Chapter Xi sui Dan

Ye Guchen chose a new place to practice "Ghost Claw" for himself, that is, an ancient Songshan Mountain behind Yejiazhuang outside Jiangzhou City, which is not very famous and there are few people on weekdays. It is not a high altitude kilometer. If it is not here, there is a little-known narrow path that can bypass Jiangzhou City and go far to the northern capital, even if there is no one around here on weekdays, there are not many people walking along this narrow path. On average, it is estimated that about ten people are very secluded here to practice and are not afraid of being discovered by others, while Yejia is.
Having found a good place, Ye Guchen can naturally practice better every day. After doing the basic routine, Ye Guchen will practice the ghost claws on the mountain and practice meditation day after day at night, and his strength will be enriched day by day.
In a blink of an eye, another month, Ye Guchen broke through the third acupoint, Shanzhong acupoint, and entered the fourth realm. This Yuzryha Guchen was in a good mood and practiced harder and harder.
Although the weather is getting hotter and hotter, it has entered the summer, but Ye Guchen still hasn’t stopped practicing himself. On this day, Ye Guchen finished practicing his ghost claws in this mountain. When he wanted to go home, he found that there were two groups of people fighting in the narrow path hidden in the dense forest about 30 meters away, a group of people wearing black tights and ordinary gray robes, and about thirty or forty people were at war.
Both sides are not weak in reaching out. The two top players are about 60 years old. Although the moves seem simple, they are extremely destructive. With a single blow, a big hole is punched in a tree surrounded by one person. Hundreds of pounds of boulders on the ground can be shattered easily. It can be seen that both of them belong to the top players. Ye Guchen doesn’t know how powerful it is, but he can clearly feel that the worst one of these two guys is coming out, and even it is difficult for him to cope with one by one. Two of them are barely able to win or lose the World War I.
"These guys are masters, absolute masters." Ye Guchen gave a definition to these two guys in his mind.
After reading this, he is ready to turn around and leave. It is not difficult to see from the situation of the two gangs that these two gangs are martial arts experts and their strength is amazing. They are not fighting for such a small role, but they can intervene in a bad life. Ye Guchen is ready to leave.
However, at this time, the other party’s words were stunned by Yuzryha’s solitary body, as if he were inlaid with lead. He listened to one of the old people and shouted, "Liu Changfeng, I will let you go if you hand over the pulp-washing Dan, or you will die!"
This "marrow-washing Dan" has stopped Yuzryha Gu Chen’s footsteps and can’t move any more. Ye Gu Chen has always felt that his cultivation speed is too slow. Now two months have passed, although he has advanced to the fourth floor beyond his imagination, it is still too slow in Ye Gu Chen’s view. Although he has a strong aura to support him, his cultivation speed is several times that of others, but he still wants to improve himself faster, but he can’t find any other way except to practice hard for the time being.
However, it is obvious that this pulp-washing Dan has given Ye Guchen a hope. However, the origin of the famous stuff in the whole Fengyun continent is the first school in Wulin, and the refining method of Dachan Temple has long been lost. However, this pulp-washing Dan has kept the two treasures of Dachan Temple, "pulp-washing Dan" and "Dahuan Dan", all of which are not mouth-watering.
Dahuandan can increase people’s skill for 20 years, and its mild medicinal properties can make a person instantly upgrade from one level of strength to six levels of strength. A person with six levels of strength can almost enter the ranks of the top ten experts in one month with strong medicinal power. Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that if the top ten experts eat Dahuandan, they can immediately achieve the innate realm by virtue of the medicinal power. It is also because of Dahuandan that they can sit firmly on the first throne in this Jianghu for thousands of years.
It’s not easy to refine Dahuandan. It’s said that it takes ten years to make one. It’s a great Zen master. If he is not highly regarded, he is not qualified. But it’s enough for the great Zen master to train. Almost this thing can be seen by outsiders. Only those who are kind to the great Zen master or have enough opportunities can get one.
