"That is to go to * * * those girls to see the beauty," Li Yi said.

"Then how do you call him?" Lin Keer asked.
"Just shout one," Li Yi said.
"Beauty, let me ask you a question. Do you like playing Dream of the Three Kingdoms?" Chen Gang locked a target within minutes of coming out.
"Who are you?" The beauty said doubtfully.
"I’m Zhong Hua … my name is Chen."
People are floating in rivers and lakes. How can there be no trumpet? Chen Gang just prepared his own trumpet, that is, he just created Zhong Huayang. But Chen Yi thought that Zhong Huayang was a famous figure and could not be easily imitated, so he gave up decisively.
"Dream of Three Kingdoms is ok * not bad" said the beauty.
"Beauty doesn’t introduce her name, or I’ll keep calling you beauty?" Chen smile happily said.
"Oh, forget my name is Fang Jiayi," said the beautiful woman.
"Fang Jiayi is a good name. I wonder how old you are this year. Is it our school?" Chen smile happily asked.
"Yes, I’m about your age this year. Why?" Fang Jiayi asked
"It’s nothing but a friendly question," Chen said with a smile.
"Then I’ll ask you kindly, how old are you this year?" Fang Jiayi asked
Is it so like being a junior on your own? I am an open senior three student. How can I be called a senior one? Isn’t this cheat people!
"That Fang Jiayi I’m not a freshman," Chen said, shaking his head.
"Well … well, are you a sophomore, but why didn’t I see you?" Fang Jiayi * said with his little head
Chen really wants to worship this beautiful woman Fang Jiayi. Others say that everything in her brain has become *, but this sister’s head is still not working.
"Actually, I am …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
"Chen came to prepare" the speaker was Li Yi.
"Li Yi, are you sure Chen will come?" Lin Keer still with a grain of salt.
"Chloe, this is where you are wrong. Why don’t you trust your boyfriend? This is full distrust of me," Li Yi said.
"Well, well, I’m kidding. How could I not believe you!" Lin Keer nifty vomitted to stick out his small sweet tongue said.
"What kind of beauty is that? I have something to do temporarily. I must leave first. Remember me. My name is Chen." Zhen Chen is a very dedicated girl-picker. He didn’t even forget to repeat his name when he left. I didn’t know that people would recognize Chen as graduating from the girl-picker college.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Three elder brothers
"But why hasn’t Chen come yet?" Lin Keer asked some doubts.
"Maybe it’s that I’m too involved in picking up girls. Wait a minute!" Li Yi Ponai said
"Eldest brother eldest brother you call me stem what ah? I’ll let you bother me when I soak my sister there. "Chen Yizhi looked at Li Yi sadly, just like a poor sister paper that was abandoned by chaos."
"Don’t look at me like that. I’m a man and a straight man." Li Yi said.
Lin Keer smiled directly at the two of them, which was really interesting.
"Boss, I don’t care if you didn’t call me, I’m sure I could get it soon. That sister blames you, and you have to make it up to me," Chen said.
"Chen, you’re coming on. Just like you, my sister doesn’t know if she saw you or not. You’re chasing people repeatedly. It’s estimated that her sister doesn’t want to make you sad," said Li Yi with a smile.
"Eldest brother, I don’t care if you have to let sister-in-law introduce me to one or I’ll …" Chen was interrupted by Li Yi before he finished.
"Well, well, I’ll introduce you. How can an iron buddy not introduce you for so many years?" Li Yi said
"It’s best to be the boss," Chen said.
"Sister Ruoying, what are so many people doing here?" Li Lu sat down next to Liu Reying and said
"Didn’t Li Yi tell you?" Liu ruoying asked sweetly
"No, Sister Ruoying, please tell me!" Li Lu said
"Actually, today is a competition team, among which Li Yisuo Li Yicai asked you to come!" Liu ruoying asked
"Xiaoyi seems to have said that there is a game today, maybe I didn’t listen carefully!" Li Lu said
"Well, well, Sister Xiaolu, in fact, you don’t know that much. You just need to know that you are going to be happy and eat well," said Liu Ruoying.
"But will that cause trouble to Xiaoyi?" Li Lu was worried and asked
"If you don’t want Xiaolu’s sister to follow her sister around, you won’t have any trouble," said Liu Ruoying.
"Oh, then I’ll follow Ruoying’s sister," said Li Lu * * his little head.
I hope I can see Li Yi later and explain to him-after all, it would be sad to give Li Yi a lecture without asking clearly.
"Chloe, when you went to sign up, did that person say if there was any process?" Li Yi asked