan Gen didn’t find that he was worried about the surprise and fear at first, and he was in love with himself.
I can’t see a little unexpected expression, just like he said, but it’s the same as eating when I’m hungry and sleeping when I’m sleepy
Did everyone know about it from the beginning? No, the dark Lord, Grey Yan, denied that he guessed that it was confidential not to say that vampires were here, except
Vampire hunter outsiders know that just love micro just asked when the expression is really puzzled and confused, he denied that it was fake.
Pretending that a person’s emotions are true or false, he can still see that he is a black master. Grey Yan has a good eye for people, but it’s a pity that he touches them
It is love micro, a thousand-year-old fox who has regarded emotions as natural habits and can evolve at any time, and regarded camouflage as simple as breathing and eating.