Ambassador Gaul said, "I don’t know exactly what kind of invisible coating it seems to be. Anyway, it’s not as difficult as usual. That kind of coating should not only have excellent radar wave absorption performance, but also resist high temperature and have strong adhesion to prevent it from falling off in high temperature environment … I don’t really understand the details. Anyway, China Institute of Special Materials is determined to get it out."

Why does it sound so familiar?
Materials with strong radar wave absorption ability and high temperature resistance …
Citi University
Make breath in a gasp "emperor you send stealth materials! ?”
Ambassador Gaul said, "I think so. I heard that this kind of material will be applied to their new generation of fighter fuselage, and the general design of this fighter is presided over by Liu, which is on the right track!"
Ambassador Japan screamed "stealth fighter! ?”
Ambassador Gaul stared at this little glance. Do you know that you are quick to react and you are so emotional? Do you have to scream so excited? What a fright! He said grumpily, "Sort of."
The chill of the silk is even louder. Oh, my God, is that small Fang Sheng who can start a stealth fighter for the first time in a generation? It is no wonder that China has such a genius, and the high-end technology field has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years!
Duke Charles said, "It seems that all the problems are caused by this person. According to the information we have, this person is also the one who insisted on this intervention in Belan politics. This person not only has terrible wisdom, but also is an out-and-out nationalist. It is difficult to be safe in East Asia without him!"
Ambassador Toyo said every word, "Then kill him! It is a good time for us to leave Africa like a water dragon! "
Chapter 21 The curse of gold (6)
Cannonballs fell in rows from the sky, which has become a position on the surface of the moon, blasting out patches of yellow and white lotus stone chips, gun parts, A lot of messy things such as broken limbs flew violently in the loud noise, and the rebels were so overwhelmed by this overwhelming artillery fire that they couldn’t even lift their heads. The artillery and tanks covered Belan infantry roared and killed the trenches and mines-covered highlands. Even if they were swept down by rows of large-caliber heavy machine guns, they didn’t retreat at all. The artillery pushed the artillery to the front of the position for 500 meters to shoot directly at the rebel machine gun fortress. The rebel snipers accurately killed one artillery after another, but they also shot shells. Bombing one machine gun fortress after another into the sky. This mutually assured destruction makes the rebels feel scared. Even the mercenaries hired by the rebels to help them are dumbfounded. Unlike the rest of the Yanlong Army, the Belan Defence Force knows the urgency and the rainy season will come in a while. Most of them have thousands of millimeters of rainfall every year. At that time, they still want to get effective artillery support and military support like this. It is also like fighting the rebels before dreaming. In the dry season, they captured a large area. In the rainy season, they lost it. It is simply a rebel paradise.
Up to now, the national defense forces have captured more than half of Kimberly rebels, who have been compressed into a narrow area to fight to the death and have been cornered. The rebels have spared no effort to recruit mercenaries from all over the world, and they have paid sky-high prices for mercenaries who have milk. A large number of actual combat experience, Well-equipped mercenaries continue to enter Belan, and some countries secretly send troops to try to share a piece of it. Even if President Nimra has reached the death order of "capturing foreign soldiers without trial and shooting them on the spot", this situation is still repeated, and the rebellion in all countries is a ghost, and only then can we know where so many rebels emerge. The banner of freedom attacked government agencies, attacked administrative officials, and Belan fell into bloody chaos. It was even more deadly that several creditors came together to collect debts. All this was not isolated, no matter how secretive they were, there was a context to be found, which responded to President Nimra’s words, "The root cause of all our turmoil is not our political system, not ethnic conflicts, but gold, diamonds and oil, which made us cursed and shed blood!" Now the golden curse theory should once again be applied to Belan, but this time Belan is determined to fight them to the end.
Liu Weiping and the main force of Yanlong Corps have been transferred to the eastern region where the rebellion is the most serious, and this main battlefield has been handed over to Belan Defence Force in cash. The strength of Burleigh Defence Force has reached as many as 60,000, and the strength of the rebels has also increased to 10,000, and the fighting has been extremely cruel. Every hill has to be repeatedly sawed before it can be won. The 3rd Squadron of Argentine HNA has played a great role. It is precisely because they overload the war every day and throw tons of bombs at the rebel head, which has caused great damage to the rebels.
Then the national defense forces will pay a higher price, and of course they also paid the price. Three fighters were shot down in two weeks. Fortunately, the pilots were rescued by special forces.
If you save the pilot, you will save your combat effectiveness. It doesn’t matter if you have money, but if the pilot dies, you can’t have money.
