A silver ray rushed out of the horizon and rushed into the eleven quasi-hierarch camps. After killing many quasi-hierarch camps in a row, the silver ray turned into a gun and sank to the ground. It was a strong silver gun. Only a few quasi-hierarch who had repaired the loss did not dare to stay and look at Fang Donghuang. They had already done their duty.

There is nothing left in the dusty waves, and hundreds of millions of witches are destroyed, and only the demon clan is dead.
Hundreds of millions of lich battlefields reverberate throughout the battlefield, with one person and one unspeakable desolation besides the East Emperor. ~!
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two The lich finished the seven saints!
"Strong, witch!" Looking at Fang Dangdang’s lonely and desolate battlefield, Nuo Nuo, an ancestor witch, whispers. I always feel that there is something missing in my heart. My eyes are a little confused. Di Jiang wants to yell, but the sound is heard. Looking at Fang’s battlefield, wait for a while is lost in thought!
Emperor Taiyi did not take this opportunity to sneak attack on Zuwu, but walked forward. He also looked at Fang Wanli’s battlefield. The blood smell of the two lich families was still destroyed in the residue. The battlefield was collapsing, indicating that the two families had been earth.
"The Lich clan is completely finished!" The East Emperor Taiyi doesn’t wander around like an ancestor wizard, and even his expression hasn’t changed, and his tone is so happy and sad.
Zuwu looked back at the East Emperor Taiyi and didn’t go crazy. The final leader of the two lich families, the provocateur of the Lich War, and the broken culprit were rarely calm.
Emperor Jiang yelled at the last export but was depressed. "What is all this?" Zhu Rong is dead, Gong Gong is dead, Hou Di is dead, and now Qiang Liang is dead. The whole witch family has played all this. What is it? What the hell? " The last words he finally roared out.
The East Emperor Taiyi still looked at Zuwu calmly and said, "There is nothing but this."
Not answering the answer, Zuwu was shocked. Di Jiang suddenly had a painful head, covering his head and not talking. He was remembering what the two lich families were fighting for.
Suddenly, Di Jiang was frightened, because there was no memory of the conflict with the original lich in his memory. The memory was too far away, too far away, and he couldn’t remember the ancestor witch. Maybe he didn’t come.
"Do you remember when the Lich clan finally clashed?" With a touch of luck, Di Jiang asked the other ancestors.
Answer him that the ancestors shook their heads in confusion, and the rest of the ancestors couldn’t remember that it was originally because of something and the demon clan played. All they remember is that the demon clan was a natural enemy of the witch clan, and that’s all!
Di Jiang smiled very heartily, and looked at his face with unprecedented ease for hundreds of millions of years. Taiyi said, "The East Emperor may be as you said, so it’s the way it should be. The lich fight is probably the most talked about now, but as you said, everything should be like this, so let’s go on and then everything will be ours, right?"
The East Emperor’s wife smiled imperceptibly. "It’s the first time I found out that maybe you ancestors are not stupid as hell!"
The ancestors and witches all said, "You’re not smart, or you wouldn’t be in such a mess!"
Knock! The Eastern Emperor’s bell rose to a limit, and the Eastern Emperor’s robe floated in the wind, pointing to an ancestor Wu Gaodao. "Come on, come on, there must always be an explanation for the Lich War. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s our department, but today it’s going to come out!"
A half-formed ancestor wizard lined up in a row and shouted, "Come on, come on, Emperor Taiyi, my witch family has never been afraid. Even now the witch family is close to extinction, my ancestor wizard is still not afraid!"
The strength of a ancestor witch is limited to a high level, and the power has reached a saint’s level. It is stirred into chaos, and the ancient witch spell of a ancestor witch once sounded in the lich battlefield. The highest magical power of the witch "destroyed" and directly killed the two places in the East Emperor Tai for several years.