However, if "Dahuandan" is precious, then "Shuimedan" is a treasure-level thing. The refining method of "Shuimedan" has been lost in Dachan Temple and cannot be refined. It is said that there are now three pieces in the whole Dachan Temple, which have excellent talent and are rare once in a hundred years. It is self-evident that it is not as precious as "Dahuandan" to upgrade and repair it. It is to wash marrow and cut bones to improve people’s qualifications and systems, and to greatly improve human body impurities and make emissaries practice faster.
Ye Guchen feels that his cultivation speed is too slow, and he wants to improve his qualifications. He doubts that this "marrow-washing pill" is the best choice. Although it doesn’t seem to be so easy to get, it is almost the same as Ye Guchen’s fate. The two gangs are obviously much worse than Ye Guchen. Almost any one can kill Ye Guchen.
However, Ye Guchen still stayed, no matter whether there is an opportunity or not, it is no good to try it. It is a good thing to say that this Dan medicine is natural if it is possible. After all, it is a good thing for two tigers to compete for benefits, and perhaps what benefits can be obtained?
Ye guchen lay prone on the grass, trying to hide his body shape and breath, quietly observing everything in sight. The two groups were immersed in fighting, but no one noticed Ye guchen’s presence.
The number of people on both sides is different by a few. It’s almost a lose-lose fight, but almost all of them fell to the ground when half a column of incense, but the men in black obviously occupied the wind. When a group of people in gray died, there were six or seven left in the men in black. This Yuzryha lone Chen was a little disappointed. He knew that he felt that he was hopeless this time because everyone was hurt by the other party’s good fortune, but it was not difficult to deal with him.
What’s more, the match between the two decision masters is not over yet. These two old men can simply play to death with one hand. Although the old man in gray is still resisting from the present situation, it is obvious that he is still inferior to others.
After the gray man died, the gray man’s face changed, and the sword in his hand burst out with a shock wave, and then he turned around and left. stop for a minute also roared when he left, "You will never let you go when you wait for the jade prince."
However, the old man in black sneered at this without saying much, and directly pursued the past with a knife cut behind the other side. The old man in gray stretched out his hand and was seriously injured, but he finally ran away.
"Damn it, I can’t let the old guy get away. He’s injured and can’t get far. Even if you dig three feet for me, you have to find him!" The old man in black said with a cold hum.
Seeing such a scene, Ye Gu smiled and wanted to take advantage of it, but now it seems that there is no chance. After the men in black left, he also chose to leave and looked at it. It was already late. Ye Gu Chen decided to return to Ye Jia, but he was afraid that the other party would still dare not move. He waited for about half an hour before the other party dared to get up and leave quickly.
Ye Guchen doesn’t move fast, but it’s not slow. The whole person returns in the direction of the mountain leaves home like a bright monkey. When he is about to reach the mountain, he suddenly feels some movement in the grass next to him. He suddenly looks in the direction of the grass and looks curious. Ye Guchen slowly walks past.
When he walked past, he found that the old man in gray robe covered with wounds was lying there pale and obviously exhausted. From that dark purple face, it is not difficult to see that the old man in black robe has walked in the last step of his life and kept wandering in front of the ghost.
When Ye Guchen approached slowly, the gray-robed old man suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Ye Guchen, which frightened Ye Guchen, but immediately relieved him. Because the gray-robed old man vomited one mouthful blood again, he took a look at Ye Guchen and said, "Who are you?"
"I’m Ye Guzhuang," Ye Guchen said in a low voice.
"Well, is it? Cough, little guy, do you want to get ahead? " The old man coughed two times and then glanced at Ye Guchen.
"Take it for granted" Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate to give such an answer directly. He didn’t dare to show himself to the old man’s two Dan medicines. After all, such a master may suddenly and violently hurt people at any time even in the dying stage, and such injury is absolutely fatal to Ye Guchen. He showed that a normal person should have an expression.
"Want to? Well, I’ll give you a chance to take this box to the Grand Capital to find the Jade Prince. Just say that Liu Changfeng asked you to send it to the Jade Prince and it will give you a wealth. Remember, don’t fight or you will die! " Hearing this, the gray-robed old man took out a box from his arms and gave it to Ye Guchen, who immediately said so. As soon as he finished speaking, his eyes fell to the ground.
