Slowly, Xiang Ye’s consciousness has been blurred. I don’t know what kind of monster the magic ape is, but it can escape the attack of his own magic soul and divine light. In the original time, I never worried that I could help myself solve the problem by swallowing the soul of the beast. It is difficult to think of swallowing the beast this time.

Because at this time, the magic ape demon soul can actually avoid the magic soul shekinah. Although it can be seen from the reaction of the magic ape demon soul, it is also quite afraid of the magic soul shekinah, but the magic soul shekinah just has no way to contact the magic ape demon soul.
Although Xiang Ye also knows this, there is no way for him to be in a hurry.
"Ha-ha, I didn’t expect that I still found a baby this time. I thought you were just a talented person. I didn’t expect that there was a soul of the beast swallowing day in your body, so that I would get your’ meat’ body and successfully have the soul of the beast swallowing day. Haha," the magic ape said happily at this moment.
At this moment, Ye Xiangyuan had some heart like dying embers. Suddenly, there has been no movement in the abdomen. The source force suddenly broke out. In an instant, a large number of source forces have poured out to block the magic ape demon soul layer by layer. At last, the source force inside the source force has teamed up with the magic soul shekinah in the soul body to directly scare the magic ape demon soul.
"How is it possible … how can there be two souls wrong? Impossible …"
Xiang Ye at this time is also an imposing manner to shake up and watch his physical condition closely. Slowly, the demon ape demon soul has been’ forced’ into a corner and it is no longer difficult to escape.
Finally, accompanied by a moan, the demon ape demon soul has been hit by the magic soul divine light and dissipated in Ye Xiangti as if it had never appeared.
Dissipate the soul force at this time was absorbed by both the soul body and the source force. At this time, Xiang Ye was already excited. Instead of being successful, he gained a lot of benefits for no reason
"Drink …"
Xiang Ye drink a has been up from the ground a wave of earth source force’ move at this moment and then produced up after Xiang Ye glanced around, he found that in his scattered body after the ape demon soul around this piece is also slowly become shallow, is no longer a dark appearance.
Finally, this piece has slowly dissipated, just like the surrounding snow-white ice field, without a trace of black gas left.
At this moment, the ice unicorn woke up faintly, but there was still a flash of black mans frozen white in his eyes. At this moment, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, but because he was too concerned about himself, he didn’t find this black mans old man and ice Wanshan, and he didn’t find such a detail.
"Well, it seems that this foreign monk has not weak strength, but he can resist the magic ape with three claws." The old man finally breathed a sigh of relief when he looked at Ye Xiangti without magic ape breath.
"Ye Xiong, are you okay? I’m so worried about you. Now I’m relieved to see that you’re okay." Bing Mei had already rushed over at this moment.
At this time, the white face’ color’ of the ice peak has been ugly immediately, and my own son has just got out of danger. Bing Mei not only has no heart for himself, but it is too hard to give his family face when he runs towards this foreign monk.
"Thank you, little friend. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid we haven’t solved this magic ape so easily." Wan Shan looked at Bing Feng Bai with bad eyes and looked at her’ female’ son. She immediately said.
"Yes, this little friend’s strength is good. It’s really envy us old guys to get the magic soul divine power." The ice melting elder said at this moment.
Xiang Ye looked at the three super experts in the ice field in front of him, and then looked at his side, worried about his ice plum. Ye Xiang finally slowly said, "Several predecessors, I actually came to the ice field for two purposes. The first is that I want to take the ice plum away, and the second is that I want to get a snow lotus in ten thousand."
Xiang Ye words when you say it, not only three people are shocked, even those friars around the ice area are shocked and look at Xiang Ye as if he had never talked about Xiang Ye.
First of all, it is a very difficult thing to get a snow lotus. I didn’t expect this rampant foreign monk to want to take their princess away from the ice. Is this person really confident or mentally ill?
Sure enough, at this time, the ice peak is already unbearable. "Hum you, who are you? You want to run wild in the ice field. Don’t tell me you are stupid."
Say that finish after the ice peak white directly sends out his own breath and then toward the Xiang Ye suppression to a grade nine monk momentum at this time has been finished in the Ye Xiangshen.
Although Xiang Ye saw the murder from Bing Feng’s supercilious eyes, he was not afraid of God’s "color". Instead, he said, "The matter between me and Bing Mei is not my wishful thinking, but what we do in two of a kind. I don’t think you should stop this. Second, I want to get Snow Lotus for ten thousand years. I can do it without getting what you want."
Ice melting and ice Wanshan didn’t expect to say these words easily in the face of the oppression of Xiang Ye with such great momentum, so it seems that there is absolutely great strength
Two people shine at the same time. For this external force monk, they have actually finished watching. From the battle with the ice unicorn just now or later against the magic ape, not only is the strength superior, but the most important thing is that the mood is also quite good. Because of the white ice peak, the two people can’t show too much love for Xiang Ye.
