Xin Qiji walked over and ate delicious stewed mutton and roasted mutton. He felt full of flavor and didn’t taste as expected. After eating a lot, he felt warm and comfortable, and he felt inexhaustible.

It seems that life on the grassland is not so bad, and the leaders of these grassland tribes are not as poor as they thought.
They still have a lot of oil and water.
Chapter 76 I’m back
After eating mutton, Xin Qiji praised Wang Gubu mutton and their loyalty to the emperor.
Then it is to inquire about the specific situation of grassland.
For example, Xin Qiji is very interested in the feud and hatred of the tribes in the grassland.
Wuge didn’t think much about it. He thought that the more Xin Qiji knew, the better it would be for him. But it is not necessarily that he can get more benefits from Dachao after winning more sympathy points.
So he said.
Tell me everything you know.
For example, the fierce department and the begging department hate each other.
For example, the department of Kelie, the department of begging for beauty and the department of Tata’s resentment.
For example, Tata’s department used the power of Xu Jin Guo to dominate the eastern grassland and bully the past.
For example, the Ministry of Begging for Yan and the Ministry of Begging for Mier have a grudge.
Then I talked about Wang Gubu and their grievances.
"My Kelie Department and Yan Begging Department are very different in appearance and living customs, so it is hard to say that they will go together. They reject us and we don’t welcome them. Finally, they came here and were taken in by the Emperor of the Central Plains and volunteered to guard the border."
Wu Ge said a lot and finally said everything he wanted to say, which also gave Xin Qiji a preliminary understanding of the grievances of the tribes in the grassland.
It has to be said that although the Jin people have no military achievements in the grassland, they are still quite skilled in making dung-stirring sticks. There are many contradictions among the tribes in the grassland, and the Jin people’s stirring has been "carried forward"
Every tribe has a little contradiction with other tribes, big or small, so there is no contradiction between the two tribes.
After returning to Jingzhou, Xin Qiji wrote all the information he learned and made some arrangements, and then asked someone to bring it back to Zhongdu and give it to Su Yonglin.
This is very valuable information, which will help Su Yonglin understand the grassland tribes and find ways to target them, benefit them and control them.
He believes that Su Yonglin has this ability.
At the end of September, Su Yong arrived in Jingzhou with 40,000 cavalry troops, and was included in the organizational system of the Northern Expeditionary Army. So 50,000 cavalry troops and sufficient supplies were in place to distribute to soldiers for final war inspection.
Dried meat, cheese, pancakes and so on, food steel knives, crossbows, arrows and other ordnance, and a series of military logistics materials were finally counted.
Although the main mode of this war is grassland, there are some necessary logistics materials that need to be transported and borne by logistics forces
In this case, 20 thousand auxiliary soldiers were mobilized to participate in logistics transportation, but there was no mobilization of civilian workers, which really saved a lot of money for Dachao
Wait until the fifth day of October, when the war order of Emperor Su Yonglin was sent to Jingzhou, Han Jingxuan ordered Jingzhou to hold a swearing-in meeting, and then immediately sent troops.
The mighty cavalry brigade officially went to the northern expedition.
In the first stage, the goal is to arrive at the Wanggubu station and meet the Wanggubu 5,000 cavalry to arrange their own guides, and then the real enemy and battle will take place.
The main force of the army arrived at the headquarters of Wanggubu in early October, where it was warmly welcomed by the herdsmen of Wuge and Wanggubu.
Looking at the mighty cavalry, they took out meat, milk and koumiss to entertain the soldiers, let them have a good meal in protein, and took out the pancakes they carried with them to satisfy their hunger, which fully supplemented protein and carbohydrates and accumulated enough energy.
After the banquet, the main leaders of Han Jingxuan, Xin Qiji, Zhang Qiao Nian and other armies held a military meeting with Wu Ge, and put Wu Ge’s cavalry into the main corps to make them obey the command of the General Command of the Great Northern Expeditionary Army.
Wuge’s ultimate significance for this battle is not 5,000 ancient cavalry, but he has contributed an important guide and the location of the main herdsmen’s residence in Kelie Department and Qiyan Department.
With a guide and a definite position, it will be convenient for large troops to go straight to their lair and not give them a breather, so that they will not miss their fighters because they get lost and can’t find the enemy.
The whole war plan was given to Tatar people by the Begging Yan Department to deal with the more powerful Kelie Department.
Because of the Uighur army, it is also known to the Kelie Department, where they live, and how many people they have fighting strength, etc.