"China, Argentina’s Batie and Tanzania’s military intervention in Belan has seriously violated the principle and caused extremely bad influence on the responsible attitude towards world peace. The four countries should withdraw from Belan from now on to reduce bloodshed!"
What do you think of the United Nations’ argument that the top three countries are getting involved when they are old? Tanzania is a case of injustice, but not a single soldier has been sent out. It has made a small fortune by sending some oil and military supplies to the three countries. Is this also called interference? Mom will get shot if she lies down! Shao Jianhui said lazily, "We will quit Belan whenever Citigroup and the Soviet Union quit the Middle East", which makes those countries that talk about democracy and people choke hard enough. They all know that the Middle East is a world oil depot and controlling the Middle East means controlling the world, and the eagle and bear will never quit. Isn’t it shameful to link Belan with the Middle East?
There are still many cards in democratic countries. For example, the former president Yusuf, who fled to Belan, England, has been exposed recently. He frequently called a press conference to discuss President Nimra’s bloody suppression of the people and called on all Belan people to take up arms to overthrow this bloodthirsty tyrant. This little eloquence is really not good, but the reason why there is such a country in the west is disgusting is that many countries in the west refuse to recognize that Nimra’s government is really funny today. It is also in their interest to run for president. Democracy is not in their interest, but it is a disadvantage to refuse to admit it. This face is really not ordinary disgusting people. Liu Weiping and President Nimra have surprisingly similar ideas. "Kill that man!"
In addition to this, there is another trick: forcing the Belan government to pay debts. The financial situation is really bad. A country with a gross national product of only 60 billion dollars can owe 13 billion foreign debts, and the interest alone is as high as 15 billion yuan a year. How can it be repaid? The result of being able to pay back the mine and the oil field is of course that the more you borrow, the more you borrow, and the more money you claim to have. However, the Belan people haven’t even seen the shadow of the money. God knows how they owe huge debts to Lai Li. The western world has already controlled the country’s economy and politics. It was not until Nimlatai that this situation was improved. He exposed the dirty tricks of the western countries and went out to recover the western countries. They have not yet come to control the mines and oil fields and refused to repay these muddled debts.
Faced with such strong hardware, Nimra, the western world no longer expects those debts to be recovered, nor does it intend to recover them. Anyway, the money lent is just a small circle in Belan’s hands, and eventually it will return to their pockets one by one. The only gain of Belan people in the loan industry is high interest rates, but it is also a good choice to put pressure on Belan’s government to pay back the debts. After all, it is only natural to collect debts one by one and fly to Belan by special plane. They have a choice to either stop fighting or pay back the money! But you can’t talk so openly about politics in public. You know, the naked threat of the press conference becomes "We are serious about the situation in Belan. We support Belan people to quell the rebellion and don’t allow people to undermine the existing peace and stability". How is it level? I really can’t hear the implication if I have a lower IQ.
You have a good plan. I’ve had a wall ladder to face these creditors. President Nimra’s countermeasure is to delay the positive refusal. The best way is to delay it until the end of the war. These creditors rushed to Belgrade to meet them. It’s a political city. What about your president? Went to the south on vacation. Where’s your vice president? The vice president resigned. What about your prime minister? The Prime Minister has gone to Kimberly to supervise the war. Oh, don’t ask. No, none of them! Your mother’s situation is so chaotic that the rebels may call the capital at any time. How can those big shots stay here and wait for death? Are they stupid? Creditors are not so easy to fool, so they want to drag their feet, right? I’ll stay in Belgrade and stay! In the face of angry creditors, the officials who are in charge of entertaining them shrug their shoulders and stay as long as you like, but in advance, it is a time of war, prices are soaring, rent, water and food are expensive, and I hope you can eat them. These creditors are crazy and ask, "We finally came to you … Is this how you entertain friends?"
The official said, "What a treat! Nobody invited you!"
It’s a tough day for these creditors. Can you stay in a hotel or a state guesthouse? It has been occupied by other countries for a long time. I have to say that Belan industry is underdeveloped. This big hotel doesn’t even have a young and beautiful member. Only a few women are juryman-looking, and their appetite will be greatly reduced. What kind of food is worse than Chinese medicine? Some people say that their hotel bread tastes like plaster, but the hardness is slightly better. They can smash the glass window at this level. They are also brave enough to charge $1,000 a day to put it in cheat people! Besides, it seems that those niggers are eager for them to live here for a year and a half, so that the national debt will be almost written off
Mean! Shame!
