"This ….. should be! But even if he can’t make it, he should know! Those three talents are also very precious in Luojiabao! The average person is no! Since Master Luo is in Master Luo Jiabao, you should remember the method even if you can’t! " Drum elders hesitate to say

"well! Ok! Elder Drum, this is the end of the matter, so we will leave! Do you want us to give you a ride? " Silent for a while, Zhang Xiaotian looked up at the drum elders and said.
"No, no! I’ll just go back myself! Adults go! " Hear Zhang Xiaotian drum elders quickly shook his head and said
"well! Let’s go! " Zhang Xiaotian said that with a wave of his hand, he put the forty ghosts into the cage, and then put the soul force cover to put a roll of Si Er in the direction of Yan Dangshan.
Zhang Dianfei Yang Xiaodi and Fat Boy followed closely behind!
In this issue, Si Er has been silent. Occasionally, a look at Zhang Xiaotian and her falling down again seems to be thinking about what feet have been given a thick gray soul force by Zhang Xiaotian and she can’t see clearly what’s on her face! Firmly in the soul force hood and don’t feel the feeling of flying! Obviously, Zhang Xiaotian has considered the previous thoughts and fears!
I don’t know whether I’m afraid of trouble or embarrassment. Zhang Xiaotian didn’t put Sier in the cage and replaced it with a ghost repair.
"Here we are!" Zhang Xiaotian light said body urgent toward dun! The surrounding soul force is faintly filled in the whole soul force energy cover, so that people in the energy cover do not feel the sense of sudden weightlessness.
In the period of the Ghost King, the degree of ghost cultivation is very fast, and the degree of fat boy is not slower than that of ghost cultivation in the period of the Ghost King, while Yang Xiaodi has Zhang Dianfei to help him fly, so the degree of four people is not slow!
From Minstrel to Luojia Village, then from Luojia Village to Minstrel, and then from Minstrel to Yandangshan, it didn’t take long!
Sanying Gongsun Ziyin, Li Yaner, Zhang Dahai, his wife and Master Zhang Yande are waiting for them outside the law on the top of Yan Dang Mountain.
"Big help!" When I was about to fall to the top of the mountain, Si Er suddenly shouted
"Huh?" Zhang Xiaotian has some doubts and looks at Siser. The sound of Siser is very small. If Zhang Xiaotian is not a high-level ghost practitioner, his hearing is not bad. I would have almost heard it.
"I have one thing to say to Wang! Maybe you have it for Wang! " Si er was silent for a while and said again
"What is it?" Zhang Xiaotian freely asked mind is already noticed that the top of the mountain family for half a year no see! Just now, the ghost repair was delivered in a hurry, and I didn’t ask anything and didn’t see them.
By this time, they have fallen to the top of the mountain!
"It’s about the three steps that the drum elder said just now!" See Zhang Xiaotian attention has run to the top of the mountain! Think son face some complicated light said
"What?" Zhang Xiaotian suddenly looked back at Sier with a slight pause and asked, "Do you know those three steps?" Luo Ji may have died in Minstrel, and Si Er was also rescued from Minstrel. It is normal for her to know three talents. It is likely that Luo Ji or her descendants gave it to her before she died.
Be Zhang Xiaotian such a gaze, son’s face is not reddish and then look a little embarrassed and said, "I’m not the only step! I don’t know that the three talents are stepping into the secret! "
"That you just said …" Zhang Xiaotian asked some hesitation.
"Purple sound! Yan Er! I miss you so much! " On the other side, Yang Xiaoxi held GongSunZiYin and Li Yaner in her arms and cried out, "Don’t care about all the people around you!"!
Watching Yang Xiao put two beautiful women in his arms, Si Er’s face turned even redder!
Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Dahai and Master Zhang Yande stopped halfway when they were about to get to Zhang Xiaotian! Look a little weird and finally smile!
"Although I don’t know the three steps to cast the secret, I just heard you describe the posture of ability! But I know a posture similar to it! " Si er language is not surprising and said
"What?" Zhang Xiaotian was even more surprised and then asked, "How many figures can that posture show?"
"That’s our home step method! The posture exhibition shows six figures! Although I didn’t practice it, I saw my grandfather perform it with my own eyes! "
"Six figures?" Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes lit up and he was a little excited. He grabbed Sier’s little hand and asked, "Do you remember that secret posture?"
Was suddenly caught by Zhang Xiaotian’s little hand, Si Er was slightly wrinkled, and Xiu Mei pulled her little hand out of Zhang Xiaotian’s hand and looked a little ashamed. She arranged a train of thought, Si Er’s light export and said, "That footwork is the secret of our family. Although I can’t give it out, I also know it! I can tell this secret to the Big Leader, but I hope that the Big Leader can grant me a request! "
"What requirements?" After hearing Si Er’s words, Zhang Xiaotianxi could not help but frown and ask, "Has this woman ever made her own mind?"? Now it’s a request! But if this step is true! It’s worth it if it’s not too much! This strange posture is really not something that ordinary people can realize!