Xin Qiji believes that it is still difficult for grassland tribes to move herders away from their original places of residence to safer places in a short time. Although they are nomadic tribes, it takes a long time to plan the migration, not to say to leave.
If you want to attack their settlement, you must touch their main cavalry. Even if they want to escape, they need it. If the big army moves fast enough, they can escape when they don’t have enough.
Then there is an inevitable decisive battle. After a decisive battle, Ji can decide whether Kelie Department will continue or disappear.
Xin Qiji guessed that there was generally no problem. He insisted that there was something to say.
Kelie Department and Qiuyan Department have no intention to escape at all. They have no escape option.
They are going to be positive.
Because it seems to them that the grassland is their home, they should be thankful that they don’t take the initiative. How can they have the courage and strength to attack their lair directly?
Grassland tribes can form this kind of cognition, but they really can’t be blamed.
Because the former ruler of the Central Plains, Jin Guoren, did not perform very well in the grassland war, many crusades did not have any results, so it was too soon to say that both the leader and Tuoli had led their people to plunder the Jin Guoren in the south many times, and they were also tired of coping with it.
It’s not that the Jin people didn’t launch a large-scale grassland war, but they didn’t achieve anything, and they didn’t gain much except showing the strength of great powers
There is a general view among grassland people that the Central Plains Dynasty was large and strong, but it was not completely destroyed and their strength was recruited.
The speed is too slow, there are not enough cavalry to compete with grassland cavalry, and often large-scale crusades have no corresponding results
I prefer economic restraint to military confrontation with the Central Plains Dynasty.
Therefore, the grassland people who advocate bloody fighting and decisive battle have less respect for Xu Jin Guo.
They don’t understand the difference between Han people and jurchen because they haven’t dealt directly with Han government for a long time.
Once, hundreds of years have passed in the Tang Dynasty.
It’s been a long time, and they have forgotten that some powerful empires once rubbed them on the ground and made their ancestors cry and call Dad.
What should we do?
It’s really great for the Great Song of Iron Blood and the princes of Yan Hong’s family. Su Yonglin wants a war of his own to tell the grassland tribe that I’m back.
Fear once rooted in their DNA made them sing unforgettable songs. Grandpa is back.
As far as I know, Kelie Department and Begging for Yan Department feel that they have been very polite.
It was because the empire quickly destroyed the Xu Jin Guo Institute that they judged that China was stronger than Xu Jin Guo, so they were afraid to rush south for two years.
However, they are in great need of materials produced in the Central Plains, silk, iron pots, tea and all kinds of high-end luxury products to satisfy their desires.
However, they are afraid of China, fearing that it may not be appropriate to attack it directly because it is very strong.
So they lacked materials to a certain extent, and the situation did not directly invade the border of the country. Instead, they chose to attack Wang Gubu after hearing that the emperor had canonized it.
So plundering materials can also test the attitude of the empire towards them.
If the attitude of the empire is the same as that of Xu Jin, they can rest assured that they can plunder the south boldly and start a happy life.
This means that the empire is nothing, just like Xu Jin Guo.
If the empire chooses military countermeasures-what else can it do if it fights?
Just try this empire to see how strong they can destroy Xu Jin Guo, and then determine the attitude and method to treat the Central Plains.
Chapter 761 I want you to be the most beautiful and happiest woman in this grassland.
Because the empire chose two kinds of things, Ke Lie and Qi Yan didn’t feel surprised when they knew that the empire chose military countermeasures and instigated Wang Gu and Tata to attack together, but they felt normal.
It’s not surprising that Wang Gubu held Xu Guo’s thigh before he was completely a dog’s leg, but now he held the thigh instead.
In Tata’s son’s department, this group of king’s eggs is very strong, and it is especially difficult to harass Xu Guo before taking Xu Guo’s money, but now it is bullying the weak grassland and bullying the bastard with the money.
Whether it’s the dog legs of Wang Gubu or the king eggs of Tata’s department, they are all grassland cancers and must be eliminated!
This is the idea of Ke Lie and Yan Yan.
But should I say it or not? It’s not all about money. Su Yonglin didn’t give them money. The main reason is that the hatred between the two sides is too deep, and each wants to kill the other.
The Tata sons’ department was riveted with all its strength to tidy up and beg for help, and there was little need to send reinforcements-Su Yonglin also planned to let Wei Kexian send out to help a Tata sons’ department.
However, Tata has gone out of its way to show their strength and let the big countries know that Tata’s great strength shows that they can independently undertake the responsibility of attacking all the way.