Kuafu way "? But there is one who just doesn’t know if you can do it? "

Lei Zhen said, "But say no harm."
Kuafu smiled, "It is to call you Yuan Shen out-of-body experience!"
Yuan Shen out-of-body experience! What a dangerous thing it is for those who have just stepped into the extreme realm to fix the truth. They dare not make the breakthrough realm magical work unless they have to. Lei Zhen said, "How sure am I if I break into it?"
Kuafu laughed. "Let me see your sword!"
Lei Zhen called monty piano out and flew to Kuafu.
Kuafu a see frightened way "is this thing! Overbearing! Overbearing! This is the first murder weapon of my generation! If I use this sword, I may be able to smash this place, but if I break this place, you will have to face two problems. First, if you can’t achieve your goal, then Lei Di will still return to his place. Second, you have to ask me if I promise or not. "
Lei Zhen laughed. "It seems that Xian can do something about it!"
Kuafu said, "Hehe, there is actually a doorway for you to see!"
With that, a two-foot long wooden stick fell on Lei Zhen’s hand, and Guanghua circulated in Kuafu’s way. "If you have this sword, I will keep it for a while, otherwise, don’t look at my current fighting power, but I still want to have a fight with you. If you win me, you will go anywhere every day."
Lei Zhen’s hand holds the sword of Fairy Family, and it is unambiguous. Eleven strokes, forty-nine array methods and powerful qi machine are much more powerful than the sword of heaven and earth, but the force inside the sword of heaven and earth has been refined. I don’t want the sword of heaven and earth to be so overbearing and smash everything into energy when I meet it.
Lei Zhen said, "Xianhao is admiring. If you say that, I will go to the fairy magic first!"
Say a step figure with a light flicker into the hall.
It’s a big responsibility to enter the hall without bloodshed and call Zilian and the fallen emperor to take a breath. If the earthquake and Kuafu’s mausoleum are damaged, it’s a big responsibility. If Kuafu’s hand is a scattered fairy figure, it’s definitely not Lei Zhenke’s repair. It’s just that peach grove staff. Even the ten thousand-year-old repair of the fallen emperor is dizzy, let alone confessed.
Lei Zhen’s one-step figure turned into thirteen phantoms, and several ups and downs entered the main hall. The top of the hall seemed to be a little starry, and there was a huge yin and yang Pisces in the distance. Lei Zhen kept turning for a moment and flew forward, which immediately alarmed the house. Lei Zhenrao was the first time in the sky, and it was still unclear. The situation of the temple seemed to be that the imaginary world overlapped and the heavy hoofs came to the left. A giant claw flew across and just got up, and Lei Zhen didn’t want to fight and tried not to hurt these. Predecessors’ pet beast’s central strength counted fireballs and blue ice arrows and golden light on both sides at high speed. It seems that the behemoth saw that Lei Zhen wanted to rush to release magic weapons one after another, and a twisted flash in the magic weapons actually split on Lei Zhen’s back. "Wow!" As soon as I spit out a blood fog
A stagnant dozens of fireballs hit Lei Zhen’s left arm at the same time, which quickly dispersed Baodao’s strange array. The frustration spread like a thousand wisps of smoke. Lei Zhen gritted his teeth and endured pain. There was a sharp turn and a huge yin-yang fish flying at a high speed. There was a yin in the yin-yang fish. The cycle of life and death was endless. In Lei Zhen, it was about to enter the moment. That damn flash hit him again. Baodao’s back was bombed with a big hole. If it weren’t for the "over-the-moment armor", the main force would be triggered to another light. Lei Zhen took the time to see what the monster was and gritted his teeth. "Whoosh!" I threw myself into the light of Yin and Yang fish, and the card flashed, the ice cone and the fireball rained down on Lei Zhen, and just now the gorgeous fireworks hit the place.
