Gustav can’t guess Thomas, but he can guess.

He can even guess what must have happened between the saint and this Norman that night, which he didn’t know. These things were all lived there, and Tomas would fight for his life when he saw Sotomas.
What’s the future of mankind?
Thomas’ real intention is to send this scourge to the virgin, which will cause the holy religion to undergo drastic changes for thousands of years, so that the holy religion will be in turmoil and the holy religion itself will be in chaos, so that the free religion will have a real chance to rise and finally achieve Thomas’ ideal of coexistence of the two religions.
It is really what Thomas will do to reach his ideal perfect country with his own life.
He should have investigated the old drunkard.
"… don’t forget that Thomas was nearby that night. He probably saw you and the virgin pinching each other’s faces and saw that the virgin had a problem with your attitude. He will do his best to send you to the virgin. At the same time, your father’s religious teacher must have found out that you are a farmer and met Thomas. It is these two days that you are innocent. If Thomas sacrificed his life to ensure that you can become a source in the future, it is possible to focus on cultivating you. If you add the virgin’s different attitude towards you, you will probably have many opportunities to contact the virgin.
"Faith is the religious root. If the spiritual pillar of the father’s religion, the virgin, is derailed, then the father’s religion department will be in great turmoil. At this time, the liberal religion will probably fall into a huge crisis and the liberal religion will also take this opportunity to rise."
Hardy thought of something, and Lancelot thought of coming with Norman.
"This is the third level of logic."
But Lancelot wants to face Hardy.
"Thomas, with lofty beliefs, has made it possible for mankind to have an extra source mage in the future, so he intends to sacrifice himself to become you. This is the second level of logic."
"Because Thomas is your teacher, he wants to help your nephew fulfill your wish, and he will sacrifice himself. This is the first level of logic."
Norman was confused by Thomas’s inconsistent words, and now he has finally straightened it out after Lancelot’s analysis, so that he can clearly observe the whole situation.
"We don’t know what kind of logic is the real purpose of Thomas’ action. You are a scholar who is really good at acting, so we can judge which of his words is true from his performance."
Lancelot even made another possibility.
"Or maybe his three-level logic department is all fake. He really aims at the fourth level logic."
"We don’t have much information about this fourth level of logic. For the time being, we know that we should have it with that’ teacher’, that is, Thomas and Adrian, your grandmaster."
Chapter ninety-two Norman adults
Norman didn’t know what Thomas really wanted. He didn’t know whether he really wanted the unknown fourth-level logic as Lancelot said. He knew that the final result was that Hardy accepted Thomas’ surrender terms.
Although Holder and Caron didn’t want to leave and wanted their archbishop to fight to the end, Thomas sternly ordered them to leave.
Duke Lake also ordered the heavy soldiers who surrounded the square to loosen two crossings to drive the civilians in the square away from the "elite soldiers of free religion" in the middle school and strictly observe the surrounding area to ensure that there will be no free believers around the Abbey Cathedral.
After flying for half a day, the wizards can finally come to have a rest. After all, the manpower is limited, but the Griffin knights are not relaxed. The Griffin’s endurance is much better than that of the wizards. They also patrol the Abbey to prevent accidents.
Heavily armed soldiers stationed outside the stadium, the holy army withdrew and retreated into the church square, leaving only two or three hundred black wizards and red wizards with students to take the entrance examination, so the Abbey Square became as open as before.
Norman stood by himself.
Holder and Caron left to surrender, and Thomas followed Hardy into the church, leaving him alone here.
Norman suddenly felt a virtual arrival eyes vacant.
He would really feel if he had had a dream if there were not a few engineers from the Lord’s House not far from the left to clean up the bodies of the two tragically killed holy teaching troops.
And let Norman know that he was not dreaming, and the black wizards finally relaxed, and their students stopped crying. Everyone was still scattered as before, but unlike before, when they talked happily with each other, everyone looked at him now.
Look at your eyes fair and square, look at your head sideways, twist your neck and watch the conversation to hide your squatting, tidy up your robe and look at it just now, and you’re too lazy to get up and lie down and watch …
Various fancy views Norman once seemed to be transformed into a rare dragon, and they all looked a little embarrassed.
Suddenly their eyes became more intense.
"Norman …?"
A sound came from behind Norman.
Norman turned around and saw that Duke Lake was three or four steps behind him.
The duke’s big beard is still so eye-catching, and the painting is full of stars, and his clothes are also very eye-catching. At the moment, the duke is smiling and looking at him with a gentle expression.
"The duke of lake! ……”
Norman was at a loss.
Although he also met Duke Lake face to face just now, they were separated by dozens of steps at that time, but now they are close at hand. He even missed a handful of the right side of Duke Lake’s big mouth, so he can see the details clearly!
What should he do now?
Etiquette is right. Etiquette!
Etiquette is very important when getting along with nobles, especially big noble, who has the highest status and a long family history like Duke Lake, will surely pay more attention to etiquette.
"Good morning, good morning!"
Norman was at a loss to press his forehead with one hand and his back with the other-that’s right, right?
Then he leaned over Duke Lake.
"Lake, Duke of Lake!"
This strange etiquette made Duke Lake smile as soon as he was one leng, and his left hand caressed his chest and leaned down slightly at Norman.
"Good morning, Mr. Norman."
Duke Lake’s smiling family appearance made Norman very comfortable, especially when Duke Lake bowed to himself, which made Norman’s head even more stupid.
The local tyrant Bath is now saluting one of his farmers?
And it’s not because Thomas is around him?
Did Duke Lake simply salute him, Mr Norman?
If the salute to Duke Lake made Norman stupid, then the move to Duke Lake made Norman even more stupefied.
"Thank you, Mr. Norman. Because of your wisdom and courage, these brave soldiers have not died here."
Duke Lake spoke slowly to Norman with a soft tone and a very authentic pronunciation.
"As you said, you saved several families in Cardenas, and I thank you on behalf of these families."
Duke Lake did not salute here, but came to Norman in the first two steps, stretched out his right hand, leaned behind Norman, gently hugged Norman face to face, and then retreated back to his previous position, which perfectly reflected how accurately a man who had received the most stringent aristocratic education since childhood controlled his etiquette.
"oh! ……”
Black-robed wizards there seemed to be another black gun passing through, and there was a low hum.