In fact, over the years, the generation in the ice field is not as good as the generation. Although the talent of the ice unicorn is good, the owner of the ice field is still too weak. They have to look around for some fresh blood to enter the ice field. After all, they know that the ice field will disappear sooner or later if it is closed blindly.
At this time, the ice peak white saw that Xiang Ye could still stand firmly in his own oppression. The expression on his face was ugly and the source force broke out again. Once again, he severely pressed Ye Xiangshen to make a fool of Xiang Ye.
Chapter four hundred and seventeen Treatment
Xiang Ye at this time, although the surface is there, there is no situation, but he himself is secretly cursing the old guy Bing Fengbai. It is really shameless for the other party to suppress himself by virtue of its strength.
"Good white don’t be such a big bully out some shame" ice melt at this time towards Xiang Ye took a step and then the shape has a white breath not weaker than the ice peak from his body generate.
With the appearance of this breath, I have been struggling to support Xiang Ye. Finally, I feel a sense of relaxation. It seems that the ice melts. "Without this elder, I must have tried it."
Ice peak white see ice melt at this time has to although the face’ color’ more ugly, but still a little slow for a while no longer deal with Xiang Ye.
At this moment, there has been no movement in the ground. The ice Kirin actually twitched all over and black gas emerged from other bodies.
"What’s wrong with my son?" Bing Fengbai had shouted at this moment, when he had put his source power into the ice unicorn, but at last he shook his head and slowly recovered his source power.
"What happened to Feng Bai? What happened to Kirin? Is it still a trick of three-claw magic apes?" Melting ice then said
After that, he also checked up the ice unicorn. At this time, the situation was "bad. As a result, the situation of Kirin was not good. It was really cunning for this damn magic ape to have such a trick."
"The residual demon spirit of the unicorn has gone deep. Although we can disperse those demon spirits, Kirin will not live in this way," continued the ice melt.
Sure enough, after he had finished this sentence, the surrounding area once again caused the movement of "swinging" ice melting. This sentence has already announced the death penalty of ice Kirin. At this time, there is no way for people to stop thinking about saving ice Kirin.
And at this time, in order to completely eliminate the ice unicorn magic ape, they had to solve him. At this time, the ice peak was as white as the end of the world, and the nine-level monk was like an ordinary mortal father at this moment.
"I don’t know if I can try. It is very likely that I will save him." Xiang Ye said to Bing Fengbai at this moment.
"What can you save my son? If you can save my son, I promise to give you a snow lotus for ten thousand years. But if anything happens to my son, you will be miserable …" Bing Fengbai said at this moment.
After he said this sentence, the face of the surrounding ice melt and ice mountain was a little ugly. They turned to look at the ice peak white with some doubts. Isn’t it deliberately difficult for Xiang Ye to do so? All three of them have no way to solve the ice Kirin injury, and now he wants Ye Xianglai to cure his son.
"Brother Feng Bai, how can you make such a condition? You know how to ask this little friend to make such a decision. Isn’t this to deal with him?" Ice Wanshan can’t stand his’ female’ son’s eyes for help, so he said
"I don’t know what you think when dealing with him, but I don’t know what this foreign monk has a good talent. Do you want to recruit a’ female’ son-in-law? Tell you, if my son has a problem, you don’t want to think that I must let this little boy be buried with him." Bing Fengbai didn’t directly’ Yin’ look at Xiang Ye and said that in his opinion, if it weren’t for Xiang Ye and his son, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen now.
Xiang Ye looked at Bing Wanshan and Bing Fengbai, and said immediately, "Don’t talk about me. Xiang Ye wants to save the ice unicorn. Actually, it’s very simple. I don’t know if it’s true that you just said to send me a snow lotus for ten thousand years?"
It’s not a joke to look at Xiang Ye at this time. Ice Peak White has some sense of hope for himself. He said, "I always said that I don’t want to say a snow lotus for ten thousand years. It would be nice if I asked you, Kirin. I promise I won’t stop all the monks around you."
Xiang Ye finally breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the guarantee of ice peak white. He was waiting for the place. From the two faces of ice melting and ice Wanshan, he could see that they didn’t hate themselves and even appreciated it. At this time, it was necessary to get rid of ice peak white, so everything was easy to say.
At this time, Xiang Ye slowly came to the ice Kirin, who was still braving the black gas. At first glance, he saw the situation of the ice Kirin at this time. It should be that the magic ape has penetrated into his body. Although the three monks can disperse the demon spirit, it is to kill the ice Kirin.