Picked up the red brocade box in his hand, Ye Guchen looked complicated, took a look at the gray-robed old man in front of him and immediately said, "I’m sorry. No, I don’t want to help you deliver the things. First, I don’t want to get myself into trouble. Second, this thing is too important to me. I’m really sorry. Since the heaven and earth are destined to let me get this, I will compensate you and bury you well."
Say that finish Ye Guchen put the old man aside, then found a place with soft soil, stripped him of a graveyard with his hands, and then buried him. The whole process took about an hour or so. After burying the gray-robed old man Liu Changfeng, I confirmed it for a while, and I couldn’t see when I quickly disappeared into the night with a brocade box.
When Ye Guchen returned to Ye Guzhuang and his yard, he found that Fu Bo was walking around anxiously there. After seeing Ye Guchen, he quickly walked over and eagerly said to Ye Guchen, "Oh, my ninth young master, how did you come back?" I was worried to death. "
"What’s the matter, Fubo? What happened?" Ye Guchen eyebrows a young some curious asked
Chapter 9 Master
"Can have what thing? His lordship is looking for you. It’s family dinner day. How could you forget? Now everyone is waiting for you in this lobby, so you’d better go quickly. Fortunately, it’s not too late. I have just found a reason to help you prevaricate. You should go quickly now, "said Faubo in a panic."
He woke up so early that it suddenly occurred to him that today is not family dinner day. The so-called family dinner is just a dinner for three generations in the lobby on the fifteenth night of the first month of each month. This is what the master came up with to make the family more harmonious and the younger generation closer. It has always been the most disgusting thing for the master to be late for this family dinner. People like this are regarded as a symbol of family disunity. Of course, his father is not like this. He has not participated in such a family dinner for many years, and no one has said much about this family because it is grandpa’s acquiescence.
However, Ye Guchen is different. Although Ye Guchen can no longer cultivate strength, it is really Ye’s three generations of grandchildren and the third generation of nine young masters. Since it is Ye’s family, it is natural to be without him.
"Yes, I’ll change clothes and I’ll go there." Ye Guchen didn’t dare to delay and hurried into the room to hide this "pulp washing Dan" and then changed into a white robe in the ear and followed Fobo towards the lobby.
When Ye Guchen arrived, Ye Guchen’s father, five brothers, their children and daughters, large and small, added up to dozens of people, all of whom were sitting there looking at Ye Yun, the old man sitting at the center table.
Ye Yun, the grandfather of this leaf family, is the largest and the rest are sitting next to Ye Yun. Ye Guchen, five uncles and uncles, uncle Ye Hongbin, second uncle Ye Hongwu, fourth uncle Ye Hongjun, fifth uncle Ye Hongqing, and sixth uncle Ye Honghong. There should be his father, third son Ye Hongwen, here, but it’s a pity that his father didn’t come to attend for a long time, but he sat in that position for a long time, but Sun Ye was lonely.
At the other table, there are women in the family, and Ye Guchen, a total of a dozen of them, are sitting at a table. Frankly speaking, Ye Guchen is very dissatisfied with Ye Guhong sitting in his father’s position, but there is no way. Ye Guhong is the eldest grandson and the most talented person in the three generations of Ye Family. Now he has cultivated his family’s "The Sea Decision" to the sixth level, but he is only twenty years old this year, and he will definitely surpass Grandpa, a master in the middle of the tenth floor, who is naturally noticed at home.
"Hum, you finally come? See what you look like? You haven’t seen anyone all day. After the third brother went, no one disciplined you, and you even forgot today? " Ye Guchen hasn’t had a mouth since he arrived here. Fourth Uncle Ye Hongjun said with a cold hum that this fourth uncle didn’t deal with his father when he was young. Since his father broke the meridians and was depressed, it’s even worse to drink and get drunk all day and not return to his fourth uncle all day.
