Zhang Yi sighed and said, "It seems that I have to return to Beijing, too. I can’t always drag on the funeral of Laofeng. With Sun Yuan and Chen Mei’s head, I must be able to comfort Laofeng!"

Zhang Zhenhai aside and said, "President, don’t be too sad. Commander Tan’s death is as heavy as Mount Tai …"
Zhang Yi gave a bleak and lonely way: "You don’t know that Lao Feng was the first person I chose when I first met Cang Lang. We share weal and woe. Now he died young, even if I took the presidency, what’s the point of being the leader of your country?" Where are the brothers together? Ask a tiger if he wants to exchange all his wealth for Lao Feng’s life. "
Cai E smiled bitterly. Why don’t you ask? He witnessed Zhang Yihu’s madness some time ago. It’s like killing a god and killing a Buddha. I heard that even Hu Lei, the teacher of the second division, was severely beaten for a slip of the tongue. This kind of feeling is even that he would not hesitate to let Commander Hu’s life change for Commander Tan’s!
Cai E whispered, "President, we all know that you are brothers, but people die like lights, and no one can help us. Now we have moved on. Only when you live better and the country is stronger can we comfort Commander Tan."
Zhang Yi shook his head and cheered up and said, "Well, Zhenhai, it’s urgent for you to make an order quickly. We can’t delay for a moment!"
Soon all the Chinese revolutionary armies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Hubei took action.
It is not a short distance to get to Zhejiang from Hubei. What’s worse, there is no developed railway here that can transport an army of cars with an insufficient number.
First, the first cavalry division marched all the way to the sea, took a troop ship and rushed straight to Linqing to land in North Korea uu to see (hp//) see (//UHU
Then Zhang Yihu led the seventh division of Xu Shuzheng, Liu Zeyu, and the sixth division, after three days and three nights of urgent marching, rushed all the way to the sea, and then boarded a troop ship to Taiwan Province and left for Taiwan Province.
Finally, the first division, the army, is going to Jinzhou to help.
All military deployments have been completed.
Compared with his battlefield now, Zhang Xiaohuai needs to complete the reorganization of the seventh regiment and then put several provinces in South China in his pocket like autumn wind. This is easy for Zhang Xiaohuai, but it is not as hard as reorganizing the seventh regiment.
Zhang Xiaohuai has always been a champion of the strategy of elite soldiers. After strict selection by Zhang Xiaohuai, all the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled were demobilized on the spot, but only more than 20,000 people completely eliminated one-third!
But it’s enough for forty thousand troops to eat several provinces in South China, which is a piece of cake for Zhang Xiaohuai!
Chapter one thousand one hundred Command meeting ride
The Republic of China urgently deployed a war against Japan, and the country is also in a tense atmosphere.
The emperor of the Japanese army visited the military headquarters to call an emergency meeting. The Chinese revolutionary army completely defeated Sun Yuan, the army of Sun Yat-sen and Yuan Shikai, and the news that Sun Yat-sen was arrested and punished has arrived. Now it is impossible for the Japanese monarch and his subjects to get nervous.
Everyone knows that once Sun Yuan’s main force is annihilated, Zhang Yi will definitely immediately March north into the three northeastern provinces to fight to the death with Japan!
How many troops will Zhang Yi send back from South China? Which of the Chinese famous soldiers will preside over the war ahead? Or did Zhang Yi personally go out to fight the Japanese decisive battle?
Now it is unknown!
Emperor Zhi, look at all the imperial ministers around him. There are also some anxieties in my heart. The pressure is too great!
Emperor Shen asked, "What should I do? Let’s talk about how we are going to deal with the situation? "
Now that the battle base in China has been settled, Zhang Yi has nothing to worry about anymore. Just relying on the local officials in several southern provinces to form any threat to Zhang Yi, even if Zhang Yi placed two divisions in the south, the southeast and southwest provinces would not dare to make a move. No one dared to stroke Zhang Yihu when the Japanese army was under siege. Who dared to launch a war at this time?
Yamagata Aritomo Ito Bowen and Shan Bingwei looked at each other. Here, their three bases are the most important people. The most important words must be from them.
Yamagata Aritomo sink a way: "Now that China and Japan have become a fire and water, there is no room for manoeuvre. We also have to fight with all our strength. Zhang Yi has at least four divisions, and at least one or two divisions in the northwest and southeast Mongolian Plateau will also be held back. Even Zhang Yi still maintains a balance of power in Taiwan Province, but even if he throws his strength at the country, we still have some military advantages. My opinion is that it is a historical law to transfer the national army into Korea and the Republic of China to fight to the death and win or lose. This is a gamble!"
Ito Bowen replied, "If we are still slightly superior in strength, Shanxian Jun, have you ever thought that once we dispatch ten divisions and add three divisions in Taiwan Province and three divisions in Java, we will be completely robbed? What should we do without an army stationed?"