It’s really not the creditors’ day. It’s just like going to the presidential palace three times a day to ask the president if he’s back. It’s inconceivable that the answer is the same every day. Today, he said that the president was ill, and the day after tomorrow, he said that the president had gone fishing, which made the big ye dizzy for three days. These creditors have been anxious for three days. The responsible person slowly told the truth and the president went to the front line of Kimberly to supervise the war.
It’s not a good thing for creditors to fly directly to Kimberly without saying anything. After some twists and turns, they finally came to Kimberly, which fascinated the whole western world. Now Huang Jincheng has become a big military camp, and tens of thousands of troops are coming and going here to dispatch. From time to time, civilians can be seen wearing tattered cars to help the army transport materials. It is not a good thing to say that the government army has won the trust of the Chinese people. At the front, they finally met President Nimra, an old man dressed in camouflage and waiting for rebel shells like ordinary soldiers I can reach the local telescope to watch the war. It rained secretly. When he pulled aside his umbrella, several stray bullets flew by from time to time, but he didn’t move. The creditors were also attracted by the fierce battle. About one battalion, Belan infantry, and three artillery battalions covered a fierce attack on an altitude of 330 meters. Knowing that it was urgent, Belan infantry gave up everything to maximize their tactics. They roared and fired at the support guns and hit them like shaved heads. A shell fell on one of our own people and blew up a cloud of blood fog, but even so, they didn’t mean to retreat at all. submachine guns, grenades and rocket launchers fought fiercely to destroy the rebel fortifications one by one, and they also swept them down in clusters, but their flags flew-even if the flag-bearers were shot and held up, their teachers gave up long ago, but they couldn’t give up. They were far from mature. Soldiers needed a flag to inspire their fighting spirit.
A row of bullets swept the fifth flag bearer who took over the flag. His body trembled and stepped back a few steps. His chest was smashed. Two soldiers rushed from behind. One man lifted him up and fired at the flag bearer’s head. He died, but the two soldiers still didn’t let go until they were knocked down by the Ministry. Another soldier rushed over and pulled out the flag from the flag bearer and continued to rush forward. The first one succeeded in rushing to the top of the mountain, but before he could stand firm, a sniper rifle shot broke his half neck. Try your best to stick half the flag in the ground, and then a little bit of life marks. The body will hold the flagpole until it dies. Looking at this tragic scene, these creditors who think highly of themselves are stunned and some people say, "Terrible!"
"Not determination" someone gave the answer.
Chapter 22 Auspicious Three Treasures (1)
Kimberly camp
Now this once-sinful city has turned into a big military camp, and deputy armed soldiers and armored vehicles can be seen patrolling back and forth with murderous look. The arrival of the creditor group has made the atmosphere in the military camp even more tense. When they entered the city, the Belan soldiers they met stared at their downtown square with hostility. They also saw that government troops were shooting captured armed men, many of whom turned out to be white-that was the order of mercenaries from all over the world to execute all foreign armed men on the spot. The most thorough execution was carried out. With a shot, a prisoner of war was bleeding all over the ground. The bloody and horrible scene made the creditors frightened. The Beran soldier looked at them defiantly as if he said that even if you sent your best troops, we could defeat, capture and shoot them! This suspicion makes creditors very uncomfortable. This should not be a black man’s attitude towards white people.
President Nimra put it up to give them a horse.
With such a head, it is naturally impossible for the negotiations to be carried out in a friendly atmosphere. These vampires have never expected to receive warm hospitality. Who told them to do things that are hateful to gods and ghosts? However, this Mawei effect is significantly less. After the negotiations, these guys dare not be as arrogant as before. Looking at those murderous soldiers, they realize that they will face a very difficult negotiation …
"I hate! Always the worst! "
The old liberated small card wasteland gallops in small Guangxi complaining that it has never stopped. No wonder the road conditions are really bad. And this car has been in loose woman for 20 fucking years! After this battle, Belan Defence Force levied a third of the country’s motor vehicles to form a temporary and huge mechanized corps, but the vehicles were still tense and we needed to carry out long-distance raids without cars. The government forces tried their best to squeeze out such a small truck with a car to sit on, and we were quite happy when we didn’t have to rely on the 11 th to practice long-distance armed cross-country. Now we are all crying all the way. We airborne infantry are almost half a mechanic to overcome all difficulties!
