Hearing this, the fifth man nodded hastily. "Think about asking Lord Wei to spare me a lot!"

"It’s no problem to let you go. It depends on whether you cooperate or not!" Wei Ji hung a faint smile on his face and then said, "Now you will tell me why you killed me and what happened to your Ling family!"
As soon as this remark came out, he calmed down a little and got a little smart. At that time, he asked, "If you prove that you won’t kill me? I want to say that you still kill me, so I have betrayed my ancestral family and failed to get benefits! "
"You can rest assured that since there is a baby in your family, I will leave you to help me mediate secretly. Of course, control is indispensable." Wei Ji said.
Who avoid saying this, but he was relieved to come in and not ask who avoid asking again, so he would tell the whole story.
After that, the fifth man turned over and lay prone on the tunnel. "Master, I know I said it. Now please ask the master to cast spells!" "
"good!" As soon as Wei Ji responded to Bai Hongjian, he flew out at that time, and his head also tumbled, and blood gushed from his neck.
Chapter DiErYiSan counterattack
Chapter DiErYiSan counterattack
Stop rolling. The young man’s face is just facing Wei Ji. His eyebrows are raised and his eyes are wide open. Obviously, he is extremely shocked and dies unsatisfied.
There is no psychological burden for Wei Ji to go back on his word, because he is aiming at the enemy who wants to kill him, especially the enemy with great background behind him. After touching such people, he will either stay at a respectful distance and leave no handle, so Wei Ji doesn’t want to provoke them, but this time it is these people who want to provoke him and can’t hide, so it is inevitable to choose the second method to get rid of the roots.
Yu Weiji said earlier that it was just an appropriate plan to spare the young man’s life to control him and let him lurk in the enemy’s lair. From the beginning, he didn’t intend to realize everything because he had previously shouted out the words "Yuan Ying Zhen Jun"
Yuan Ying Zhen Jun Wei Ji hasn’t met anyone who has powerful magical powers such as contour repair and other extensive spells, and so on. He hasn’t been able to have a basic concept, so he doesn’t even dare to have the slightest temptation. If the backer behind the fifth property is only a real person, Wei Ji might even consider controlling him.
Wei Ji immediately walked to the front of the head of the fifth property without any delay. The Soul Search Solution in The Ghost Volume was moved at that time, and his five fingers were as empty as hooks. When it was, a bright white light mass was grabbed from the head and fell into the palm of his hand.
There are still some ripples near this white light, but you won’t find them if you don’t have enough eyesight or pay attention to them carefully.
This is a thrill.
Property has just died, the true spirit has not dissipated yet, and there is consciousness to see Wei Ji, who even caught his soul. The resentment in the original heart immediately vanished and tried to shock the soul to communicate with Wei Ji. "Uncle Wei Gongwei, please leave me alone. I can guarantee that what I just said is true. You can check with my two brothers."
Turn a deaf ear to the words of the young man, Wei bogen, and search for the soul solution. It’s not urgent or slow. Continue to display the young man’s fascinating light group in the palm of Wei bogen’s hand. Every time it rotates, it shrinks by a big circle, but for a moment, the whole fascinating light group disappears.
At this time, there are more memory fragments in Wei’s mind. After filtering those information, those who have information will be left. Just now, the old man said that he was carrying out the verification for a moment, and the defender should be sure that he was telling the truth.
However, Wei Ji didn’t believe what Lao Wu said. After all, there are too few memory fragments obtained by searching the soul solution, and even less after filtering those messy information. For a dying monk, if he wants to design a trap, he must make a little mistake in the information at a certain key.
Today, for Wei Ji, what he wants to confirm most is whether there is a strong man at this level behind the property, but this information happened that he searched from the property and found out that there was no information when he took out all the other two people who were in charge of the ambush and killed the other two people.
About half an hour later, the last monk’s head was lost in the hands of Wei Ji, and Wei Ji wanted to verify that the information was successfully confirmed, but it was a pity that the result was not what he wanted, and that Yuan Ying Zhen Jun was real.
Today, the gang who came to ambush and kill themselves are the Ling family of a big friar family in Chu, but they ambush and kill themselves because their mother Mi Lei killed Ling Juefeng, the brother with the best qualification and the highest potential in their family generation.
Ling family’s roots are very weak, which can be regarded as a friar’s roots. Even the family can’t be called it, but it suddenly rose sixty years ago, and its strength jumped rapidly. The reason is that a master of the Five Elements Sect who successfully broke through the Yuan baby for two hundred years was the ancestor of Ling family.
Apart from the qualification problem, the difference between the schools of Sanxiu Sect is largely due to the resources supported by a baby gentleman. Now the Ling family even has a real person, then it is the time when the spring breeze is booming, and it is precisely because of this that they learned that their brother would make such a decisive thing when he was killed in the ring one step away from joining the Five Elements Sect.
"That ling off peak qualification is not so good? Otherwise, I would have directly joined the Five Elements Sect. Where do I have to compete in the ring? " Wei Ji thought in his heart that this was a situation that puzzled him.
He didn’t know that the Ling family measured the metallic spirit root when testing the spirit root of Ling Juefeng on its own, which was an excellent qualification. However, after entering the Five Elements Sect, it was revealed by Tianling that there were two extremely deep spirit root attributes with little content, which failed to directly enter the Five Elements Sect.
At that time, I didn’t think about it. I just didn’t want to. Anyway, things have already happened. When I did, I thought about it and started to move.
