On the symbol matrix of the divine thunder symbol matrix or the magic matrix belong to the symbol matrix derived from the symbol map and the moon pattern symbol map.

Beyond the star pattern symbol array!
Thousands of years ago, The Hunger made the same mistake as Qiu’s tomb if Meng Chen didn’t have the memory of the ancient emperor.
However, Meng Chen knows that this symbol array is far from simple.
Meng Chen’s attack on the sky on the one hand is to attract blood flash; On the other hand, it is to let Qiu Tomb take the initiative to attack.
Because once you attack this area, it means you choose to accept the test!
Now, for Meng Chen and Qiu’s tomb, they will be put to the test at all times until one party is accepted.
In the end, the loser will be completely wiped out.
Chapter 96 A fruit
Tianyuan forest periphery
With the summons issued by Wang Tang and others, more and more Xuanyin brothers came from all directions, and most of them belonged to foreign brothers like Wang Tang and others.
Xuanyin Sect’s killing order has not come out for a hundred years!
After a hundred years, Xuanyin Sect once again issued a lore order. However, if the foreign brother kills the target, he can be promoted to Sect immediately and can be taught by the elders. The Sect will even give him a mysterious high-level martial arts skill.
It is conceivable that killing the target of the lore order is an excellent shortcut for these foreign ancestors in one day.
And if the younger brother completes the lore order, he can get the opportunity of the patriarch to personally grant the achievement method, and he can become the core brother and enjoy a huge amount of cultivation resources.
Just relying on the’ Patriarch’s personal award of achievement method’ is enough to make several younger brothers flock to it.
Xuanyin Zongcheng has a set of martial arts tactics and martial arts supporting cultivation body for 500 years.
For all the younger brothers of Xuanyin Sect, if there is no achievement method to support them, even if they get strong martial arts skills, they will practice in the same way
What’s more, some younger brothers have long known that if they become core brothers, they will have the opportunity to further become’ clan fire’ instead of clan’s towering heart.
According to the original, every disciple who fought for the return alive has now become an elder of the clan, and some people have long been known as a generation of strong men.
At the moment, Wang Tang is among the six figures of a huge ancient tree standing quietly.
Each of the other five people is not weaker than Wang Tang.
All four yuan are printed in the air!
"Wang Tang, are you sure that the target has really entered the Tianyuan forest world?"
A young man in a aquamarine gown, with an Excalibur in his arms, looked at Tianyuan forest with a hint of indecision and asked.
If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed that a teenager with a refined body and a nine-fold environment was surrounded by five gas conditions in deus ex, and then escaped from the famous brother’s pursuit and finally fled into Tianyuan forest.
During the whole process, five overseas brothers were killed, four pursued the bones of the overseas brothers, and the other two brothers lost one eye and one arm.
But up to now, the breath of the boy’s trace of ghost blood is still there.
That means he’s still alive!
"Brother Bai, don’t worry. Elder Qiu has followed him into Tianyuan. That’s the dying body. Elder Qiu means I don’t think he will survive tonight."
Wang Tang slightly bent down and looked at the front white slaughter tone respectfully said
Bai Zha was younger than Wang Tang, but the latter had to be commensurate with his senior brother, but Wang Tang never felt embarrassed.
As far as Wang Tang knows, this white slaughter year is only 20 years old, and it has already condensed five yuan seals, breaking through the fifth place in the gas environment. The latter is not only Xuanyin Zongdi, but also a white family with six ancient families in the imperial city whose identity is unknown.
Perhaps just being a foreign heir can be related to the Bai nationality, which means that it is not comparable to a small person like him.
"I can understand that I am eager to avenge the murder of the beloved disciple of the elder of Qiu Tomb."
White slaughter smiled and said that he patted Wang Tang on the shoulder. He smiled like a warm spring breeze, which made people feel good.
"But so many of you can’t kill a half-dead man with a refined body, so you have such a waste?"
Wang Tang’s flattering face suddenly froze, and his eyes looked at the young man in front of him in horror, as if he couldn’t believe that one second ago he was still smiling so warmly.
Behind Wang Tang, a blade with a deadly cold mountain has no heart.
Until the last moment, deep fear remained in Wang Tang’s eyes, but the young people in front of him had already turned their heads to look at the distant mountains.
"White Lord, how do they deal with it?"
White slaughter behind one of the four ordinary youth bowed their heads and asked.
"The world doesn’t need waste. I’ll solve it at Zongmen." The young man looked at the distance with a faint look around his sword, and a bloody canopy rose.
The youth behind him suddenly disappeared into the ancient tree.
"Never be a person who can watch from a distance … Let’s go and have a look."
At the same time, the giant tree has appeared several feet away.
It’s like a superb martial art.
White slaughter from behind three other people have also jumped away.
In the blood fog ridge
Meng Chen, after being baptized by hundreds of bloody flashes, suddenly found that the mysterious species of the body seemed to have swallowed up the bloody mans force and reached a saturated state.
"Ah! I finally didn’t waste my modeling baptism … "
The young man stroked his hair, standing tall and straight, and spewed out a thick smoke, which seemed to be sighed and said
At the moment, the mysterious Taoist species of Meng Chen’s body has changed from the size of soybean grain to the thumb cover, which is almost as big as the little thumb cover …
However, this does not affect Meng Chen’s heart full of sense of accomplishment.
From the size of the smallest grain of rice to the size of soybeans, there is now a thumb cover …
Later, Meng Chen really doubted whether this species could really take root and sprout and grow something.
Now, when faced with the flash of blood, Meng Chen has completely numb the flesh and produced an epidemic.
There is still a flash of blood in the sky from time to time, but when it finally falls on Meng Chen, the latter trembles and then steps away again in the distance.
While following the Qiu tomb not far behind Meng Chen is far less lucky than Meng Chen.
At this time, the original Qiu tomb, which stood high and high, had to land on the ground. From time to time, the blood color as thick as thighs flashed down and the whole body of Qiu tomb was condensed and dispersed many times.
But even though Qiu’s tomb looks miserable than a mess at the moment, Meng Chen still hasn’t moved the idea of killing him.
It is difficult to estimate that the physical body has undergone qualitative evolution and its vitality is far from being so easy to kill.
Meng Chen knows that his flesh can infect the bloody flash, and the tomb of Qiu can also be worse. Meng Chen can still clearly remember that Dong Zhuo is still a refined pharmacist in the fight with Dong Zhuo!
So it is conceivable that the tomb of Master Dong Zhuo’s Zun Qiu will be a hierarchical refined pharmacist?
It’s hard to kill a Yuan Dan Jing, and even worse, a Yuan Dan Jing who knows how to refine medicine!