It’s better to be a country …
It’s been two weeks since I came to Africa by pulling the brim of my hat to block the dazzling sunshine, but I still can’t adapt to the climate here. Damn it, it’s so hot that you want to peel it off! Here, I often see some female soldiers wearing three-point array, which is also an eye-catching car. There are only five people, I, Shandong, Xiao Guangxi, a Belan Defence Force officer and a driver. Before going abroad, we finally became a member of the digital infantry brigade after many selections.
Our brigade was instructed to select a group of recruits to fight in Belan to support the liberation of Belan’s friends. I heard that after staying here for four or five months, we can become petty officers when we return to China. Of course, we signed up enthusiastically and it was another round of difficult selection. We finally stood out. When we remember the plane, small Guangxi was very arrogant and waved at those black people as black as charcoal and shouted, "Hello, African friends!" I’m afraid he can’t laugh now.
The battlefield in Africa is far more cruel than we thought, and the armed factions are more complicated, and the interests are compounded. There are also hot and rainy weather, deadly epidemics, and murderous militia and armed men, which make us veterans who have been rolling in the dead pile for several times find it difficult to adapt. Of course, it is one thing to adapt or not. This time, we just bypass the mountains and go to the west to see what the rebels seem to be chasing through satellite photos, which has aroused great interest among our leaders. A little soldier from bad karma crustily skin of head went there to see what the hell those black uncles were doing, or to satisfy the curiosity and conscience of the heads. But we tried every means to finish it as soon as possible. The problem is that this broken car doesn’t give face, stop and go, and God knows when it will reach its destination!
I’m really afraid to come whenever I say something about this broken car. The horse lost his temper for a while and the car shook for a few stops. We jumped out of the car in a hurry and circled around the car in a hurry. What’s wrong with it? What’s wrong again? "
The battle-hardened driver got under the car and checked it-we can barely understand Chinese saying, "His grandmother has a broken water tank and no water."
Shandong nai shrugged, my eyes were red, and Guangxi went crazy directly. "Fuck! Yesterday afternoon, the engine broke down, then the wheel was flat, and then the steering wheel went wrong. This morning, the oil pipe was blocked, then the cylinder broke down, and then … now even the water tank has gone wrong! Who the fuck can tell me where there is nothing wrong with this broken body? I don’t know when this door will fall! " The more you talk about it, the more angry you are. It’s really hard to kick the door. The whole car shook. We were dumbfounded to watch that there was no problem so far, and the door fell off! The Belan officer grinned, and the three of us looked at each other, staring at each other and suddenly burst into laughter. Only now did we find that a person’s bad luck turned into a joke.
The problem with the water tank was a piece of cake, and it was solved in a short time. The car was about to fall apart, and Cam hummed and climbed all the way, and it was not easy to finally deliver us at six o’clock in the afternoon.
We were already six hours late when we visited the destination. After the bus, we all kicked our feet according to its scarred body to express our sincere respect. The driver and Amadeus gnashed their teeth and pulled out a high-explosive Grenade. They were worried about watching and forbearing, but finally they didn’t blow up the broken car. They said to the driver, "You will leave it and never want to see it again!" The driver looked reluctant to start the car and ran away. Finally, we took up our equipment and set out to wait for us. It would be a dead jungle. We had to go deep into the jungle for 30 kilometers to catch the trail of the rebels. The core of course is to find out what they were tracking. After finding out all this, we can fly back and don’t have to take that broken car again.
However, this dense forest is a challenge for us. Rows of towering trees cover the surface of heaven and earth, and the secondary plants are extremely dense and unable to move. Of course, mosquitoes, killer bees and poisonous snakes provoke them. Don’t think of a good day. Amadou brandished a mountain knife in front of us, and we formed a customary three-thirds battle formation to follow up. We are always vigilant because this is the rebel territory. No one knows when they will suddenly emerge from behind the trees and shoot deadly bullets at us. Is there a small Guangxi or a smirk and keep muttering, "Wow, this is the best place for hunting! It is said that there are many wild animals in Africa, so I have to meet a lion or a group of elephants anyway. It’s better to come to a group of elephants. The ivory is valuable. We all made a fortune by killing one. "This guy kept mumbling all the way. I couldn’t help but say," Shut up, Guangxi! You are not afraid that the sun will tan your teeth, and I am afraid that you will disturb the enemy! "
He shrugged his shoulders and didn’t say anything. When he saw a spider the size of a basketball gnawing a netted eagle, he stopped hunting. Amadou explained that the spider was the scariest spider in the world, and even lions dared not provoke them. They could make webs to hunt wild animals, and even the eagle could not escape their death trap! My god, the position of hunters and prey here is often subverted. If you think you have a gun in your hand, you will die ugly! We must be careful to avoid those terrible spiders, and no one wants to compete with them.
