In this way, Bailing finally admitted that she also loved the feeling of living in people.

I love the feeling that people around me regard her as an ordinary human beauty.
Even she love that feeling of bee pursued.
Although she felt that she didn’t intend to find a human as her master’s companion.
However, this does not prevent her from planning to experience different feelings when human beings experience various things at once.
Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?
In fact, to put it bluntly, she also wants to live in this person for as long as her master.
Chai Wanying is the most happy achievement of Bailing’s change.
After all, the person who is most opposed to and wants her tourmaline to live in the spiritual world is Bailing.
If she can also love others, she will be even more worried.
After all, tourmaline described to her the scene of sending the children to class early and picking them up late. She was really very
That’s her dream life.
Mrs. Emilio, your health is completely impaired, right?
Still routine rounds every day.
In fact, Chai Wanying’s body has never felt hindered from coming from tourmaline. She thinks she can’t be better.
But these doctors don’t know
Because after coming from tourmaline, every time the doctors want to see Chai Wanying’s abdominal incision.
Will be rejected by tourmaline shaking his head, indicating that he has seen it and everything is fine.
Although those doctors are condescending, they think that they are rich and powerful after all.
They have a stronger intention to their wives than ordinary people, and they dare not force them to say that they must see the knife edge.
On the contrary, if it is not infected or festered, everything will be K.
Coupled with tourmaline’s affection for Chai Wanying, it is easy to feel extremely deep love without telling others, so that these doctors can rest assured that tourmaline says every word.
A man who love his wife so much would not keep them from seeing it if he was really successful.
In this way, the last stone in the hearts of experts also fell to the ground.
After ward rounds every day, it is said that it is just a routine matter to turn around in the ward and say hello to tourmaline Chai Wanying, and also to see the growth of triplets.
Chai Wanying has also been accustomed to these experts making routine rounds every morning and evening.
Suddenly, I smiled and said, well, it has already been cured, and now it is all right to run and jump.
Haha, although the recovery is very good, it is better to do this kind of intense movement after running and jumping.
Doctors can’t help chatting in a good mood when they see her.
Tourmaline came from washing her hands at the moment, and she just smiled and nodded before hearing the doctor’s joke.
Sister, you heard what the doctor said. Oh, you must follow the doctor’s advice. I’ve been playing a little crazy these two days.
Chai Wanying suddenly stared at him as if in protest. He knew that she was as strong as an ox now, but she deliberately said these things.
Tourmaline pretended not to see that it was going to the white-coated experts.
I have been warm and thoughtful to them for the past two months, and I am very satisfied with them, and I know what they are asking for
Now, their small bodies are completely out of the normal meaning of human beings, and they are very healthy in the critical period, and it is time for them to go to hospital
Chapter 376 Return to Qinghe Town
I heard that he was finally going to the hospital
In fact, these experts in the hospital have already prepared their hearts.
After all, people are extraordinary families, and it is very important to be able to live in a hospital like theirs for two months at a time.
Today, the triplets have already turned to critical safety, or that although the three children are premature, their vitality is much stronger than that of ordinary children.
Otherwise, 90% of the children will die, and it is impossible for all three children to live well.
Moreover, in the past two months, the growth rate is much lighter than that of full-term babies.
However, it is doubtful that the triplets are extremely healthy according to their birth days.
Even the child who initially worried doctors that he would not live with birth defects came back to life.
I have to say that this is a very unexpected thing for experts.
Although they are doctors, they are not old enough to be natural enemies.
They are very emotional, as if somehow even the sky has blessed their family.