Wang Ao Gherardini looked at me and said, "Comrade Ling Yu, what do you want to say about this? Lose the gun … lose the gun. Look at Pei Xizhen. That guy brought people out. Alas ~ "He looks sorry. I can finally understand that Pei Xizhen doesn’t like him. It’s annoying.

"Why do you say that my die holds the bomb?" I’m not willing to admit my doubts and say, "Give me a reason."
"There are generally two kinds of 92-type pistols: the police and the army. The 92-type police bullet is a 9-hand bullet, while the 92-type army is a 5-hand bullet." Lao Li picked up the shell casing with two fingers and said to me, "As the name suggests, the police are of course equipped with 92-type police pistols, but there is an exception in the police station, that is, your die equipment is straight from the military."
Lao Li said that he was methodical. Recently, I was a little mentally sensitive by the pit and called Lin Muxia to ask Lao Li if it was true or not. She replied the same as Lao Li, and I asked, "How is Boss Pei?"
"People haven’t woken up yet and don’t know." Lin Muxia hung up.
I sigh slightly that Identification Bureau is the emperor of knowledge!
Now die is in a precarious situation, and there are only two men and one woman leading the hospital in a coma, and I have lost my gun. The woman has only been here for half a day.
The whole case was broken by Wang Aodie because he was understaffed. At that time, Pei Xizhen and I had to come clean about all the clues in recent days. How can I be content? I don’t want to say that sentence.
Tang Ran came over and patted me on the shoulder. "Idols should be firm and firm!" The word "strong" is a bit yellow when it is read from his mouth. Then again, I don’t dislike the three groups of major crimes, so it is Tang Ran.
Wang Ao stared his one eye. Tang Ran got into the police car and three groups of people left the crime scene.
This scene made people in Chengxi Branch blindsided and their attitude towards me was cold. At present, this case is still handled by die, but where can the female corpse be transported? A name came to my mind, Lin Muxia, a police flower with diversified functions.
After I finished talking with Lin Muxia, she hesitated and said, but after asking my address, she came over travel-stained. When she appeared with Pei Xizhen’s metal cane in her hand, the police officers in the West Branch looked straight.
"Hum, Ling Yu, you didn’t call me an agent and a forensic doctor enough." Lin Muxia stretched out two fingers and quickly poked her on my chest. She pretended to be very angry. "I want to complain that you have seriously violated the labor law and bullied people with one salary but three jobs."
"Cough, cough!"
I vomited an one mouthful blood was Yang Bin repeatedly hit the chest was Lin Muxia to such a touch and touched the injury.
"What’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me," she panicked. "I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to think that my strength would hurt you like this."
I couldn’t help laughing when I was confused by her, and I realized that Lin Muxia was also stupid. I changed the subject, "Is Pei’s head injury stable?"
"It’s okay," Lin Muxia muttered to herself, carefully fiddling with her fingers. "I never thought I was so powerful."
"Sister Kobayashi came back!" I patted her on the head. "What should I do with this female corpse?"
"transport it back to die."
"Is there a place to put it?" I opened my eyes and looked at her strangely.
"What’s the fuss about? There is a detached bungalow in die’s compound, remember?" Lin Muxia kept saying "that’s the autopsy room" without surprising words.
"Is there a bungalow or a tea room for the riot brigade to rest?" I helped my forehead and said, "I have been here for several days. Why didn’t I know it was an autopsy room?"
"Who do you blame for being stupid?" Lin Muxia urged me in the direction of the roadside. "Leave it to me here. When I came over, I specially asked the taxi driver to wait nearby. Now you go back to the hospital and be in charge of Mr. Pei. Remember to tell me the first time he woke up."
She took out a pair of gloves and masks from her carrying bag and went to the woman’s body.
Tiannan Second Hospital
I found out that Pei Xizhen went into the ward and found his eyes closed and motionless.
"The tables have turned. Don’t you argue with the boss? Yesterday I was lying in a hospital bed, and today it’s your turn. "I sat next to the hospital bed and looked down at his pale face. At this moment, my cell phone rang and hung up when I saw that it was a strange number.
The other party called again, and I thought that maybe someone had something to ask me, so I went to the corridor to answer it. It turned out to be mom. After she was taken away, Yang Yan flushed her mobile phone into the toilet and had to change it again.