The mana avatar on this side of the East Emperor Taiyi is not weak at all. The mana of the East Emperor’s bell seems to be rising endlessly. If there is a listener in HarmonyOS’s period, he can absolutely bite off his tongue in surprise. Because there is a limit to the flood of heaven, that is, the mana avatar is wired. Don’t look at the group of great magicians in HarmonyOS’s period to start conan the destroyer, but in fact, they have reached the line and have been diligent, which may be the most, at most, like Tianlong. Jade element general Lingbao geology rose strength because they want to go further, that is, the mixed-element leader. But now, whether it is the combination of ancestors and witches or the East Emperor Taiyi is far beyond that line, the strength is absolutely firmly at the saint level, but it has not been proved that the land help of each of them has far exceeded that of the group of HarmonyOS’s great magicians. Both sides roared and stopped their magic almost at the same time, and at the same time, they opened their eyes and joined hands to turn into gray light, and the East Emperor Taiyi also slammed into the golden light directly.
The golden light and the gray light collided with each other, and there was no shocking noise, as if the chaos of Pangu was split from it.
There is a smile at the corner of Taiyi’s mouth, and his left hand is getting bigger and bigger. This is the "extinction" of the magical power Yusu. When chaos bead gambles on his life, the countercurrent has the same effect. The East Emperor’s clock has scattered a little time and tried to repair Taiyi’s body, but it didn’t help
"You are really good, and you are worthy of being brother Pangu’s strong body!" East Emperor Taiyi’s light mouth doesn’t look like a dying person’s tone, which actually seems to be some relief.
Zuwu’s face also smiled a little. Di Jiang said, "It’s the same to each other, but you actually beat us back by yourself. Half of us are in our own body. This serious calculation is that we lost from beginning to end, and we are all numbers to make up for your gap!" When Di Jiang spoke, a part of all the ancestors disappeared.
"It’s all over! This is a decisive battle without a winner, but everything should be so out of our control. Everything has been said goodbye to us! " An ancestor wizard of the Eastern Emperor closed his eyes at the same time.
The body was destroyed and clean, together with the Yuan God and the true spirit, were also gone, and the witch department of the East Emperor Taiyi lost in this final battle.
In the invisible part of the buzzing part of the East Emperor Bell, a Taoist word is almost invisible, which is given to the East Emperor. In front of the Taoist word, a drop of tiny jingxie can’t stop rolling, which is the outflow of the East Emperor Taiyi during the battle.
The East Emperor Bell circled twice and went away, but I don’t know where it landed!
The lich battlefield is completely gone, and the result of hundreds of millions of lich wars is that both sides have withdrawn from the historical stage.
Although the two sides have been damaged, the flood has irrevocably broken the two sides’ great pressure, the sky and the sky, the demon and the holy array, the domineering East Emperor, a sage-level conflict. Everything makes this broken flood unable to support the collapse of the mainland, the famous mountains wandering in the flood, the spirit pulse, the vitality, the volcano, the thunder and the fire can wreak havoc in the east and west.
"hey!" A sigh sounded in the silent lich battlefield not long after, and a figure appeared. Tsing Yi’s Taoist robe stood with a negative hand and looked at Fang’s broken eyes. Even a trace of emotional fluctuation was lacking. These have been difficult to arouse his gradual indifference. HarmonyOS, the third leader of HarmonyOS, was a saint.
Not long after Meng appeared, a beautiful figure in white appeared beside him, looking at the broken world. The second leader of the demon religion, Oh, no, the East Emperor Taiyi, has damaged her. Now she is the head of the demon religion, the virgin mother of the Terran!
Both the two saints of the Demon Sect have been present.
It didn’t take long for the three figures to come in succession and all came by hand.
Pangu is too clear, moral, heavenly and sage.
Pan Gu Yu Qing Yuan Tian Zun teaches saints.
Panguqing Lingbao Tianzun Tongtian Saint
Sanqing came here in unison and said nothing. It’s not the first time. There are still two saints in the mouth!
Almost at the time when Sanqing just decided, two golden lights fell!
The leader of western religion leads the saints, and the second leader of western religion is a quasi-saint!
