Xia Chaoyang’s eyes immediately looked smiling and charming and said, "I knew my aunt loved me …"

"Bang … click …"
A loud noise startled the two men, and when they turned around, they saw a sea crab about ten feet in size behind them.
Obviously, this sea crab just jumped from nowhere to sneak up on the two men. It was the Japanese golden wheel that was too powerful and directly shocked the big crab pliers on the right.
The most powerful weapon is cracked, and only the left crab pincer shakes twice, but dare not do it again.
Xia Chaoyang, who was interrupted by brother Wen, was very unhappy just before he had enough to eat, so he cast his magical power to condense a ball of fire and throw it out instantly
This mass of real fire is well aimed and poured directly into the tiny mouth of the sea crab.
The true fire sea crab’s belly instantly dispersed the sea crab’s Zheng, and then the shell around it became red.
"Wow ripe ripe …" Zhao-yang xia could not help but shout out.
However, this sea crab also has to vomit bubbles crazily to spit out a lot of true feelings of being away from fire, and quickly escaped from this strange and terrible golden ball by spitting bubbles.
"This sea crab is very powerful. Generally, big crabs can be served if they want to turn red …" Zhao-yang Xia is very sighed.
"Er … I’m a little hungry when I listen to my school sister talk about this senior." The Baiyun Tower will make the Rijinlun platform faster while talking and laughing with my school sister.
As soon as the sea surface was broken, the Baiyun Tower turned into a demon bird and took my sister to fly more than ten miles high in the clouds.
At the same time, hundreds of marine fish and beasts followed, but there was no Baiyun Tower flying high and falling back, and then the original calm sea suddenly had a scuffle.
Stay two people back to the white cloud tower above the tiger demon’s head and say, "Chaoyang, if you are interested, senior brother will accompany you to practice swordsmanship here. For example, the monster beast demon birds here are all dreams, so it’s ok to slay some."
"Good good ….." Zhao-yang xia quickly nodded.
"I haven’t practiced swordsmanship with my senior brother for a long time. Yes, Sister Ziyan and I started that broken mountain swordsmanship, so let’s practice that swordsmanship. It just so happens that the monsters here are so big."
Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven uniting the sword
"It’s also a broken mountain sword … practice this sword with Chaoyang today." Baiyun Tower nodded and said.
Just a thought Baiyun Tower royal real water sword jumped from the tiger demon’s head.
Xia Chaoyang raised his hand to recruit Ruyi Zhu to turn the bamboo sword into a spirit and fell to his brother’s side.
See school sister ready to sail Baiyun Tower to condense an idea, and then point out that Xiao Chaoyang’s eyebrows will break the mountain sword and realize the past.
A moment later, Zhao-yang Xia smiled and opened his eyes. "It’s much easier to practice this sword with a senior brother. Hey hey …"
"Yeah, but don’t copy the real sword. You have to feel it yourself when you are practicing." Baiyun Building woke up.
"School sister knows …" Then Xia Chaoyang flew to the forest in front to practice.
It’s a great relief to see my younger sister seriously practice the basic sword trick, Baiyun Tower nodded slightly. It’s been a while since I saw Xiao Chaoyang, but she acted calmly.
Just a thought to raise my hand to throw the Long Lin sword for half like a nail, and then a series of invisible shock waves spread over dozens of miles in Fiona Fang.
This is just a moment ago when I realized and deduced the magical power of Kendo with my martial sister Zi Yan.
Ziyan deduced the change of reality and reality through the understanding of cloud and mist, but Baiyun Tower realized sword domain through the understanding of sword meaning and kendo.
Qingyun Gate has a description of the sword field and a record of practice. Baiyun Tower has been carefully deduced, but it has not gained much.
But this time, by measuring the light of Ziyan’s younger sister, the small world in this tower has actually introduced this sword domain Tao to understanding.
This entry-level sword domain seems to have a large scope, but its contribution is not great, which can influence sword domain’s rule force as you read it.
In order to make it easy for Xia pool to practice swordsmanship, Baiyun Tower has limited the speed regulation of sword domain. Otherwise, it is estimated that the speed exerted by these demon materials can make Xiao Chaoyang despair.
Sword domain laid out the Baiyun Tower, and the real water sword flickered to the side of the younger sister to practice the two-instrument swordsmanship together.
I don’t know how long they have been practicing, but the more they practice, the more tacit they are. The sword moves tactfully and flexibly, and the firm but gentle waves flow endlessly for a while.
As it happens, Xia Chaoyang realized the meaning of the fourth joint move-the long river of firm but gentle.
Before Xia Chaoyang, I was very envious of my senior brothers and sisters, but I always realized the meaning of the sword. I don’t want to realize the meaning of the sword in this wild little world today.
Cooperate with Xiao Chaoyang to build a long river of firm but gentle Baiyun Tower, and it’s also very happy for school sister to walk around happily with firm but gentle forest like a long river.
Although this long river of firm but gentle doesn’t have the sense of moving forward when Yan Yan put it to use, it has a different kind of fluency.