Monkeys are the most annoying ones in the jungle. They hide from trees and make a threatening gesture to drive us out. Haha, here we have fruit. Small Guangxi picked up a few rotten fruits from the ground and threw them at them. They were even more angry. Picking fresh fruits from trees and fighting back with ten times fire almost swollen our faces. What’s the matter with us? We each picked up a few and ran away. When they were released, Amadou would definitely not let them go-monkeys in Beran people’s recipes.
It’s the best delicious monkey with termite sauce they can find. It’s a pity that Amadou gave up this delicious meal. It’s still early when we gnawed at the fruit. It’s late in summer in Africa. We can still drive for another hour. The fruit tastes a little bitter, but it’s much better than we are tired of eating field rations. It can also be supplemented with vitamins. Shandong gave a pertinent evaluation. "It’s not as delicious as our Shandong jujube ———" He suddenly choked on the small Guangxi, and I stared at it in horror.
Chapter 23 Auspicious Three Treasures (2)
"my god, I don’t think I can see a more tragic and disgusting scene in my life."
Shandong mutters to himself that Amadou crossed his chest. Small Guangxi and I almost spit it out. It’s disgusting. The whole forest has become a killing field. Some of them are corpses. Some of them are dismembered to pieces. Some of them are eaten by wild animals. Sometimes they still keep the moment when their lives are frozen before they die … The corpse oozes, maggots are moving, and the stench is terrible. Just look at one of the dead. There are old people, women, adult men and babies who are several months old. The whole forest is shrouded in cold and gloomy resentment.
Amadou resented and said, "It’s all the rebels who do good deeds! In order to compete for gold, they often drive local residents into the jungle to carry out terrible massacres. I don’t know how many killing fields there are like this! "
I gritted my teeth and said, "those animals won’t even let go of their babies for several months. I have to skin them!" "
Shandong said, "I dig their hearts out and feed them to dogs!" "
Small Guangxi said, "I broke their lumbar vertebrae and ate their bone marrow!" "
Amadou roared, "I’ll blow their ass!"
We "…"
We can’t handle so many bodies, there’s no way for a good camera to record this scene, and then we can’t stay here too long. Because we shouldn’t have seen it at night, we all have no appetite to eat. When we saw the original delicious canned lunch meat, we wanted to vomit. Damn it, Annan played several times in the dead pile, and many people in our hands just haven’t seen such a scene. This is just the tip of the iceberg. God knows how many bodies are rotting rapidly in the vast rainforest of Belan, and god knows how many people are shaking at gunpoint and will become a body! We are not in the mood to eat meat, chew some biscuits and eat some fruits, and then rest. Of course, it is too dangerous to rest. We have to climb the tree to sleep, which is hard to resist. We are from an infantry background. At the very least, we have to adapt to the terrain and climate. After playing for a month, Annan has long been accustomed to sleeping in the jungle tree.
Although there are no signs of rebel activities, we are still very cautious. A few small mines have set up a warning circle to keep watch so that we can have a better rest. It is because of his kindness that we can’t sleep when we close our eyes. There is always a maggot covered in corpse fluid crawling around us, which makes us feel uncomfortable and makes it difficult to sleep.
Open your eyes and you can see through the leaves that the stars in Africa are particularly bright at night. In ancient African mythology, the stars are the sky. Eyes are silently watching everything that happens on earth. No matter what happens on the earth, they can’t hide it from them. If you are naive and have eyes, how can you tolerate such tragedies happening again and again? The black continent is bleeding like a river? I carefully turned over and screamed, "Is Little Guangxi asleep?"
Xiao Guangxi said, "I still want to throw up after sleeping for a ball."
Shandong said, "I want to throw up, too, and I want to throw up all the food last week."
I said, "How many killing fields do you think there are in this jungle?"
Small Guangxi is called "Are you looking for a beating? I will have nightmares for a week if I touch this kind of thing once. How many times will I touch it again? "
Shandong said, "It’s too bad. It’s just like Khmer. It’s not worse than Khmer!"
Small Guangxi said, "In this way, those democratic countries in the West still boast that these rebels are fucking freedom fighters, and government forces are not allowed to encircle them. What IQ!"
I said, "You’re wrong. They have a high IQ. They want to hear it. They need to see it. Do you know that Kimberly has been fighting for so long and no miners have been rescued!"
Small Guangxi has a pool of hands. "There is no way for government troops to be too cheap."