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five Injury to self-esteem
Looking at Zhang Xiaotian Sier sipped his lips and said, "Since Sier joined the heaven and earth to help everything, he will definitely listen to Wang’s arrangement! But Sier hopes that the Lord can ensure Sier’s innocence and don’t force Sier to do something that Sier doesn’t want! " Say that finish after thinking, a face of nervous looking at Zhang Xiaotian hide uneasy heart.
Hear son asked Zhang Xiaotian slightly opened his mouth a little surprised some wry smile! This requirement … This is a requirement?
Scratched his head, Zhang Xiao, as a little depressed, doesn’t look like a pervert! Is it Xiao Di? Hmm … Look at Xiao Di’s small white face. At first glance, it really looks like a pervert! The image of the second gang leader needs to be changed … Look, it scares the girls …
"That ….." Zhang Xiao, as finishing the train of thought thinking about how to say.
"If wang doesn’t agree! Then please help the Lord to let Sier go and allow Sier to quit the Heaven and Earth Sect! That secret step will also be said to the big help leader to repay the big help leader for saving his life! " Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s hesitant words, Si Er’s face was not slightly changed. He thought for a moment and turned red and said a face of stubborn color.
Hearing Sier’s words, Zhang Tianxin could not help but smile again and say, "Even if you join Tiandi to help us, we won’t force you … to do anything!" " When he said this, Zhang Xiao, as in the heavenly heart, muttered to himself, "Is this son actually kept his innocence in such a garbage place in Minstrel?" Think of the time in the fix true square city to see the Minstrel male a face of flirting sample Zhang Xiao, as feel a little incredible! That guy … Will let such a delicate beauty go?
"Don’t force us to do things we don’t want to do?" Si er asked with some hesitation in tone, and his face was unbelievable.
Zhang Xiaotian released forty ghosts in the cage with a wave of his hand and said lightly, "Although our heaven and earth help has a small number of members, there are only forty! But they all went through many tests before they were recognized by our heaven and earth gang! We don’t accept everyone! Heaven and earth help don’t pay attention to how high you are and how loyal you are! If you are not loyal to the Heaven and Earth Sect, you have other ideas in your heart. We don’t want all those swing things! We only accept you. If you really want to enter the Heaven and Earth Gang, you must go through our inspection and experience the test! You can’t be a real member of the Heaven and Earth Gang until you get our permission! Heaven and earth help if you are loyal in your heart, not just loyal! If Heaven and Earth help you to do things … if you are unwilling to do things, will you still be loyal to Heaven and Earth help? "
"What about you?" Say that finish Zhang Xiaotian looked at son light asked with a smile.
Be Zhang Xiaotian so ask, little face more red in the heart some surprise, some joy and some … Lost! Always a feeling that I can’t say.
"Since Wang Shen’s righteousness is so great, Si Er will tell the big Wang about that secret decision!" Bowed their heads and was silent for a while, and Si Er looked up and said that there was a very complicated meaning in her eyes!
Just as Si Er said that he would tell him the secret, Zhang Xiaotian felt that several of the forty ghosts were slightly stunned, and then he showed an awkward look and wanted to say something but didn’t say anything.
Zhang Xiaotian smiled and said, "Good!" Stretched out his hand and put a layer of soul force cover outside him and Sier! In this way, not only can we prevent other ghosts from hearing who will probe into this soul force hood, but things will be known by Zhang Xiaotian.
When Zhang Xiaotian finished all this, Sil spoke!
Listening to the words of Si Er slowly, Zhang Xiaotian silently memorized Si Er’s narration one by one and tried to rehearse it again in his mind, but you can’t see its effect until this posture is truly rooted! Zhang Xiaotian is also doing it again in his mind.
"This posture is my grandfather’s practice! Neither my father nor my brother practiced! I didn’t practice either! According to Grandpa, Grandfather and Grandpa did not practice! By ….. "Said Si Er with some trepidation at the back.
Hear words Zhang Xiaotian responded, "I know! Even if I can’t practice, I won’t blame you! "
Close your eyes Zhang Xiaotian moved this posture in your mind and experienced it again carefully!
Move your body! Instantly show six figures!
It’s done! A success!
Zhang Xiaotian was very excited when his posture was successfully displayed! The trip to Minstrel was not in vain at last! I didn’t get three figure steps but got six figure steps! This step is more than the three steps!
Looking at angel Zhang Xiao’s six figures running back and forth in the field, everyone was shocked!
Sanying Yang Xiaodi and Zhang Dianfei! They are very aware of the secret of this strange posture! This ….. This is to use six figure posture!
Sier was shocked! She practiced hard but failed to practice this posture. I didn’t expect the man to practice it at once! Looking at the eyes that are very familiar with the posture, my eyes have gradually become a little blurred for many years. I didn’t expect to see this posture again!
The forty ghosts also gawk at this strange posture as if to see something from it! There is no difference between the six figures in front of you! No matter which one is true! The imposing manner is different, among which only four middle-aged ghosts and an old ghost look slightly dazed and then walk out of the crowd and go to Si ‘er.
"Young lady! He … Big Wang can actually practice this posture! " Looking at his eyes, an old ghost said carefully.
"Huh?" Si Er looked at the old ghost with a puzzled face.
"Young lady, do you remember that year? That’s the master’s decision! " The old ghost continued to export and said