That road is firm but gentle, but it doesn’t hurt the trees. It is as natural and smooth as running water through rocks and mountains.
Suddenly, a monster beast with a size of nearly ten feet came to the two people at a high speed, but influenced by sword domain, the speed of this monster beast’s swoop was only a few tens of feet at a time.
The two people’s heterogeneous breath finally attracted the leopard demon Baiyun Tower, which had already noticed the trail of this monster beast and exercised the pool’s reaction ability and deliberately didn’t wake up.
Detect that Xia Chaoyang, the monster beast, suddenly rushed, didn’t panic. He directly condensed the long river of firm but gentle and turned it into a sword of tens of feet, and quickly rushed to the front of the leopard demon to cut it off.
Sensing the change of martial sister’s sword meaning, the Baiyun Tower instantly coincides with the trend and takes this sword to slash the fallen leopard.
A leopard flew backwards and left a pool of blood in its place.
Zhao-yang Xia slightly tybalt slain some in hindsight to wake up just that sword, which is a prototype of broken mountain sword, but when I think back again, I don’t seem to remember how I felt just now when I condensed the sword.
Suddenly, after landing, the flying leopard demon convulsed all over and got up again, but the tens of feet long wound healed.
It seems that the pain and numbness make the leopard demon unstable, and the flesh around the wound keeps twitching.
See leopard demon has been hit hard, but it can get up. Zhao-yang Xia got such a fright that he quickly lost his breath and re-cast a firm but gentle river around two people.
At this time, there are several tall animal shadows coming here. Zhao-yang Xia is a little worried, and the broken mountain sword is even more effective.
"Tiger demon …" Baiyun Building could not help but wake up.
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia couldn’t help but get up with a bright eye and command the Tiger Demon.
Immediately with a tiger roar tiger demon should jump out of that a few fall halfway monster beast living stopped shape fled to one side Lin far to wait and see here.
The leopard demon seems to be familiar with the tiger demon. Seeing that the tiger demon protects these two alien creatures, he hesitated for a while and finally turned to leave.
At this time, the tiger demon roared at the leopard demon again, turned around and looked at the tiger demon in some confusion, and then looked at the two different creatures.
"Brother left this leopard just to practice. Xiao Chaoyang is getting smarter now, isn’t it? Hey, hey …" Xia Chaoyang was proud.
It’s the leopard demon across the street, but it looks a little ugly
It’s also because the sword was beheading the head and chest and abdomen just now. Although the wound has healed, it has left a light-colored trace. With this long scar, the leopard demon’s face is really not good.
Leopard demon waved his head and jumped again.
Zhao-yang Xia with a firm but gentle river sword meaning is a condensate of more than half firm but gentle one seems to be integrated, and the result is that he rushes halfway to disperse again.
The leopard demon got a fright, but he couldn’t help but turn around and want to escape by this huge sword-light instantaneous cover body, but he realized that this firm but gentle like a river could not break his own flesh and immediately recovered his courage, turned around and came at the two men again.
Xia Chaoyang, who is next to the elder brother, is very calm. He will cooperate with the elder brother’s sword to condense firm but gentle and cut off the leopard demon.
This time, the firm but gentle spirit has solidified a lot. Although it still can’t break the leopard demon body, it has blocked the leopard demon’s attack potential.
With the firm but gentle to condense again and again, Xia Chaoyang is more and more confident.
However, the leopard demon has become increasingly depressed. Since it was close to these two creatures, it has been good at slowing down a lot, and it has also been overshadowed by the most sword.
I want to stay away from this right and wrong. As a result, I was dragged by the tiger boss to be a sparring partner for this little guy, but I dare not force my claws.
Chapter four hundred and thirty Refined body god tactic
Moreover, the firm but gentle spirit is miraculous, and even if it is seriously injured, it can be quickly recovered. In this short time, the body and face have already lost several scars. If you go like this again, it’s a shame for the monster beast to get mixed up in the mountains.
Lift the claw to block and greet the leopard face. The leopard demon with firm but gentle spirit can resist the whole body acid hemp’ plop’. The grass is torn by firm but gentle and doesn’t want to move any more.
"Ah how this can’t carry? This leopard still has healing powers and wants to learn more from it. "Summer pool was disappointed and muttered.
It was like this. The Baiyun Tower couldn’t help but wake up with a smile at the corner of her mouth. "Chaoyang’s healing avatar is brought by her martial sister’s sword …"
"oh? So it’s wrong about this little leopard. "It’s said that Zhao-yang Xia raised my hand and condensed a evergreen technique into the leopard demon body."
The leopard demon is shaking again, supporting the tired body and trying to stay away from these two horrible creatures.
Suddenly, the leopard demon couldn’t help but turn to look at the creature with Zheng. He felt very kind and wanted to prostrate himself in front of him, and his fear disappeared
Looking at the huge leopard, it’s more clever than looking at the scar on the face. It’s always covered with leopard claws.
"Brother, can this sword mark be removed?" Xia Chaoyang looked at the leopard and looked funny. He asked the master elder brother for help.