"I’m just a little advanced building, and the Ling family owner can send so many people, which is more important than paying attention to the quantity. They won’t have someone to report my situation to the baby. You know that in this case, I want to find a chance to uproot the Ling family!
A real person, then, has more than 20 preconditions. You need to be careful not to let people find out that I did it. "Wei Ji’s heart quickly came up with a way to relieve future trouble.
"If so, it’s coming here to reinforce Ling’s old six and decorate the five Leisuo God Arrays. The five Cao Arrays must and will stay here. Otherwise, if they find traces of fighting, I’m afraid their hearts will be suspicious." Wei Ji whispered to himself.
Although Wei Ji fell into the valley to search for the soul, he was still very concerned about the place where he had just fought. During this childhood, no one had come, which means that they were still on their way, so he could easily destroy them from the layout.
Read this Wei Ji pointed out that the head of Ling’s property hung up and fell on his neck again. After Wei Ji pushed it through the imperial object, Ling’s property became a cross-legged sitting with his back to Taniguchi, just like a pair of cultivation samples.
The sword mark on his neck was covered by the pouring hair. If it seems, I’m afraid no one would have thought that Ling’s property was already dead.
However, it is obvious that the monk’s judgment lies more in the telepathy than in his eyes. At this time, the Ling family’s property is dead and silent.
There are three reasons for this. One is death. The second is to move some secret method to cover up your breath; The third is that this person’s training is too high to explore people. It is far from the fact that the old six of Ling’s family are familiar with the situation of Ling’s property, and they will be able to understand it with a little induction.
Therefore, Wei Ji deliberately took out his treasure and put it in the hands of Ling’s property, and the breath was undisguised. The treasure with crisp limbs fluctuated strongly. If Ling’s old six looked at this situation, he was afraid at first that he would attribute the strange induction to this treasure and would not think of anything else.
Even for a moment, the old six of Ling’s family will react, so-called Wei Ji is just a moment of absence because of what he needs. For Godsworn Tsukiji at this level, people who are absent in front of Wei Ji will die.
When I finished disguising the Ling family’s fifth property, Wei Ji’s fingers flickered at seven o’clock in an instant, and Mars flew out and landed in the Ling family’s old three and old seven or five people’s heads. When they exploded, seven people’s heads were completely turned into ashes, and the breeze blew gently and scattered around.
Because the bodies of these seven people were all destroyed in the maze of Liujia, it was too much trouble to arrange them, and too many omissions were not worth the loss. Destruction was the best choice.
Then Wei Ji spread out the Liujia maze to cover the dozens of zhangs in Fiona Fang, the valley, and then used the law occult technique to hide the whole appearance for the time being. With him, he took out the five-color Yunxia flag that he had just seized, and its spiritual strength was so vast that it swept away like the Yangtze River. In just a moment, the mark of the participating owner in the five-color Yunxia flag was wiped out.
At this time, Wei Ji already knew from the mouth of Ling’s property that this was the arrangement of five-color Yunxuan large array and five-color Yunxuan large array disposal and array control method. Although it is still unclear, it is very clear and detailed in the bag of the five elders of the array control.
Now, Wei Ji has no intention of giving a large array of colorful clouds to the society. It is enough to be able to put a sample out and confuse one person. Wei Ji is still quite confident in his learning ability.
God read the secret of scanning the array and controlling array, and it was quickly forcibly memorized by Wei Ji. Although there are many cardinals that are still unclear, he didn’t care to take it directly to the array and decorate the array according to the five elements. The defender should avoid a tactic to control the array, and the water vapor, high clouds and fog in the air rushed in at once.
Less than a moment later, this small valley was shrouded in a thick white cloud, and always Godsworn Tsukiji didn’t want to see the force from the outside.
For this result, Weiji is very satisfied. He believes that it is the old six of Ling’s family, and it is absolutely impossible to think that the person who arranges the appearance is not his Ling family.
After the external environment was built, Wei Ji immediately changed himself. His hands gently moved and pulled for a moment, and then the shape of Ling’s old seven was finished. With him, he adjusted his figure and felt that he was almost the same as Ling’s old seven, so he took out a suit of clothes from Ling’s old seven bag.
This guard should avoid being a Ling family old seven.
In fact, Wei Ji has long been a figure change in the thirty-six changes of the highest day. He wouldn’t be so troublesome. He needs a mind to complete it, and his breath is completely similar. Even those external environment adjustments don’t have to be carried out.
However, Wei Ji is worried that one of the five elements is full and has nothing to do. Then the real person or Zhu Jidi is manipulating the Suoying crystal disk to avoid his own secret being discovered, so he has to guard against making a posture of easy manipulation. After all, the effect of the thirty-six changes of the highest day is so amazing that it is always good to be cautious and crazy about the personal qualification changes.
When everything is ready, Wei Ji will step on the sword and hide in the white clouds gathered by the colorful clouds. His eyes will not blink at him. He has just been ambushed and waiting for the Ling family reinforcements led by the old six.
After about half a quarter of an hour, at last, six bright and extremely broken swords roared on the horizon, and they paused in the battle of Wei Ji and looked around.
Wei Ji’s eyesight is very strong. Looking at the first person’s appearance, he just described that Ling’s old five was not bad at all. He didn’t know where the advocate was coming. When he was right, he shouted, "Brother Liu is here. Come on!"
It’s like a silver bottle breaking at first, like the tide of fighters pouring out, and the broken clouds resounded across the sky.