One part is that Tam and the sword, skyfire and god will fight.

The two sides fought for one and a half pounds at this time.
No one can endure anyone in the short term.
On the other side, the bow skyfire god and the shield skyfire god will jointly deal with Xiaobai, Xiaoguang and Xiaojian.
When the scene gets serious, the bow skyfire god and the shield skyfire god seem to have suppressed the little white three.
ChengRan small white three attack power is very strong.
But for abandoning all offensive means and defending the shield, Skyfire God will
A few small whites are like a turtle from the mouth.
Root can’t find a breakthrough.
Plus the gun, the skyfire god will learn from the past
Shield skyfire god will dare not have the slightest carelessness.
That kind of horrible black energy makes shield Skyfire God very fearful.
Method to ensure that small white a few will also be this special ability before.
It will never break through its defense easily.
And with a shield, Skyfire will protect it
Vulcan will attack under pressure.
A large number of rockets were fired by it.
Every rocket lost these days is comparable to a heavy missile.
Not only the explosive power is amazing, but also the firepower contained in it is not so easy to solve.
On the one hand, it is the God of Skyfire who defends the amazing shield.
On the one hand, it attacks the amazing bow and fire gods.
On this side of the battlefield, the small white three seem to be completely suppressed.
If there is no big accident, the battle here will eventually be won by the shield skyfire god and the bow skyfire god.
Then the two of them will be able to lend a helping hand to attack Tam on the other side.
Although Tam can compete with the sword, skyfire and God.
But that doesn’t mean it can compete with three skyfire gods at the same time.
Once there is a scene of three fights.
It’s also a matter of time before Tam loses.
Fierce inflammation first glanced at the bow skyfire god and shield skyfire god in battle.
Then he looked in the direction of Liu Yuan.
When it was discovered that Lu Yuan had not thought of action yet,
Fierce inflammation mood has become more heavy.
Actually, this battle seems to be a pet beast battle.
But the actual fierce inflammation and Lu Yuan are also secretly paying each other.
Know each other is a good fighting capacity.
Lu Yuan and Lieyan are like kings in chess.
Wang can’t move easily. Once he moves, he says he wants to fight hard.
On such occasions, the first move means that you can’t bear the pressure first and lose one.
Fierce inflammation is obviously don’t want to lose to Liu Yuan.
So even if he has the strength to turn the tide.
But the situation has not yet appeared major danger.
He would never make a move before Liu Yuan.
And the opposite Liu Yuan obviously has the same idea with him.
Lu Yuan has not shown any signs of action yet.
Just say he has the situation under control.
This makes the fierce inflammation feel a little heavy.
Because no matter how you look at it, it is the latter who has the advantage to fight against the shield skyfire god and the bow skyfire god.
Unless a few small white what powerful card didn’t display.
Otherwise, Liu Yuan’s absolute method is so just hold your horses.
It happened that Fierce Inflammation didn’t know what Xiaobai’s card was.
This situation is out of control, and I haven’t felt it for a long time
Finally, when did I think about Xiaobai’s cards?
A few small white seems to have made a decision.
They look at each other, and then they move quickly towards each other.
Seeing this scene, fierce inflammation seems to be white.
No way. Are these three guys? !
Fierce inflammation consternation eyes small light and small sword directly into a light into all the small white beard left can on the body.
After a while, the huge beard changed.
First, you have to grow three heads and six arms on your left.
Then there were three pairs of six golden wings on the back of the beard.
Not only that, but also weapons have changed a lot in this process.
Six weapons, three black, three purple and three gold.
Looking at Xiao Bai’s three trinity fusion, he was born more and more, and he was suddenly stunned.
Trinity fusion technology, purgatory light, must be left!
This perfect combination of holiness and sin can suddenly change the environment in the venue.
The dazzling light covers the sky, full of ghosts and evil spirits, and the ground covers the ground.
Standing in purgatory, the holy light must be left, just like a demigod and a demon.
With the backing of skyfire, the frightened eyes
The holy light of purgatory with three heads and six arms, Xu Zuoneng, raised his weapon high.
Nine knives flow, purgatory light and magic nine flashes!
Chapter 743 Fear
This trinity purgatory holy light, Sasuke can be in front of you.
Shield skyfire god will terrorist defense didn’t have much effect,
The nine long knives of terror cut long and soon fell off the shield of Skyfire God.
Although the holy light of purgatory, Sasuke, has not been able to instantly break the defense of the shield Skyfire God.
But there are still nine harsh scratches on the wall of the huge flame shield.
Purgatory light, Sasuke, the attack did not end there.