There is a quiet world in the fish of Yin and Yang. It is covered with light rain, green mountains and green waters, and flowers are everywhere. Lei Zhen’s burnt body is lying on the edge of the stream mixed with this ice. He looks up and there are many exotic flowers and trees in the four miles. "Go straight to the sand ginseng"! "Millennium hanging antelope fruit"! "Fire ginseng"! Just a rare and precious medicinal material, Lingcao, which is necessary for immortality, does not grow here casually. Lei Zhen endured the pain and raised his hand to pick two "ginseng fruits" and stuffed them into his mouth. Immediately, the clear and sweet juice left a few exercises in the abdomen, and the physical injury has healed. Lei Zhen slowly opened his eyes and saw a pair of bull’s eyes, and he was gawking at him.
This startled Lei Zhen! The cow said at the mouth, "Are you a trespasser in the royal garden?"
Lei Zhen said, "If you were a monster or a master just now, you must have died!"
In power, "I am Sun Leizhen, the 30th generation of Muzu, who came to escort the soul of Lei Di."
The cow said, "So that’s it. We can’t go out. Please come with me." After a while, Lei Zhen didn’t dare to fly, and he followed it step by step. Soon, a big burst of complex potential appeared in front of him, which made people feel scared for a while.
The cow laughed. "That’s an imaginary method. No matter how good it is, it will eventually be broken."
Say unexpectedly to the next rock wall Kara a rock wall should show a deep tunnel. Lei Zhen smiled and went in. Sure enough, there is no better way than this. In fact, the virtual reality is real.
The cow said, "Don’t underestimate that this tunnel is also difficult to break. If it is not much simpler to start than any large array, this is a fantasy world. Everything is hostile by heart. The more afraid people are, the more they will appear."
As he spoke, he came to a canyon, where several straw houses were strewn at random, and several old people were playing chess in the back of the village, and peach trees were also flourishing.
When the cow came here, she never spoke again, and her eyes ran away in panic. An old man in a chess and silver robe looked to Lei Zhen and opened his mouth. It turned out to be the cow accent "Little brother, come here."
Lei Zhen looked at the old man’s height, thin feet, clear eyebrows, silver hair and a hint of imperial spirit, and immediately saluted, "The fairy is here in being original and Lei Zhen to escort the immortal soul, and it’s polite here."
The old man laughed. "I’ve heard that a child who cultivates truth is willing to practice Taoist magic in the ninth world. * * It seems that it’s you. It’s not easy!"
An old man who looks at chess in a red robe said, "The only death is the eternal hardship! Who is willing to give up practicing for a lifetime and return to reincarnation? I heard that you made a great wish to cultivate this wonderful old man before you created God. I also admire it! "
Lei Zhen said, "What the predecessors said is unknown at present."
"ah? Is it? No wonder! " The red old man said
"It turns out that you didn’t know that you have nine seals, and I’m afraid even the fairy family has to bow to you to inquire after you. Haha!"
"I wonder if this child has a life to wait until that day!"
Lei Chen listened to the fog, but he couldn’t look old with a wrinkled face like a thick crocodile skin. Lei Zhen immediately got up and said, "Come with me."
When they saw the elders speak, they stood up and stood still. Obviously, the elders followed Lei Zhen’s lead. They had to follow a moment and wait for the crowd to approach a hut. The exterior of the hut seemed to be as grand as a hall. Hundreds of feet were arranged around it. There were huge candles and torches shining in the tens of millions of memorial tablets. There stood a great god with a golden body and dozens of crowns and colorful clothes. The old man bowed down and said, "Sun Qingyi, an unfilial ancestor of Qing Di in the east, took the soul of the thirtieth generation Sun-Lei Zhen Lei, and hoped that the ancestors would bless his soul and blame it."
Lei Zhen follow knelt behind the old man heart way "green b which green b? Is it the great Qing B who went down in history 30 thousand years ago-?"
When the old man got up, the giant idol, the lotus with leaves, danced with the wind, showing a mirror. The old mirror was mottled and twisted, and several seal characters said, "Come to the reincarnation mirror."
Lei Zhen secretly felt that the mirror was full of extremely strong ghosts, and he came to the mirror with his arm around the pulse. The old man said, "Please leave everyone alone." After that, Lei Zhen was left alone in front of the mirror in the hall.
