"We once smuggled two German e19 fighters from Spain, which are very advanced. I suggested that some departments should copy them on a large scale, but considering the problem of war identification, there are various reasons. Many ministers and technical departments insisted on studying our own fighters," the technical director reported. "So we issued the new fighter project code-named Spitfire."

As early as 1936, when Britain developed a new fighter plane stimulated by the Spanish War, it chose two fighters, Mie and Dapeng, which made their turrets unique-but many military personnel finally felt that these planes were not as powerful as the German single-seat e19 fighter plane.
So at the beginning of 1937, the British Rolls-Royce Company launched a new fighter project with a higher horsepower aero-engine, and at the same time, a single-seat fighter called Spitfire was designed. This fighter has the speed and fighting performance that are not inferior to those of German fighters, and there are almost no shortcomings except that the complex wings make this aircraft expensive.
However, the British also made corresponding changes compared with the German fighters. The British fighters used 127 mm caliber machine guns as the main weapons. This is because after comparing with the military, the British designers decided that the German fighters’ 3 mm caliber nose guns and 2 mm caliber wing aircraft had too few shells to be suitable for long-term fighting.
Speaking of this, I have to say that the first head of state advocated the family design of German aircraft, and the fw19d fighter train led by arcado was divided into two basic models from the beginning. One was the high-interception fighter equipped with liquid-cooled engine, and the large-caliber gun was specially used to deal with bombers. One is that the air-cooled engine low-combat fighter is equipped with a 3 mm nose gun and four 13 mm machine guns.
Obviously, British intelligence personnel have seen the German high-interception fw19d fighter. The British have always believed that the German fighters are short of ammunition. German military pilots generally prefer to have four machine gun planes, which can be kept longer because they don’t go back to the base frequently to replenish ammunition.
The military is very satisfied with the design of this fighter and has determined the purchase intention of 15 fighters. However, the progress of this fighter is slow due to the lack of senior designers. The first test flight plane was dropped a few months ago, which makes the Spitfire fighter still have a long way to go before it is commissioned. At this time, Britain can rely on fear and Dapeng to fight against the German fw19d fighter.
"Now I really want to know when this newly-tested Spitfire fighter will be ready for service?" Churchill asked
"If the test flight goes well and the military continues to invest money, it can be put into operation at the beginning of 1939," the man replied
"The advice given by the technical adviser of the King’s position is that we had better not have a direct armed conflict with Germany before 1939 to avoid unnecessary losses to the Royal Army and the Royal Army," added another minister. "Besides, the King’s position and the Prime Minister are more interested in luring Germany eastward."
"But now the Fuehrer has mobilized the army to prepare for a crazy war with France, which is not in the interests of the joint venture countries," sighed the British Chancellor of the Exchequer Nye. "I suggest that we must contact Merkel and ask him to find a way to persuade the Fuehrer in Germany to give up the crazy war against France."
"The head of state will give up easily? After all, this time the French troops did launch an attack, which no one can easily tolerate. "The foreign minister obviously didn’t report any hope for this plan at this time." The situation is the German head of state who is extremely nationalistic. "
Churchill coughed twice. "I think it’s even harder to say that the French on the other side suffered a big loss this time. They lost two thousand people in this attack. Will they give up revenge easily?"
"We both threatened and compensated to find a way to complete the plan of the king and the prime minister." The Chancellor of the Exchequer thought about it before saying, "We sanctioned the French economy and then promised the French to mobilize a military strategist and they would compromise; On the other hand, we moved the navy to block Port William and promised the Germans to smuggle a batch of rubber and steel for them. "
"Then there is nothing to be nervous about. If they fuck, they will certainly compromise. The European continent will not bleed when the Soviet Union attacks Poland." An old minister said hoarsely. "This time, the French left us to act alone. This kind of sign is very bad. We might as well be more partial to the Germans this time."
Otherwise, the Germans will be adamant this time. The Fuehrer arcado issued a mobilization order to announce that the face war will be completed before 1939 and the army will be expanded to 350,000. arcado once again made a speech saying that France was playing tricks behind the scenes regardless of the important principles and secretly supported the invasion of Europe by the Communist Party.
However, the British diplomatic envoy Turkey contacted the German Foreign Ministry personnel, who promised Merkel German steel and rubber oil and asked Germany to cancel the war mobilization order and give up the crazy plan to attack France.
But on the other hand, the attitude of the French made British diplomats breathe a sigh of relief. The commander-in-chief of the French army assured Britain that he would not send troops to stimulate Germany, and he was willing to mediate with the British government to facilitate the conditions. The troops stationed in Luxembourg, France, retreated for 1 kilometer and showed good intentions.
The retreat of the French team eased the tension on the western front, and the Germans did not pursue them. The border area stopped and did not cross the German-French border into maginot line. This move obviously gave the British government enough face. On the same day, a Turkish government smuggling ship was watched by German diplomats and sailed from the Mediterranean port to the port of William, Germany.
Arcado, the head of state, once again made good gains by pretending. The former Germany tried its best to maintain the goal of starting the war on the Western Front in 193. The British government helped to finally realize the goal of the first army general of Brauchich, who was relieved to be trapped in William’s military port. Lei Deer, the naval commander, cried with joy. He now recognized arcado as the soul of the German navy.
