In addition, those stones are also engraved with different runes, which makes the whole Colosseum enveloped in the law.

"This Colosseum is quite profound. Don’t say that this law alone consumes a lot of resources and I don’t know which clan supports it." When I got to the Colosseum, even the little demon leopard Molin couldn’t help but send out a sigh of emotion. It was the Colosseum that shocked him too much
You won’t guess this either. Look at the moon symbol.
Although Xu Ren is talking to Mo Lin, a demon with a small heart, his eyes are fixed on a crescent-shaped sign.
"No, you said here is our thousand month fairy industry? This is incredible. Where did they get their inferno? Is it possible that we have colluded with the evil spirits of Qianyue Xianzong? "
The little demon leopard opened his mouth, but in the end he decided to talk to Xu Renxin because he wanted to talk to Xu Ren with too much information.
"I don’t know about that, but since we’re here, we’ll know."
There are also many puzzles in Xu Ren. Of course, he can’t be sure that this Colosseum is the Millennium Immortal Estate.
"If two distinguished guests want to enter the Colosseum, they must each pay 1000 Lingshi."
Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin arrived at the entrance of the Colosseum and were stopped.
"One thousand LingShi? It’s fair. "
Xu Ren said and took out two thousand pieces of Lingshi. Although he was not sure whether it was the business of Qianyue Xianzong, since it was a rule, he still had to abide by it.
"Two VIPs, please"
The gatekeeper of the Colosseum accepted the Lingshi face and immediately filled it with smiles and submitted two special iron cards to Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin.
Xu Ren saw a few words "Jia 137" on one side
The little demon leopard Molin also has a few words "Jia Yi San" in his OEM.
Xu Ren felt that this might be some kind of seat number, and the Colosseum doorman didn’t say anything.
Of course, entering the Colosseum is not about Xu Ren and Molin, the little demon leopard, and his monks also like to watch others beat their brains out.
Xu Ren will release the spirit to find that there is still some suppression of the spirit in the Colosseum.
Of course, that kind of suppression is also effective for ordinary monks, but it has little effect on Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin.
Soon Xu Ren found his seat, and Molin, the little demon leopard, took his seat near Xu Ren, and went with him.
Not long after, Xu Ren found his seat, and the seat of the little demon leopard Molin was next to him.
"I don’t know who is playing with whom."
The little demon leopard is a fighting maniac, and he won’t get tired of fighting and killing him all day.
Ho ho-
Little demon leopard Molin heard a roar as soon as the voice just fell.
"The protagonist of this beast fight is Fan Yijian, who won ten games in a row, and the demon race, Manhai, who won seven games in a row. If you like, you can bet a minimum of 1,000 pieces of lingshi."
With the emergence of a powerful voice in the Colosseum, there are graceful women walking in the Colosseum. Those women are all beautiful, although the women in North Xuanzhou are different, they don’t have a taste
"I bet that demon race Manhai a thousand pieces of lingshi."
Xu Ren smiled and took out one thousand LingShi.
"Then I should have something to do with Fan Yijian since he is a sword."
Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, also took out a thousand Lingshi.
"How do you know that Fan Yijian is a sword?"
Xu Ren some curiously looked at the little demon leopard Molin.
"If he doesn’t have a sword, he should be called Fan Yijian?"
The little demon leopard thinks he’s right. Since it’s called a sword, there must be a sword in his hand.
Xu Rennai shook his head. The name of the person is not based on this. Of course, if it is a fake name or code name, then this guy may be a sword.
After about half a wick of incense, all bets in the Colosseum have been finished, so the battle is over
There was a chain sound in the Colosseum, and then a tall inferno appeared. This inferno has reached the late stage of taxiing, and it looks no different for normal people, but it is particularly strong and muscular.
Since it’s a demon race, it must be the demon race, if you don’t ask.
"It looks good, but it’s hard to say whether you can win Fan Yijian."
Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, doesn’t think much of such a stupid big man as Manhai because he thinks this stupid big man looks clumsy.
"This guy is not simple, and he should be fighting for life and death after several battles."
Xu Ren doesn’t think the little demon leopard Molin is quite the same. He thinks this demon family called Manhai is not weak at all.
Another burst of chains followed by a strong figure came out.
Don’t ask, this human must be Fan Yijian, but this Fan Yijian has a "sword" in his name, but he is a machete.
That machete is thicker, longer and heavier than ordinary ghost Dao.
"This guy is really not a sword. What is Fan Yijian’s name? Isn’t this a pit leopard?"
Little demon leopard Molin almost jumped up directly. I didn’t expect Xu Ren’s speech to become a reality. That Fan Yijian is really not a sword.
"It’s not that my parents can name themselves. If you call a sword, you have to have a sword. Besides, just because he is carrying a knife now doesn’t mean that he can’t have a sword."