Because they had a great king Ryan who accompanied them until the end.

They have a great commander Anduin who always encourages them and leads them.
They also have a great hero Duke who has the unpredictable ability of ghosts and gods and creates one miracle after another.
Tonight, all the sufferings have come to an end temporarily. They firmly believe that they will eventually lead these heroes to win the war against the orcs!
"Marcus pavilion! Thank you! "
"You are our benefactor, and we hope-"
"Thank you, I can finally live to see my wife and children."
As Stormwind disappeared far away, the soldiers on the horizon shouted for the rest of their lives. The farther away from Stormwind, the more radical it became.
If Gangyin is still a trickle of spring water in the mountains and forests, it has turned into a passionate and surging wave in the end, just like a hurricane.
Duke, Ryan, Anduin and Bolvar stood side by side at the front end of the ice boat. At this moment, he really realized what a mountain call tsunami was. When 50 thousand people crowded together, they kept cheering and saluting you with their swords. This shocking scene was definitely unforgettable for a long time!
It’s not a parade, it’s not a show, it’s a sincere thanks
King Ryan smiled. "Duke built himself a high platform for the soldiers to see you."
Duke’s a little embarrassed. Isn’t this the wife’s show?
"Positions this …"
Ryan smiled and patted the big block of ice that froze the black hand’s head and then looked at the huge tribal banner. "I have these two things, which is enough. Besides, I never expect the real hero to be above me. You see, the military never looks at me first."
Ryan is bigger than Kuoda.
Anduin also encouraged Duke, "Young Ryan is going to make you a hard worker. If you don’t collect some interest first, you will be miserable for a long time."
Boval also nodded to Duke with a smile.
Duke hesitated again, and a huge ice prism held Duke straight up.
When I saw Duke wearing a robe, the huge waves rose into the sky, and suddenly the dark clouds dispersed. The quiet moonlight splashed on the ice, and there was a soft light. It seemed that the moon had heard the cheers and sneaked out to have a look!
"Long live Duke Marcus-"
"Long live the Great Storm Guardian-"
It is no exaggeration to say that Duke’s blood is boiling at this moment!
Suddenly I feel that I’ve been busy for so long and I’ve been working hard for so long, and it’s all worth it.
At this time, the unified display sounded.
"Congratulations to your host, Storm Kingdom, who looks forward to permanent and constant worship. Even after you quit the light storm, the people will still believe you. In that case, your chastity will be regarded as a’ hypocritical’ state."
Hypocrisy? What the hell is this?
Duke didn’t think much. He accepted three waves of cheers from the soldiers and came.
At this time, Anduin asked, "What shall we do? You fisherman just pulled us to Nanhai Town? "
Duke laughed. "How can it be difficult to maintain this big ice ship and deep sea waves will be a problem? Now it is summer and high temperature can easily melt ice."
Boval looks a little pale. "Hell, we have almost no food and fresh water ice. Isn’t it …"
Bolvar has thought of a tragic picture of a group of people wearing armor sinking straight into the sea.
Duke took out a simple chart and pointed to Stormwind’s "our destination here" to an island.
The next morning, the ice ship arrived at its destination, which is a small island with five square kilometers. The biggest feature is that it has a fresh water spring that travels between Storm City and Kurras all the year round. It is well known that the famous island will stop here to replenish water when drinking water is in a hurry.
Now here, bread enough for 50,000 people to eat for half a month is prepared early.
With their feet on the land, the soldiers once again burst into blazing cheers.
Duke shrugged. "Well, the next step is to wait for the fleet to send us to Nanhai Town."
Several trees form the shade of the Storm Kingdom, and a group of high-level officials discuss the policy after the Kingdom.
"I’m going to take a trip to Lordaeron. I’m going to unite all the dwarves and high elves in the human kingdom to form a huge alliance to fight against the orc invasion." Ryan told his mind for a long time
Lordaeron is located in the northeast of eastern kingdoms, which is the proudest home of Lordaeron Kingdom. At this time, Lordaeron Kingdom is the most powerful and rich of the seven kingdoms of mankind. Lordaeron has the widest fields and raises the largest population in the seven kingdoms.
In those days, there was a saying,’ I would rather be a baron in Lordaeron than an earl in Riptide Castle’, which well reflected the richness of the land.
"Then I will stay in Nanhai Town for training?" Anduin said
"No, you go to Lordaeron with your pursuers." Duke vetoed the Losa proposal to be continued.
Chapter 196 Brilliant heart (a monthly ticket)
"What?" Lothar is puzzled. It seems that the highest military commander of his kingdom should be with his soldiers
"The seven kingdoms need a reason for unification." Duke’s answer made everyone suddenly realize.
Yes, the Arazo Empire.
At present, these are the best reasons to unite. There is no deep hatred in the seven human kingdoms. It was unkind to abandon Soladin the Great’s heir at the beginning, but after all, there was no weapon to meet each other
The Thoradin heir status of Soloza is very important.
"I …" This kind of sensitive question Anduin is also difficult to do.
"It doesn’t matter. After all, your ancestors gave the throne to my ancestors. It seems to outsiders that there is a suspicion of usurpation. However, human beings are in the whole world of Azeroth. This section is nothing. Training can be handed over to Bolvar."
Anduin just a thought nodded.
In the final analysis, Ryan, Anduin and Bolvar are all aurora upright people, but they play their part when they are not restricted by those annoying aristocratic forces.
"Boval’s training, my queen and Varian will be left to you." Ryan’s hands are few capable people, and some nobles who were in high positions have either become demons in the sea or been slaughtered by demons conveniently.
This is almost equivalent to the position of Minister of the Assistant Minister is absolutely high, middle and high.
"Do as you wish," Boval bowed deeply.
Ryan turned to Duke. He took a deep breath. As soon as he raised his hand, a waiter handed a spoonful of melted wax, and another waiter handed a document to pour the wax.
Then Ryan took out the seal of the Wangs from his arms and heavily printed wax.
This is …
Duke took a glance, and he caught a glimpse of his name.
King Ryan turned his head and smiled at Duke. "Duke Marcus, please kneel down."
Well, the boss sent a check, so kneel down.
"Duke Marcus thanked you for your great achievements and commended you for your loyalty, courage and wisdom. Now, Duke Karazan of Storm Kingdom is allowed to have twice as many private soldiers as a normal duke. Your fief includes some fiefs from the East Valley logging field in the north to the headwind trail in Karazan west to the east of Mistmanto Manor to the triangle intersection. I also know that many places are located in the occupied areas captured by orcs, but I believe that one day our storm kingdom will get back this beautiful and rich land."
It’s over. Who knows it’s not over?
"Seal your commander-in-chief of the Storm Kingdom Navy to lead all naval vessels and allow you to recruit no more than one-fifth of the total naval force into the naval establishment."
Duke Huo Ran moves the storm kingdom, and the nobles and private soldiers of all classes have strict restrictions. The duke must not exceed 5,000, which is twice as many as 10,000. This is a legal force that can be put on the table.
And fiefs … No one knows better than Duke that the powerful’ history’ of Storm Kingdom was later because of his human kingdom’s collapse and decline. Storm City, the biggest benchmark for human beings, absorbed a large number of northern refugees. Storm City’s violent soldiers were more exaggerated than the natural disasters later.