"Ayu, where are you?"
"Tiannan Second Hospital" I said.
"Good mother has something to ask you …" Her voice gradually dropped. I quickly asked "What’s the matter with mom?" When the phone called her again, she was in tears. "What did your father do that he didn’t tell me?"
"Mom, I didn’t mean to be afraid that you wouldn’t dare to tell you if you couldn’t accept it for a while." I was uneasy and explained that I couldn’t figure out how Mom knew that Dad had fallen into prison. I was taken to the hospital for a while, and I guess it was revealed when chatting in the path of Chengxi Branch.
"I heard that even your future was implicated," my mother sobbed. "I can’t do it. I’ll give you the company."
"Mom!" I admit I was a little shaken when I heard her say that, but my father is still in there. Can I feel at ease? Thought of here, I firmly said, "I think dad overturned his conviction! Give it to me, mom. You have to believe me. One day I will personally take him out of the prison iron gate. "
Chapter 21 Second Hospital
After talking to my mother, I was in a relaxed mood, and I was worried all day that her father was in prison.
A nurse rushed out of Pei Xizhen’s ward to see her anxious expression, so I took the call. It was only a short time before Pei’s head injury worsened.
I ran to the nurse in three steps and two steps and grabbed her arm. "Hello, this nurse, I’m a patient. What’s going on in my colleague?"
"Sick … patient" The nurse blushed and could not speak.
"What’s the matter with you?"
"You hold my hand first …" She lowered her voice and looked at my hand.
Huh? What did you catch in your soft hand? I looked down at the feeling be nasty hand holding her chest …
"I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to." I compensated with a smiling face and quickly apologized like I was suddenly arrived. "I’m so nervous. I’m sorry."
She moved slowly, five meters away from me, and whispered, "Oh …" When I saw her expression of fear, I almost thought I was a pervert sex maniac. I showed my police identity, and she took a deep breath and patted her chest to calm down. This convinced me that I was not a sex maniac but an accident … Ahem.
I chatted with her for a while. The nurse’s name was Lin Wanwan. She only graduated from the Health School this year before she came to Tiannan No.2 Hospital for internship. I took advantage of her on the first day. Do you think I am lucky or bad … She was sometimes laughed at by my humorous words when I was inexperienced. I felt that there was a bud in my little heart. I chatted happily for nearly ten minutes and exchanged mobile phone numbers. Pei’s first thing made us accidentally leave it behind.
"oh! It’s broken, it’s broken, I’m too involved in talking to you, and I forgot about the patient. "
Lin Wan Wan patted her forehead and exclaimed, "Ling Yu blames you. I am now looking for a report from Dr. Liang." She ran to the stairs with high heels.
I looked at her back and shouted, "What’s wrong with the patient!" Sin sin just chatting is it a matter of valuing sex over friendship?
"He woke up." Lin Wan Wan ran the stairs and disappeared from my sight without looking back.
I touched my nose when I hit the ward door, and it was Pei Xizhen’s eyes that were about to burst into flames. I was guilty and said, "The boss is awake."
"Don’t have long eyes? I have to say this is nonsense, "Pei Xizhen said angrily, tearing off a beard." Does that girl get along with you? "
"no, no"
I smiled awkwardly.
"Yo, yo, what’s your sister’s mobile phone number? Tell me to help you catch it when you meet a bad guy." Pei Xizhen imitated my corridor and asked Lin Wan Wan for her mobile phone number.
Being sarcastic …
"Well … boss, didn’t you have otitis media?" I remembered the scene where he beat Wang Ao in my house, and I was going to fool it over.
"Bring the crutches!" Pei Xizhen hummed neither salty nor light. "Don’t give this to the old man."
I dawdled towards the hospital bed and handed him the metal crutches.
Before I approached Pei Xizhen, I stretched out my hand and pulled the crutch, and it was fast. I hit my head and I wanted to cry and hide.
Holding my head in pain, I groaned and begged for mercy. "Boss, my die is interpersonal now. What if you don’t control your strength and give me a concussion?" I Ling Yu asked myself that I have no extraordinary ability, but there is still a matter of serving tea and pouring water. "
Pei Xizhen waved and said, "Tell me about my coma."