He can’t run psychic powers!

Lock it down! ! !
These four words suddenly burst into cold sweat from his mind, and it has been overflowing from his forehead. Ye Yu has never felt this kind of force since the old-timer residual soul lived in his soul.
But now he feels that he feels a sense of strength from one of his defeated hands.
It’s the same for two people, and the other one was defeated by himself a few years ago.
How come the situation is completely different from what I imagined at this time?
What would be like this?
Yuzryha Island was greeted with a sense of dizziness when it was operated by the method of suffocation at the neck. Everything he could see in front of his eyes was ghosted.
"Stop! !” This is the last word he heard in his coma.
He remembered … This seems to be the elder sound in the power list.
He fell heavily!
Silence! !
Behind Ye Yu, which is located in the "double neon", the starlight gradually disappears and the real double neon is not seen, watching Ye Yu fall face down.
She gave a polite smile to the elders who flew to the battle list. "I have left my hand. If I want to kill him, he will be beheaded."
"The old man knows" that the elders in the battle force list had a complicated face, and then glanced at Ye Yu, who was lying in a coma.
He touched Hu with a little unfinished business.
"I haven’t enjoyed it yet. This freshman is quite empty."
"Yeah … really boring"
The brief conversation between the elders of the double neon battle force list made everyone in a state of shock trance.
Set off a loud noise!
"Lost! Lost! Hit the whole door and win the top spot in the combat power list. Brother Ye Yu, the rival in the door, lost! Lost to the elder martial sister! And so fast! Teacher younger brother Ye Yu is like … as if he has no resistance. "
"This this this ….. this is not a level of fighting! Is it true that Elder Martial Sister refined ten layers of gas? Is it really not the realm of building a foundation? How can you win so easily! "
"What is that means? Is that a doppelganger Brother Ye Yu was just confused by the senior teacher and sister, right? "
"psst! It’s another unprecedented achievement method! What adventure did she get when she was in the world? "
"Elder Martial Sister lost to Ye Yu a few years ago, and today she is avenged!"
"Is it possible … a few years ago, the senior teacher elder sister deliberately lost to him?"
"ah? There is such a statement? Say it in detail! "
"I know everything!"
It was hard to make Fu Zhiyu return to absolute being until Fu Shuangyin came to her from the ring and Fu Zhiyu suddenly got a tingle.
A pair of Kazilan’s big eyes were full of shock. "Sister, you … you beat that guy!"
"Well, is this surprising?"
Fu Shuang neon himself is not half excited because the other party in her eyes is just a refined gas cultivator.
Can you blame the original body for being too useless
"Why isn’t this surprising?" Shouzhiyu was shocked. "Sister, you have been practicing in the past few years. You may not know that that guy, Tian Wenzong, has been regarded as the future successor of Tian Wenzong by many people!"
"successor?" Fu Shuangni recalled a young man named Ye Yu. She shook her head. "He is not suitable for such a person. It is his limit to be an elder from the front."
"It is not enough to be in charge of a clan with strength, but you need to have a certain talent, a certain mind and a certain management ability."
"Ah?" Fu Zhiyu leng leng, she felt that Sister A said these words a little hard to understand.
Why do you feel that Sister A’s attitude is like she was in charge of a clan?
Seems to have a lot of experience in this?
"Don’t" Fu Shuangni changed the subject. "In the end, the person he really hates is you. He has surpassed you by one level. If you don’t hurry and regret it, it will be you."
"Good day, Sister, I’ll teach you to practice."
Say that finish
Fu Shuang neon looked at the elders who had come from JIU ge zong, and before they could wait for them, they had already pulled out rice paper from the bag.
"Elder Wu, this is a little alchemy experience of the younger generation. You can take it back if you don’t mind."
"Elder Hai, this is a special refining method for the younger generation, but it is a fragmentary piece. You can also take it back and ponder it."
"Bamboo elders …"
"Elder Wang …"
Fu Shuang-neon’s paper-covered pages were handed to the elders, who asked them to swallow the words that were about to blurt out abruptly.
Elder Wu swept his eyes, and the rice paper suddenly became heavy with shortness of breath.
He swallowed saliva and looked at Fu Shuang-neon. "Female doll, you can tell your elder Wu what happened to Jiu Tianzong in the future! The old man helped you make things even! "