Lei Zhen noticed that the people behind him just wanted to look back and suddenly found that the line of sight was difficult to move and they couldn’t move with their hands and feet. The lack of strength of Yun Zhen Yuan seemed to have entered the virtual space, and even Yuan Ying’s strength brought a little stir for a moment. Lei Zhen was eager to practice his strength and called the dragon. At this time, someone said, "Just don’t worry about the horse."
Lei Zhenyun looked around and saw that the sound of one person actually came from his heart. Lei Zhen said, "Where are you from?"
The voice laughed, "I’m in the mirror."
Lei Zhen hurriedly looked in the mirror, and Lei Zhen actually opened his mouth and said to himself, "Hello, I’m Lei Di, and you have worked so hard to send it here, and it’s also your life. Thank you, I’m finally back, and this is my root."
Lei Zhen said, "Are you the Reddy I met in my dreams and caves?"
Mirror like a fuzzy hydrological fluctuations which his shadow has changed into a young yingwei slightly Wang Sungui gas young long like himself to Lei Zhen way "it’s me! Thank you for doing everything to save my people. Tens of thousands of years ago, my family came to the chaotic continent-that is, your hometown, the earth, settled in the magic star and developed into a country with a population of tens of millions to become the Yellow Emperor. I have been pursuing magic all my life and I am mindful that the people are an out-and-out bad king because of the division of my wooden grandson and the war. Now I can hope that you can restore the wooden empire for me and let the people live a peaceful and stable life here. "
Lei Zhen hurriedly said, "How dare my predecessors give me kindness? I haven’t repaid it yet. I’m also a descendant of the wooden family. It’s also my duty to save my family from fire and water!"
In the mirror, Reddy said, "I’m relieved. Thank you for waking up your body. I’ll seal you and you will inherit all my skills."
Say Lei Zhen involuntarily sat down with Reddy’s hands in the mirror. Lei Zhen felt a thunderbolt in his mind. Three million hairs stood up. Information and aura entered the Lei Zhen body from all sides. One wave after another piled up in information, which made Lei Zhen have a headache! Lei Zhen unconsciously used bone pool compression to continue compressing information and spirit elements to generate liquid body elements. It seems that the five colors of black, red, blue, green and white are flowing at high speed, and the body barrier is also rushing! At the end of Lei Zhen, a really great grandeur came in like a sea force like a silver wire. It was a pure wood force full of vitality, implying the nature of heaven and earth and the essence of the sun and the moon. The roots of the existing meridians were not compressed, and Natan-Lei Zhen felt that he had exploded. Every cell rose fiercely and melted into steam in the air. Only a trace of god thought and consciousness existed. "Did I just die and explode?"
Even Bao Daopao was blown into flying flocks!
If Lei Zhen looks at himself from the outside, he must admit that he is dead and the fly ash is annihilated. In the mirror, Lei Di has gradually faded. It should be said that a group of steam wrapped in Yuan Ying is condensing and forming. After a long time, a human being gradually appears. It is obvious that some materials have entered the mirror and the appearance of Lei Di in the mirror has also changed.
If Zilian saw it in the mirror of heaven in science, she would have been scared to death. Fortunately, after entering the "magic wall", the mirror of heaven in science did not endure, although it was an ancient fairy.
Lei Zhen’s consciousness is being regrouped. It should be said that remembering should be remembered and forgetting to change. It is as clear as seeing through the five colors of the main meridians. At this time, Lei Zhenqi is not so much a person as a monster-an alien monster.
After an anxious wait, Lei Zhen’s body appeared black and shiny, and his long hair was thicker than the original (only later did he know that he could send a sword). His skin was as bright as a transparent one, his eyes were as bright as the moon, his face was like a crown of jade, and his whiskers looked like he was ten years old. In the mirror, Reddy smiled a little with satisfaction, and Lei Zhen’s * * * body was broken and turned into a concise shirt with an exotic style-it was Reddy who carried a treasure with him-"Pojun" and fell to the British Emperor "beyond the moment".
A thunderbolt lit up the hall, and Lei Zhen finally woke up to see that Lei Di was getting dim. Lei Di reluctantly smiled. "I chose to go back to life and live here from time to time. I am a lonely person."
Lei Zhen understood that he had undergone great changes in his skill, but he didn’t know what had changed specifically. He quickly said, "Is this bitter for his predecessors?"