A war on the western front was about to break out, so the Poles finally believed in the fact that they had been betrayed. The French slightly fulfilled some of their allies’ obligations, but finally gave up Warsaw’s isolated aid, and the Soviet Union had broken through the Soviet-Polish border without support. A large number of Polish refugees poured into the German-occupied area because the Red Army from the Eastern Soviet Union was obviously more brutal than the Germans.
At this moment, arcado’s intention is to expand the paratroopers’ troops by Studente. He split up the original paratroopers’ 1 ST Division and 2 nd Divisions and distributed them to the newly established 5 new paratroopers’ divisions. Now these troops are training hard at the foot of the Alps, and they will have a world-famous record in the future.
Chapter 21 21 Surrender
A very messy place with a gun wrapped in rags is pointing at the distance. A German sniper is looking at the distant situation through the scope. He is wearing a gray cloak and mending the rags at random, which makes him almost integrated with the ruins beside him.
As he slowly adjusted his muzzle, he said softly, "I pray for mercy from the Emperor. Please take the suffering away from me. You will send the great Fuhrer to us and let us be invincible forever … I will help you save the world and send their lives back to your arms-if your arms also include hell! Amen! "
After that, he pulled the trigger with his finger, the gun body shook slightly, and a bullet was fired from the muzzle and flew to the distant target. It is conceivable that another Polish soldier will fall on the other side. In these three days, German snipers have made an impressive 217 shooting records, and the Germans only lost 7 snipers and 63 soldiers.
"Another officer. I wonder what they haven’t surrendered yet." The sniper asked in a low voice as he crawled back slowly.
Beside him, he crouched beside a broken wooden box, and another German soldier put g43 on his back, followed him and jumped into the aqueduct behind him. The assistant in charge of cover replied, "They defend their territory."
"But the emperor our head of state is the emperor angel! Those who violate the Emperor deserve to die. "The sniper cracked his mouth and said with a smile that his face was painted with black paint, which reflected that his teeth were very white." I sent seven cultists away today, and they should all go to hell. "
The two men bent back and forth and ran a short distance along the aqueduct, then jumped off the road and stuck to the wall and got into a building. As soon as they entered the room, they shouted "Egret!"
As soon as they shouted out the password, two rifles had topped their asses, and German soldiers were sitting around them. Some people were eating compressed biscuits, and some people were fighting against the packaging of lunch meat in tin boxes. There was a table with a few messy maps in the middle of the room, where a second lieutenant was discussing something with a lieutenant officer.
"Most of the guns deployed in Polish cities have been destroyed, and now our sniper activities have hardly been countered." The second lieutenant introduced the frontline situation to the lieutenant. "Here, here and here, our snipers have compressed the Poles in the room, but they are afraid to come out easily. If you can support me with some rocket launchers, I can exclude these Polish defenders one by one."
"The division is not willing to fight from house to house, so I will increase the number of our dead. They are more willing to besiege and starve these defenders." The lieutenant smiled and pointed to the map and said, "I don’t have more troops to support you because most troops have set up a defense line here, and Poland has snipers to fight back, but their fighting methods are too backward and they haven’t achieved results yet."
"Boom!" One explosion in the distance soon followed by another. It seemed that the German artillery units were showing off again. They felt that the earth trembled slightly with the explosion of shells, and the white ash on the wall was shaken off, causing a burst of anger and abuse from the soldiers who were eating.
"This group of damn artillery! It was the same time yesterday! Don’t they eat at noon? Bastard "A soldier scolded and blew the compressed biscuit dust.
A monitor next to him smiled and gave him a "You didn’t say that the Polish army counterattacked the day before yesterday!" "
"What do I say?" The man was not available and asked 1 again.
Before the monitor could answer him, the middle-aged soldier on the other side smiled and learned his voice "Oh! My god! Please beg those dear artillery! Hurry up! "
After he finished learning with a smile, all the soldiers around him laughed, including the sniper who had just sat in the corner and his cover assistant
"hey! Lieutenant! You’d better come and have a look! I think we have a little trouble, "shouted a soldier in charge of the lookout on the second floor." You’d better handle this kind of thing yourself. "
The lieutenant took a look at the lieutenant beside him, then buckled his helmet and went out. As soon as he walked out of the gate of the building, he saw an incredible scene. Nearly 100 Polish soldiers came from the other side of the street with their hands held high, and some of them even held sheets to transform the white flag.
"Lieutenant! I’m not sure about the situation. It’s better for you to do such a thing yourself. "The second lieutenant shouted back only to find that the second lieutenant had already been behind him.
"Call machine gun hand with ammunition to the second floor! Someone sneaks and fires directly! " Lieutenant big command "everyone come out with weapons! G43 Gunners, take protection in the opposite building! Form a crossfire. "
Suddenly, the whole German position became noisy, and everyone was looking for their posts. Everyone stuffed their mouths back into their pockets, buckled their helmets and bored their guns, pointing their guns at the dark, and came alone to negotiate with Polish officers.
The Polish officer looked depressed and raised his hands to the front of two German officials and said, "Good afternoon! Sir, I have been ordered to surrender to your troops and give up control of this block. Please accept our surrender and be kind to the prisoners in accordance with international law. "
"You were ordered to surrender to us?" German lieutenant asked with a frown.
"Yes, Sir! I have been ordered to surrender to you. Ten minutes ago, General Nassar reached a conditional surrender order. I believe you will be informed soon! " The Polish officer replied uneasily