"All right, Old Four, Solitary Chen didn’t mean it. Forget it. Come on, Solitary Chen, hurry up and apologize to your grandfather. Everyone has been waiting for you for a long time. We have nothing to do, but if you keep your master waiting, you are wrong. Come on!" Two "Ye Gongwu immediately interrupted fourth uncle Ye Hongjun words a face of smile at Ye Guchen said.
Knowing that Erbo was good to himself, Ye Guchen didn’t say much about what was respectful. He came up to Ye Yungong and said, "Grandpa, I"
Before the words were finished, I heard Ye Yun sigh and said, "Forget it, it’s nothing, just remember it. Pay more attention to it after lonely Chen."
"Hum let him pay attention to? I don’t think he will care. It’s not the first time. I said it’s time for my father to discipline him. Otherwise, your grandchildren will not be angry if they are afraid. You can’t give preference to others and always punish them severely, but it’s not right to turn a blind eye when you are alone. "Fourth Uncle Ye Hongjun snorted some dissatisfaction.
"Pa ~" Master Ye Yun said suddenly on striking table after hearing this. "Old four, listen to me. How old is lone Chen? Are you targeting him? I won’t talk about your ex-wife and your ex-wife. I gave the pregnancy elixir to my ex-wife, but I didn’t give it to you because you have a bad heart. It’s really rare that the pregnancy elixir can promote people to the next level, but it’s not as good as your brotherly feelings. I didn’t expect you to remember it for so long. I’m telling you! Now you even miss a child? Today I tell you that I’m not dead yet, or I’m dead! It’s not your turn to be the master of this family! "
"This, this, my father and I" Ye Hongjun didn’t expect the master to suddenly get so angry that he didn’t know what to say at the moment.
The people around me also hastened to persuade them to get up, but it’s a pity that the master is obviously going to finish the sentence at one time. Sitting there, the master Ye Yun said with a snort of cold, "Today, since I’m talking about lonely things, I’ll make it clear that some people think that I’m not lonely these years. This is wrong and good. I’m more concerned about those talented grandchildren because you are Ye’s future, but I’m also lonely. He’s also my grandson!"
"Today’s words have been said here. You all listen to our Ye Guhe Jade Sword Villa. You also know that it’s not just a solitary thing. It’s a shame for my Ye family. I have no chance to get revenge in my life, but you have it with you and your grandson. We always have to calculate with him that the solitary Chen was also talented. If it wasn’t for my grandfather, if it wasn’t for his uncles, how could it make people humiliate us all day? Lao San has long wanted to die, but he has not died since he lived. What is the insult to Yuheng every few years? It’s not our home yet. You? Gu Chen can’t practice now, but he’s still my Ye Gusun! Today, I will make a will immediately. If I die one day, Ye Jia will leave a fifth of his property to Gu Chen and Lao San. If anyone says no, Ye Yun will not let him go even in Jiuquan! "
Master’s words, the faces of the people around him have changed one after another. Ye Guchen’s uncles and uncles have turned red one by one. It is true that what the master said is true. If it were not for Ye Jia’s third son, Ye Hongwen’s personality, he would have died long ago. He would rather die than suffer this humiliation. Now he is more miserable to live than to die. What he is still alive is not the Ye Jia. These people?
Mr Make signal with the lips Ye Hongjun wanted to say something, but he was afraid to speak with a stare from Ye Hongbin. Several people around him quickly chimed in, "Father, don’t worry, we know what to do. He is indispensable for that one."
"Hum, I’ll be watching from now on. If anyone treats Gu Chen badly, I won’t let him feel better even though I’m old. Don’t say I won’t save face for you brothers then!" Ye Yun said with a cold hum.
I can see that this master is going to take this opportunity to clear Ye Guchen’s name. On the one hand, it is to protect Ye Guchen, on the other hand, it is also to give Ye Guchen a way to leave some property for Ye Guchen after his death in the future. Now it is just announced. After all, according to the rules, once the master leaves and others are not good to him, he can really rely on it.
Grateful to look at his grandfather, Ye Guchen didn’t say much, sat down quietly, then quietly ate a meal and then returned to his yard.
Chapter 10 Washing pulp and cutting bone
Went back to his yard, entered his room, lit a candle, locked the door and looked around to make sure that four people were there, then quietly took out two pills hidden in the secret compartment.