Shan Bingwei replied, "The Prime Minister’s Cabinet is not a big problem. Who will attack our soil? All countries in Britain, the United States and France are friends with us, and the empire is small, so there is nothing for them to covet. Even if we gamble with our country, there will be no big problem! "
Ito Bowen replied, "What about the army? Zhang Yi mobilized ten divisions, and we have to dispatch at least twelve divisions to win. Twelve divisions are 200,000 troops. Where can we have so many supported 200,000 troops for a long-term war? We are not dealing with a corrupt government, but with the Republic of China! That Chinese tiger will fight with us even if it is selling iron. What shall we do? "
Cure the emperor’s heart with a wry smile. Now the empire has been selling iron, and the war ahead has been losing. The thirteenth division has been hit hard, and the sixteenth division has been hit hard. The third division has almost been wiped out, and even the head of the division has been killed by others. In the battlefield of Taiwan Province, the Japanese army has lost three divisions of troops, where did it get? The Japanese casualties have exceeded 10,000! There are countless weapons and ammunition lost!
If we continue to fight like this, the government will run out of money in a month and a half. Just now, Britain and France also gave some aid loans. Now the situation is not good. The military assistance of the two countries has been completely cut off, and the military loans have been repeatedly delayed. What’s the point of fighting without money?
Yamagata Aritomo urgent way "ITO pavilion that in your opinion, we just stop fighting? Even if we want to stop fighting, we have to agree with the Chinese tiger. Once we take the initiative to make peace, won’t the Chinese tiger bite us hard and move our knives? "
Ito Bowen shook his head painfully, and now it is a dead knot. Japan is different from the Republic of China. At least after seven years of development, the Republic of China has established a complete military industry. Advanced rifles, heavy machine guns, artillery, warships, planes, shells and bombs can all be produced by themselves, and the steel, coal and oil they produce are absolutely enough to support their war. But is it ok? In addition to some warships and firearms, Japanese military heavy industry is still far from the Republic of China!
The most terrible thing is that they don’t have enough resources. Java has just returned them, which is not enough to support the current war. All arms need to be bought from western powers. Where can we get the money? Once there is no money, you can’t let imperial soldiers fight the Chinese revolutionary army with machetes, can you?
Emperor Zhi asked Yamagata Aritomo, "How long will our country’s arms be enough to support our battle now?"
Yamagata Aritomo squinted, "We are afraid that the imperial arsenal can support us for a month and a half, but this is a positive estimate. With the deepening of the war, our arms consumption will go up in a straight line. It’s really hard to estimate how long it will take. It’s good to say that I can produce guns and shells myself, but advanced artillery shells can’t. We need to import them. Now we will consume less …"
How to treat the emperor with a complete headache? How can I fight this?
Terboven said, "It seems that we still have to negotiate with the British Empire. In the war, they jumped up. They wanted to give up, no matter whether it was possible or not. In the end, if they still delayed our loan, they would burn their bridges and bring Britain in. Just say that after the war, they are behind the scenes. If it is a big deal, everyone will have a larger foe!"
Yamagata Aritomo cried, "It’s reasonable to say to Ito Pavilion that they gave up now when they bewitched us to invade China, no matter where they have such a good thing." After playing, everyone will play together! "
Emperor Zhi nu way: "Confused people, the British Empire has the largest colony in the world, even if the Chinese Republic of China turned against them, what loss can it have for them?" On the contrary, it makes it possible for us to die once the British Empire supports the military threat of the Republic of China! "
Chapter one thousand one hundred and nine Li Jian Shangwen letter
Yamagata Aritomo’s face turned red, which is really thoughtless.
Emperor Zhi said to Ito Bowen, "Ito Jun, do you think if you go to English in person, are you sure to persuade the British Empire to continue lending us money?"
Ito Bowen has studied in Germany and the United States for many years and has a wide network of contacts. If Ito Bowen can’t get it, it’s no use giving it to others in the western countries.
Ito Bowen sighed and said, "I’ll try my best. I think it’s impossible to talk too much. If it’s only a few million pounds, there’s still hope."
Governance nodded millions of pounds, that’s 42 million pounds of silver, which is not a small sum, enough for the empire to support for a long time.
Emperor Zhi asked, "In that case, let’s gamble on the coming war. What are you going to do?"
Shan Bingwei replied, "The three northeastern provinces have become the most important foundation of the Republic of China. If we attack by force, the Chinese tiger will definitely fight to the death. In the end, let’s give up attacking the three northeastern provinces. Taiwan Province wants us to take Taiwan Province to protect our overseas land routes. This is our greatest victory in the three northeastern provinces. Honestly, I don’t think that we have the strength to eat the three northeastern provinces. Now it seems that it is very reasonable to see the analysis!"
Cure the emperor’s mind with a shock and his eyes staring at the mountain soldier who made him feel very uncomfortable.
Ito Hirofumi sighed and immediately saw that Shangwen had already entered, but he couldn’t let Yuji have any more opinions about the mountain.
Ito Bowen said before, "It is certain that the South China War of the Republic of China contained our invasion of Northeast China, but now that the China War has ended, it is indeed a bit risky to invade Northeast China. It is simple to say that once we are defeated, we will really fall into perdition. Now we are afraid that we can’t recklessly fight with the Chinese tiger."