However, this wave of big dragons is a situation in which the team has not lost one person, which makes all the audience on the scene nervous. Because of a game, the gg team and the fn team have a wave of big dragons, and the gg team’s big dragons were robbed during the war, everyone still remembers it vividly.

"Dragon blood will enter the disciplinary scope. Who is Dragon? Spider dragon that J wave should be stable. "
The big screen appeared clearly on the screen as Dalong was punished, and all the Korean audiences also burst into cheers.
Obviously, this big dragon was taken by team J.
Then the team battle was not as fierce as the deserter who was behind 7 thousand and didn’t grab the dragon, and then the Reagan method was defeated to resist the J siege
"After being beaten by a group, this game J should be a suspense. Let’s see if we can get a wave. It should be almost two minutes late."
"This is the general trend gone, and it is difficult to recover the defeat."
"The trend of competing cults has gone."
"Don’t shout at the scene? I’m still looking forward to it. God can fight with me. Who knows that I was cut off by J. "
The game entered the countdown live broadcast and someone teased.
The screen J started the game, and the ending of the game was almost different from a game. The gg team’s attack on the highlands was even more overbearing than the gg team’s attack.
"Once the typical Korean team’s Korean tactical play has the advantage, it is continuous attack and poor oppression. J A perfect game let us witness their powerful last front teeth removed, that is, taking the Daying crystal directly. Let us congratulate the J team."
"A Korean audience also began to cheer, and then a game was officially finalized by both sides, that is, the gg team from China lpl Division and the J team from Korea Division. Let’s take a break and wait for the arrival of this game."
Lele and Dongka looked at the screen in front of them, and the result of the contest was finally settled. There were also some expectations.
The vp interview of the game started at the scene, and five gg team members began to walk from the viewing platform.
"Come on, let’s go to the finals together." The gq team is also waving. They come on and want to go to the semi-finals together.
"I finally got my mother’s eggs, and I didn’t miss a game of gg team. I watched this game bit by bit."
"I’ve been waiting for an hour, and the gg team is finally going to confront the Korean team."
"Ha-ha, yeah, look forward to my god’s play."
"but I want to watch chubby ad show exercises."
And J team this game also let China ie live before the brain waiting for fans to boil up!
"Then welcome back. The most important game for gg team will start in a while tonight."
"It’s important. It’s really important. If gg can win this game, then they will win two b1 games directly and advance to the semi-finals, which will save a b3."
Lele and Dongka took a look at the game and knew that both sides were still preparing and began to analyze the importance of this game to gg team.
Different from ordinary competitions, the rules of ie ball finals make the competition between strong teams and weak teams more cruel and naked.
The team is divided into two groups: A and B.
A group of four teams played against each other and won. The team entered the winner’s group. If it lost, it was the loser’s group. If it won again, it would be directly promoted to the semi-finals. Otherwise, it would be necessary to play b3 with the loser’s group.
So if the gg team can beat J in this game, there is no doubt that it not only proves their great strength, but also can play one b3 less and directly enter the semi-finals.
The importance of this game to gg team is self-evident.
"The pilot lens once again gave the contestants a chance to play. The audience were cheering in the lens. I believe that even the audience in China is no stranger to life, a man known as the auxiliary god!
He hammered the stone and once cheered the world. Before the appearance of the player life, everyone’s understanding of assistance was either to make a vision in peacetime and protect ad when playing in a group.
However, when life Hammer Stone was in the arry team repeatedly in the competition, some people realized that assisting this position was also arry!
Then several personal performances in the life competition also made the name of the auxiliary god fall on him shamefully
"Well, I believe everyone is more familiar with hshy’s first Raven in Korea, so let’s not talk more about this. Raven won in rank is the king of arry."
When the pilot lens was transferred to another J team member again, the Korean audience exclaimed whether there was arry increase or decrease. There is no doubt that this is another heavyweight player, hshy, the first Raven in Korea. It is often a professional player to get Raven in rank.
"It’s no longer necessary for us to say more about the cheers of the Korean audience. Everyone can hear it. This is still a b1 competition, and the winner will directly get a semi-final place."
"Now the gg team is under a lot of pressure. This game is an away game, so let’s not talk about J popularity. Everyone can hear it. Anyway, I hope you can watch the live broadcast and the audience can cheer on the gg team in front of their heads, even if they can’t hear it, but they will certainly feel everyone’s belief."
Lele and Dongka looked at the bottom of Park Mujing Hall and cheered the J team like a flood. They also knew that this game had put great pressure on the gg team.
"hmm? The pilot shows that both players in this game are ready to start! "
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The fourth volume Chapter six hundred and four Lion dog
"The selection screen jumps out, so this game is officially started by a key battle between gg team in China Division and J team in South Korea Division."
"Yes, the winners of both sides will directly win the top four seats in this ie contest. Once the loser can call the team with the loser group to compete for the second seat again."
Lele and Dongka looked at the screen, and the contest between the two sides finally came, and they could not help but pinch their fingers with their hands clasped nervously.
Although even if you lose this game, you may not be eliminated directly from the semi-finals, but the subsequent troubles are inevitable. It is far less reassuring to go through a cruel b3 before you can advance again.
"This game is whether the gg team got the first pull of the blue side or the male gun. At present, this male gun is not enough. I believe that all the friends I met in the ranking have already felt deeply that it is even harder than Panpan security door!"
"The man’s gun is actually released because gg is in the blue side, but maybe I don’t like this hero very much. I believe gg team fans also know my amazing wild style. You can’t guess what he wants to play."
Lele and Dongka, seeing the first hand of gg team, gave it to the very strong wild male guns at present, and said in succession.
Now whether rank or ranking is hot, it is necessary to say more about the strength of the wild hero male gun.
But now the blue gg team directly pulled off his roots without hesitation
"J blind monk here! It seems that my blind monk has really spread widely, and even J was directly pulled off in the first pull.
The second one here is spider J. The second position was immediately given to Quinn. "
Soon the alternate election between the two sides continued.
This equipment talent change makes both sides try their best to target the powerful theory before playing wild position hero.
The last two positions were given to Hammer Stone and Rexay respectively.
"The last position on gg’s side also gave life enough respect and directly banned him from hammering stones."
"To tell the truth, I didn’t feel anything in my heart before gg team banned this hero, but after gg was banned, I immediately felt a lot relaxed, which was inexplicable."
Dongka glanced at his side Lele way
"Does this mean that life Hammer Stone really dominates our fears? Look at the candidates. Do skateboarders still have to keep a good match?"
"I’m not sure yet. I’m still communicating with the coach. Does Dong Rui mean to wait and change? Take the Titan first? J didn’t ban trees in this game, but ang wouldn’t change it. I’ll play well in this game, but I still want Titan. "
The first-hand candidate of the gg team on the screen quickly switched to Titan after the skateboard shoes were highlighted. It is obvious that it is ready to look at the opposite array before determining the position selection.
"J side is the first-hand combination of skateboarding shoes and big mouth? Wow, that J Road is a little provocative in it. "