Such a scene is terrible. Hundreds of innate creatures are either rolling in flames or whistling in the evil wind, and a number of chaotic gases are generated, which is like extinction.

A mountain was smashed on the spot, and a big hand grabbed it to cover the sun. I don’t know how many monks grabbed it and stuffed it directly into their mouths and swallowed it.
"Ha ha ha ha ….."
This group of monsters laughed wildly, so that they all collapsed and smelled like smoke.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and one Black kill sword
A group of horrible creatures came straight in, and it didn’t make any sense to roar past them. The evil wind rolled and the flames opened their mouths, and the whole cave boomed and rushed at their mouths.
This number of monks suddenly screamed in horror, and their bodies were out of control, like scraps of paper, and they rushed toward the monster’s mouth.
"Don’t I don’t want to be eaten! Help! "
"The emperor is quick to help!"
"Where is the patriarch?"
These people wailed loudly.
But the roots were not absorbed by these monsters, and they rushed into their mouths and were swallowed up in one gulp. They were tens of thousands of feet tall, and a group of monsters swarmed by, rumbling and frightening. The monks here were like ants!
It’s all fragile and fragile!
Suddenly, a monster descended from the sky, and a huge golden animal bone was smashed with one blow, and a huge animal bone in a secret realm was swept and blasted, and the monk who didn’t know it inside was shocked to pieces.
"Ha ha ha!"
The monster laughed and smashed this secret land, then swallowed it directly, turning this secret land into light and blood fog, swallowing all the magic weapons, gravel and energy madness into the mouth.
It seems that he didn’t eat it. No!
In his direction, another monster smashed islands and flattened ancient temples, and nothing could stop them from rushing past, and everything was shattered.
Some monsters just gush and burn, and the flames are swept away in the side fire, and the flames are terrible. I don’t know how many mountains are melting in front of the fire, and the monks scream bitterly.
"The great emperor?"
"Help, Great Emperor!"
"It won’t be like this!"
"Great Emperor, don’t you come to save us!"
Several people roared hysterically.
The sky is full of streamers, fleeing crazily, and even the heads of families are frightened, and they are burning all the way to the distance with Dibao.
Several elders are in chaos and fleeing crazily, so many monsters nullify the defense, and there is no demon race. The sanctuary has been razed, and they can’t resist it even more.
"Run! Run!"
"Boys and girls, we’ve robbed the door since then, and we’re all going to flee!"
Many elders roared wildly.
More than ten thick animal bones swept through the virtual explosion, crushing and wrapping with devastating breath. I don’t know how many people smashed those elders’ screams and turned into pieces of blood fog.
Then more than a dozen monsters sucked at the blood fog and exploded, and the whole emptiness was swallowed by them and rushed at their mouths.
It’s a mess here. It’s bloody!
The whole emperor’s family is doomed in an instant!
Being washed away by this group of monsters, the big holy land was instantly divided into broken walls flames, and the evil wind roared and the monks almost died in the blink of an eye.
The ability of innate creatures to bring disaster to the earth is simply terrible and unpredictable. It was not boasted that the world was overrun long ago, so no power can withstand it.
A mountain range away
Xiao Yu’s long hair fluttered and stood with his hands down, staring at all faces with a cold smile and saying to himself, "I’m sorry for Xiao’s narrow-mindedness. If you have a grudge, you must blame your emperor. If he doesn’t bother me, Xiao will not kill Gu indiscriminately!"
On that day, he was hunted down by the emperors of heaven, and many innate creatures suffered terrible trauma in front of him. If they hadn’t risked their lives to break into the ruins of the fairy court, they might have been caught in the net!
Even if you enter the ruins of the ancient fairy court, Xiao Yu is a narrow escape!
Moreover, those immortals tried to kill them all and broke into the ruins of the fairy court to find him. How can he not retaliate?
If you can’t kill those immortals, take their grandchildren to trap to feel avenged!
Destroy as much as you can! It will be interesting to see how those immortals feel when they come out!
Suddenly, a horrible and unpredictable dangerous breath locked his body and Xiao Yu couldn’t help but turn around and look upside down.
A dark black sword-killing light spewed and circulated, and the horror was unpredictable. It was full of dark red blood and paddled directly towards his neck.
A harsh light burst out of Xiao Yu’s neck, and a few fine golden scales appeared instantly. Tough than this black sword, the screeching sound was just missed, and his fine scales didn’t even show blood.
Xiao Yu eyes a cold shot than terrible light, a big hand golden light burning suddenly toward the front virtual hard press.
He didn’t know how powerful this force was, just like pushing an ancient universe and directly hitting the past. A golden light spewed out of Fiona Fang, and thousands of miles of virtual space directly shattered and turned into an energy turbulence, and the chaotic breath roared completely into a mess.
The blood in this broken virtual explosion splashed with a muffled sound, and the residual limbs danced everywhere.
When these residual limbs and broken bodies are merged together again, an old man with long gray hair is armed with a black sword and covered in blood and horror. Looking at Xiao Yu is like watching the most horrible monster.
"You … that’s impossible!"
He hissed with horror and turned to leave.
This sword was once stained with emperor’s blood, but his ancestors’ xianjian had conspired against the immortal emperor’s death with one blow, but it was not an emperor’s weapon, but it was better than an emperor’s weapon. It was horrible and unpredictable, and the average person could not stand the murderous look alone, and it would be broken by the blood fog.
But at the moment, I didn’t even cut this Xiao Yu skin!
How is that possible!
Is blood really so terrible?
See the old man turned and fled Xiao Yu face cold body rushed into a piece of terror golden moment.
This is an explosion of pure broken flesh strength, and there is no skill to rush over and get to the extreme, which makes people have no reaction!
The old man gave a cry of pain, and his body was shattered on the spot and rushed by Xiao Yu, passing through the whole body and breaking into blood fog.
A yuan god squeals and screams and tries his best to escape to the distance than panic.
Xiao Yu went up into the sky and grabbed a golden light with a big hand and grabbed it directly at his Yuan God.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and two Wan Jiemen out
Xiao Yu’s speed is faster than imagination, and the whole body burns with golden light, so that the old man didn’t hum a word, and he didn’t react. He was directly smashed into pieces, leaving Yuan Shen to rise to the sky in horror.
But then Xiao Yu’s body had rushed straight at him, and if the golden light was rushing towards him, he would go crazy.
"Kill the Emperor’s Sword!"
The old man Yuan Shen roared.