Don’t send disciples from Shushan. The situation is that there are many hands in charge. When he waits for a lot of places here, he is also very uncomfortable, but he can’t show it in front of so many disciples. He has to pretend to be calm and calm. The hands in charge are actually more painful than one person.

It’s a pity that the multi-handed Taoist priest can say to whom, and the multi-handed Taoist priest in Naizhong reserves the right to regard everyone as complaining about losing his eyes. This sentence makes a person feel a little despondent and close to the gate of the Excalibur Gate.
It’s natural that the strength of Duoshou Daochang can’t even be heard at such a distance. On the one hand, it’s considered that we should respect the ghost sword of the Taoist priest who said that we would surrender. It makes people feel that the Shushan Sect is too proud and seems to be arrogant.
Actually, the Shushan Sect just thinks it’s a great natural enemy, but the commander-in-chief still doesn’t think so.
Second, the multi-handed Taoist priest is a wily figure. It is impossible to recognize the magical sword door with a word from the ghost sword door master. He is really willing to surrender. He is so close to the past that he wants to observe the specific situation more closely. In case there is anything wrong, he can react quite well.
This abacus is definitely very accurate. It’s not that the commander-in-chief is such a person. It’s definitely impossible to change a youthful Shushan Sect. There is still some truth in saying that the Shushan Sect has the commander-in-chief presiding here.
"Hehe, the Master of Ghost Sword Sect is hosting here. I don’t know what the Master of Ghost Sword Sect said about surrender. But you Shendao Sect and our Shushan Sect will say so?"
I saw the Ghost Sword Door Master from a distance, and it was there at the mountain gate. The multi-handed Taoist master had a little stability in his heart. After all, he was able to show up and live here. It would be foolish to say that the Ghost Sword Door Master had no sincerity before it happened.
Don’t say that others are just the multi-handed Taoist, the immortal master, who is enough to eat the ghost sword door master, not to mention a trick behind him, that is, to show up like this without surrendering, even a little trick may lead to death
At the very least, the multi-handed Taoist recognizes that he has such strength and self-confidence, plus hundreds of elite brothers of Shushan Sect behind him who eat the whole magic sword door, and the situation is that the ghost sword door owner is this one.
Without thinking too much, many handcuffed leaders walked over to meet him. He didn’t find that there was no one from Shushan who accompanied him except himself, and how could the Ghost Sword Door Master really have him there?
When I got to the Ghost Sword Door Master, I found out that something was wrong. According to the truth, the Ghost Sword Door Master should look very depressed, especially after he deliberately made a joke. Now I can’t see the Ghost Sword Door Master at all, so I became suspicious.
Don’t think about more multi-handed Taoist priests. Just listen to the ghost sword in front of you. The door master rushes out from all sides in anger. Everyone holds a big axe in his hand and holds it high above his head. Then he splits it neatly and abnormally. The target is the multi-handed Taoist priest.
"You’re so small, you’re killing yourself, ghost sword. You’re joking with the whole magic sword door!"
The commander-in-chief was anxious and angry. He couldn’t say more words when so many axes were chopped in Nai. He was chopped alive by so many axes. Even if he had the immortal level repair, he couldn’t hold so many magical knives and doors at the same time.
Roar after a multi-handed Taoist priest’s temperament changed. Just now, I was still smiling repeatedly. In a blink of an eye, all the attacks have not yet been sent to the multi-handed Taoist priest’s body, and the momentum has been overwhelming. The dazzling golden light poured out from the front and back of the multi-handed Taoist priest directly surrounded the multi-handed Taoist priest’s body.
Immortal power. This is exactly the unique power of immortals. There are so many golden lights. It is said that the commander-in-chief has immortal power. This is still the case that the commander-in-chief was caught off guard. If he is prepared for confrontation, I am afraid that the number of golden lights released is more than that.
Even the Ghost Sword Door Master personally led the younger brother and has issued so many attacks, which is still caused by the sudden release of golden light by the multi-handed Taoist priest, that is, Pang Daxian Yuan’s power.
Then the ghost sword door Lord led the crowd to bombard the multi-handed Taoist priest with several axes and shadows criss-crossing. Like conan the destroyer, the breath suddenly broke out and thundered. Since the contact position between the two sides was more tangible, the ghost sword door was swept away by all.
"Oh, it hurts-"
"Bang bang bang-"
All kinds of sounds are heard in the population of the Sword Clan of the Gods. Many people fall behind and rest. A few brothers are still organizing a second attack in the Ghost Clan, but this time it can’t be compared with the previous power.
The most important thing is that after such a blow, the multi-handed Taoist priest has recovered his strength, and more immortal strength has been inspired by him. More golden light has covered their bodies, and the most frightening thing is that the multi-handed Taoist priest has also pulled out his own long sword from his back, and he has touched more than one but ten long swords.
"Can’t you? Wrong novel network many words "
Ghost Sword Master and others are completely stupid. Everyone knows that it is rare for people who send swords of Shushan to manipulate two long swords badly. I didn’t expect this multi-handed Taoist to be so powerful that they could manipulate ten long swords together. It makes me feel numb when I think about it.
These people want to experience it for themselves now, but I can imagine what it’s like to feel the pain in their mouths.
The multi-hander took a hard blow from everyone and also shocked everyone. It was not expected that a wisp of blood had already dropped from the corners of his mouth. If he hadn’t forcibly suppressed the injury, I’m afraid he would be even weaker now.
The more so, the more angry I am. I can’t wait to slay the ghost sword and dismember them one by one on the spot. Only then can I get rid of my heart and hate it. How do you look and feel ferocious now?
"Go to hell, you treacherous little people!"
The multi-handed Taoist priest finally roared and attacked before the ghost sword master and others hit him. Ten long swords should fly out like ten dragons flying in the middle, bared their teeth and ran towards the ghost sword. They descended on a dumpling and bumped their heads, which was a mortal ending.
Seeing that he was so proud of his attack, the long face was also full of satisfaction. Although he said that he was deceived by the ghost sword and others and suffered a lot of damage, he felt it was acceptable to destroy them on the spot.
But will this be the case?
The commander-in-chief saw a scene that was absolutely unforgettable. Ten dragons all hit the ghost sword, but they listened to even a scream and groaned as if there were just so many enemies.
"Ha ha strange, how can there be no one? You can’t find the reason, so go to hell!"