The seven leaders of the mixed Yuan Dynasty stood still in the lich battlefield, silent. There were no amazing phenomena when the saints appeared this time, and the saints all came by hand and didn’t even bring a spiritual treasure.
The seven saints are looking at the broken universe. Don’t look at the broken universe. They look at the broken universe. They see that there are saints who can see the quality. There are saints who can see the moral quality. Some inexplicable things float from the broken universe and soar. Although they walk slowly, they are determined to float across the 33 rd heaven, across chaos and directly to the Zixiao Palace.
"It’s almost a thousand years since the seven of us gathered together in Qingqiu!" Mengtoukou
Yuan Tianzun said, "One hundred million years are fleeting! Time is the most meaningless thing! "
The leader of Tongtian gave a wry smile: "It’s really the most meaningless thing, but now we are the most short of time. The Lich War has been finished, and the goal of heaven has been achieved, but we have to leave this rotten stall for us to clean up."
Seven saints smile together!
I don’t know how long the seven saints have lived, maybe a few days, maybe a few months or maybe a few years. Anyway, saints have no time. This concept finally floated into Zixiao Palace in the eyes of saints.
Then he said, "Pangu Heaven directly poked a hole in Heaven, and now Heaven has to make up for the pity of the Lich Family, so it’s lost!"
The old one waved and said, "Let’s talk about it after these. Let’s clean up this rotten booth in the universe! If you keep breaking and going to the wild, there will really be nothing left! "
The rest of the saints nodded, so the seven mixed-yuan leaders waved their hands together and seven different Guanghua schools rushed out and fell into the broken flood to repair this broken flood! ! ~!
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three The Emperor of Heaven
The saints made extraordinary moves, and the mystery of life and nature was interpreted incisively and vividly in their hands. In the crushing, the flood was stopped, and all kinds of dazzling magical powers flew from the saints’ hands. The compound volcano of the earth stopped erupting and the veins were reunited! The mountains have been pulled up again, and the tyrannical vitality has been leveled one by one
Everything is so natural, it seems that the seven saints have their own division of labor, that is, to restore the sky to the lich. The 33 rd heaven collapsed completely because of the East Emperor’s move, and the whole sky was dyed gray, which made people feel depressed.
Meng exert his unique supernatural powers of saints to forcibly condense. Now, all the riots are scattered in the palm of the flood and drought, and he can slowly restore it to its original shape in heaven, but he can’t help it. Although it may not be impossible for his supernatural powers of saints to set up another heaven, he can’t afford the luxury. Let’s wait until the seven saints are free to discuss it slowly.
After Meng stopped, several other saints also completed the flood and finally got together again, but this one was gathered by saints, but it was no longer the former flood. The volume was greatly reduced by two thirds, and the aura was even worse than before. How can I say this? There is no way to help the lich and the two sides fought too badly. I don’t know how many spiritual veins the earth was smashed into pieces and how many fragments of the flood and the wilderness were scattered among the stars. It is already the maximum. Of course, even this one third of the flood and the wasteland is marginal.
"So-so, although there is no comparison with the former universe, you can also look at the past! It’s just too cold and clear! " Looking at being nodded from the new construction.
After hearing this, Tongtian said, "It’s a little cold but it’s because of the great movement of the two lich families. Fortunately, there are still people who have escaped the disaster and need to develop quietly. After a few years, the wilderness will naturally flourish again!"
Old waved and said, "It’s urgent to talk about us after all this nonsense. Now it’s time for heaven to be broken, and it’s also a rare white period for heaven. Let’s talk about something quickly, Brother Bai Haomeng. Let me ask you again, what you said by Brother Tongtian is exactly like that person’s right now? And what is the situation now? "
The seven saints formed a circle and said, "He was like a recluse at the beginning. I think everyone knows it in their hearts, and I won’t bother about the situation. What do you say? The gods and bodies are gone, and now I’m afraid even the saints and magical powers are gone! "
Saint silence must interjected, "isn’t that with him or without him?" This situation is also cannon fodder! "
Be dry cough two "this although he now some … well that down and out! But if you want to have a physical body, I believe there is still a great chance! "