I looked at the two pills of Dan medicine in front of me, Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate to swallow them without saying anything, and then I sat cross-legged to solve the problem. Although I haven’t eaten pork, haven’t I seen pigs run? Ye guchen has also heard of it, but it is more beneficial to absorb any panacea if it needs to be digested.
So Ye Guchen did so. Anyway, he didn’t want to have a wave. At this moment, Ye Guchen’s status and hatred that weighed on his head made him not qualified for any wave. He could absorb this medicine with his heart and do his best not to wave at all.
After sitting calmly and quietly, Ye Guchen felt as if there was a fire burning in his body, an energy rushed out of his abdomen and rushed directly to the dirty bones all over his body, and a slightly cold airflow passed through his acupuncture points and went straight to his brain. Ye Guchen felt a little pain and numbness for a while.
However, this feeling is not strong. He endures this sexual exercise and pranayama as much as possible according to his own exercise route. However, with his exercise pain, he feels more intense, and sweat from Ye Guchen’s forehead slowly falls on this bed and gets wet.
I don’t know how long it took for the pain to get stronger and stronger. He felt as if he had been bitten by an ant. Ye Guchen endured his pain and fainted. When he woke up again, it was the next morning.
When Ye Guchen just woke up, he smelled a pungent smell and slowly opened his eyes and looked at his clothes. He was covered with a black and yellow grease, from which the stench came.
Unable to bear the smell, Ye Guchen quickly found a few buckets of water to fill the bath tub, and then cleaned it. He threw the clothes he bought aside and changed into a clean suit and came out. Ye Guchen, who was full of smelly clothes, was left there, and so on. Naturally, there will be servants to clean it up, no matter if Ye Jia is a well-known family in the halls, after all, a rich and very domestic servant, Chiba Guchen, although his status has turned sharply due to his parents’ death, at least it is this Ye Gujiu master. Naturally, there are several servants who serve him, but Ye Gu After the death of their parents, they don’t like outsiders, and those servants dare not go near Ye Guchen’s courtyard. They are waiting for Ye Guchen’s absence to clean up the house and clean the courtyard to take care of Ye Guchen’s diet and daily life.
"Hoo ~ I feel like my body is stronger and my mind is clearer. It seems that this Dan medicine is really extraordinary. No wonder those masters robbed it desperately. Even if I take this Dan medicine, I will have trouble. Well, I still need to strengthen my strength and prepare early. Although I’m sure no one knows about it, I’m afraid that I won’t be taunted by the two gangs, whether it’s escorting the masters or robbing the men in black. It’s better to be careful." Ye Guchen took a deep breath and muttered in a gray bunt gown at his door.
I walked towards the outside when I was talking, but when I was halfway there, I suddenly thought of something, stopped and thought about it. Ye Guchen decided that it was better not to go to the back hill recently. After all, people died there and people on both sides were not simple, even if things wouldn’t just forget it. It’s better to go there and show no clues than to stay at home.
As a result, Ye Guchen practiced "Ghost Paws" in this house, and he was not afraid of being disturbed by others when he arrived in his yard. He just told the servants at the door that he would not be afraid of being intruded when they arrived.
In a blink of an eye, it’s been another half month. In the past half month, Ye Guchen hasn’t left the courtyard for half a step, and he’s been practicing either "Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill" or "Ghost Claw". In the past half month, Yuzryha’s ghost claw is sharper and more proficient, and "Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill" is more profound. I don’t know if it’s because of the help of this pulp-washing Dan that Ye Guchen feels that he has made much progress in practicing "Ghost Claw" recently, and the speed and time Four times as fast as this, Yuzryha Gu Chen is confident, and that Dan medicine also has a little strength in ascending meridians in Yuzryha Gu Chen, which is much tougher, and there is a lot of strong aura support. If Ye Gu Chen is not bad as expected, then I believe that I should be able to break through the fifth floor in two to three months.
At that time, my strength will be deeper, my meridians will be tougher and wider, and my body "Ghost Claw" will be sharper.