"ouch!" Chromaggus’s head is barking not only, but also urging its owner to work harder.

Nefarian wants to, but his side is more troublesome.
Because of all kinds of divine will, they pierced his soul through arrows.
"God said! There must be light. "
"The earth will heal the wounds …"
"The moon mother looks at you …"
Alonso Fao, Medivh, and Ai Luen, the goddess of the moon, are constantly harassing nefarian’s spiritual world. Originally, nefarian wanted to suppress his self-awareness and let Enzo’s will and strength better integrate into his body. Now he has to try to separate those entangled will and choose the most suitable strength to maintain his strength.
The situation in nefarian is very bad.
Chapter 1211 AL is a brother again
Of course, Duke is no better.
"hey! Are you done yet? I can’t hold on here! " Duke gossip shouted.
"What’s the matter? I don’t feel that your magic has dropped dramatically! ?” Leo surprised way
"no! Duke, there must be something wrong with you! " WenLeiSha shouted.
Wenleisha was a little soft after being secretly poked behind Duke’s Excalibur.
Duke … I don’t know how to explain it!
Now, Wenleisha keeps shooting every time she bows and arrows. Wenleisha is really happy and forced Duke!
This kind of thing is moral integrity
Throw it out!
Get it back!
Throw it out again
Get it back!
Throw it …
Huh? Do I have moral integrity?
Being smashed into a lot of good will, does nefarian doubt that Duke Longsheng tasted life?
The warning signs are constantly "warning! Warning! The host’s moral integrity has fallen to the critical value. Please don’t make Duke’s moral integrity again, otherwise it is likely to trigger the arrival of the Seven Sins … "
Fortunately, after such a long time, Duke’s willpower has made great progress, and Karia found that something was wrong and rushed over to inject a holy light into Duke’s heart.
"Duke! Look me in the eye! Think about the happy time we had together. "Kalia stared at Duke with clear and pure eyes.
Who knows …
Duke’s face is crooked, and it’s obvious that he wants to be wrong.
"ah!" Duke suddenly found himself attacked at the same time, one left and the other right. It was Vinessa and Kalia.
He ate a pain and then fell into a trance again.
In the distance, nefarian struggled and rolled headlong.
Because Duckley’s arrow shot into the black dragon, it was not only the will of three good people, but also a prophetic dream
In the dream, nefarian was harvested again and again, not only the black wing nest, but also the black wing blood ring. He was also defeated again and again.
The bibcock was exhibited on tour in Stormwind, Ironforge, Dalaran and Lordaeron.
The sorrow of being flogged after death, the despair of the soul falling into the abyss filled nefarian’s mind
Now, Nefarian and Duke are in mental confusion at the same time, which is to temporarily eliminate the strongest of both sides from the battle.
The original Magny, they are all ready to lose the cover of Duke’s magic. Who knows that the semi-master hand continues to destroy the dragon and beast accurately and effectively.
"Er, Duke’s multiple casting mechanism is different from that of ordinary wizards. Maybe that’s why he is a sunrise mage and we still haven’t broken through our own boundaries," Iluxia explained.
"Come on! Never mind! Kill the big dog first! " Several macho men attacked dazzling weapons and the special effects kept flashing with terrible light.
Magny took the lead and charged himself at a high speed with a efreet hammer. This time he aimed at the big dog with only its head left.
"ouch!" Chromaggus’s skill ignited Magny. Unfortunately, the dwarf king was a monster with a thick skin like a wall, and it didn’t hurt him much when he was burned by the flame.
The big dog saw the huge hammer that suddenly expanded in his sight. It could shrink back slowly, but it was too big and moving too slowly.
The tauren around him drew a totem pole from him very viciously, which made his head seem to be delivered to the door by himself with a efreet hammer.
Efreet hammer flame wind sword thunder ashes messenger Jin Yan blood roar brilliance …
Finally, while Duke and nefarian fell, all the thugs in nefarian were eliminated in one breath.
"Come on! Slaughter the dragon! " Gavin Rudd shouted and activated the enchantment of Jianfeng [Dragon Slayer]!
This special enchantment for dragons can significantly increase the damage to nefarian.
Just when the rest of us were about to kill nefarian, an evil will came.
"hey!" Enzo sneered and whispered like a nightmare around everyone’s mind, making them dizzy.