"hmm? What’s the matter? You’re actually going to do it? "

At this time, there has been no talk. After the beast emperor suddenly said this sentence, the beast emperor’s momentum soared and spread to the surrounding spiritual force "wave" and directly appeared in the hall.
Sitting in a high position, Lingba Tian naturally felt the beast emperor’s "color" at this time. His hands quietly moved for a few times and secretly stopped the beast emperor’s attack "wave"
However, from this time, I have already felt a deep fear, because he found that the beast emperor was actually promoted at this time, and he was faintly difficult to compete.
In order to stop stabbing’ exciting’ the Beast Emperor Ling Ba Tian, he quickly gave a blow to his hands. He was relieved when he saw the monks calm down. If he really angered the Beast Emperor, this guy didn’t know what he would do in Moro City.
"Ha ha, brother Lan still has such a temper. I just want to ask the origin of this little friend. After all, you know that we have to guard against this kind of thing in the West Magic Empire and the East Dragon Empire." Ling Batian quickly made a haha at this time
"Ling predecessors don’t worry, I am definitely not sent by the East Dragon Empire. This beast emperor position can be proved by how I came here. I can’t explain it, but I can assure you that there is absolutely no hostility to your West Demon Empire." Xiang Ye has already explained at this moment. After all, he still has to go to the Tibetan Pavilion to find achievement methods. Naturally, he will give Ling Batian a step.
Looking at Xiang Ye at this time, his eyes were witty and gave himself a step. Lingba Tian had already believed in Xiang Ye’s words for a few minutes. After all, the beast emperor could not deceive him.
Although the animal emperor and he are not very close on the surface, they do regard each other as friends. The animal emperor will never do anything against him, and he still believes in the animal emperor.
After listening to Xiang Ye’s words, Ling Batian looked at it with great interest and said, "It seems that this little friend is really a genius. He can practice this kind of cultivation with the Dragon Magic Collection. If I didn’t guess wrong, you must have all three magical skills!"
Xiang Ye didn’t hide that "Ling’s predecessors were well informed, and it was a coincidence that I cultivated the three gods’ achievement methods."
Hearing this, Ling Ba Tian was completely relieved for Xiang Ye, because he knew that the East Dragon Emperor Guolong Feiyang would never allow their empire to practice these three secrets together. In front of Jia Jia, the young monk’s spiritual strength is far more vigorous than that of the same order, and his body is faint with’ fine’ light. Obviously, the glass’ jade’ body has reached Dacheng.
The emperor of the Western Devil Empire is naturally not weak except for his outstanding vision. Since the young man in front of him is not a native of the East Dragon Emperor, he should be more effective in attracting timely help to this amazing young man than adding flowers.
"Well, I believe in Xiaoyou and will think about what you said. After all, I’m not the only one who has the final say in entering the Imperial Pavilion. I have to discuss it." Ling Batian said directly at this moment, fearing the table.
After his voice fell, Xiang Ye’s nervousness was finally released. Since Lingba Tian has already let go, it seems that there should be a game.
"It’s just ink. No, it’s not. Can’t you have a good time? It’s …" The Beast Emperor said at this time.
"Ha ha, we are not in a hurry. After all, this kind of thing is not a trivial matter. Let’s prepare for Ling’s predecessors." Xiang Ye has already spoken at this time
Sure enough, after Xiang Ye had finished, Lingba Heavenly Heart was another joy, and the boy in front of him became more and more valued.
"Yes, at an early age, not only is the talent amazing, but even the mind is so sophisticated, and it will certainly succeed in the future," thought Ling Ba’s heavenly heart secretly.
"Well, we can’t always stay with you when you say yes, though we are not in a hurry. Surely you don’t want me to stay here, too," said the Beast Emperor with a hey hey smile.
Ling Batian looked at the Beast Emperor, and Lai’s appearance was really helpless at this moment. Almost every time he came to Moro City, the Beast Emperor would be turned upside down in the city.
"It will take two days at most. I want to discuss it with our imperial elders. After all, she is in charge of the entrance and exit of the Tibetan Pavilion." Ling Batian said.
"What, you’re a shame! It’s a shame to let that old hag control Gee!" The beast emperor has despised Ling Ba Tian at this moment.
Looking at the beast emperor’s disdainful eyes, he finally couldn’t stand it and said, "Somebody take two distinguished guests to have a good rest and remember to choose the best place to entertain them."
Then he said to the beast emperor, "Blue Little Hurry up and go. I’ll give you an answer in two days. You have a good rest. Don’t get me into trouble everywhere, or I’ll be careful not to help you. Presbyterian temper must be known to you."
At this moment, a monk slowly came and led Xiang Ye away from the hall and walked towards the back.
At this time, many monks in the hall expressed their opinions one after another. "What’s the matter? Are we really going to give the Dragon Magic Book to the Donglong Emperor Elementary School?"
"Yes, is it risky to do so? After all, this small origin is still not clear."
Listening to all the people around him, bullying said slowly, "Don’t talk about this matter. I have already made a decision. I can guarantee that my decision today will be beneficial to the future of our western demon empire."
Sirs monks have no longer said anything at this moment. After all, the positions have been proved. It should be based on the fact that it is not a’ cave’ to come to the wind.
After watching the Beast Emperor and Xiang Ye leave, Lingba Tian waved his hand and said, "Let’s go!"
Then they took the lead in leaving the surrounding sirs. At this time, naturally, they are not talking about anything. They have left one after another, but they don’t know what bullying really thinks.
Chapter four hundred and forty-one Meet an acquaintance
In this way, Ye Xiang and the Beast Emperor entered a guest room under the guidance of the monk, and each of them entered a room and waited patiently.
Ling Ba Tian did not break his word. The next morning, Xiang Ye heard someone calling himself outside the’ door’. He went out of the’ door’ and saw that it was the monk who brought himself here that day.
"Beast emperor predecessors and Xiang Ye Taoist friends, we pursue now, let me take you two to the hall to discuss entering the Tibetan Pavilion." Seeing two people coming out, the monk has said at this time.
"Ha ha finally didn’t cheat us. Let’s go, Ye Xiang Xiaoyou. Today, the two of us have a good meeting with the old hag." The animal emperor turned out to be a face of expectation at this time.
Xiang Ye looked at the beast emperor’s abnormal appearance. Although he was suspicious, he didn’t say anything, but followed him towards the hall.
Happy two people have come to the hall with the Beast Emperor. Today, although Xiang Ye has come to the hall for the second time, he feels a little abnormal today. Although the monks are still in it, their faces are expressionless at this time. It can be seen from another figure who secretly leaves the hall surface from time to time that they are all fearful.
Just after entering the "door", Xiang Ye has discovered this situation at this moment. When he looked up, he saw two more figures in the hall. One of the middle-aged beautiful "women" looked like a beautiful woman with excellent charm. A red mole on the corner of his mouth added a bit of amorous feelings. This kind of "lure" and "confusion" is fatal to almost every man, and sometimes his eyebrows are raised, making people afraid to have other ideas to hold back their distractions.
Because this middle-aged beauty’ woman’ body breath is not weaker than the dominant position, this alone has made many monks dispel this idea, but they know that once their ideas are discovered, waiting for them will be tragic.
Just when Xiang Ye wanted to look at another figure, suddenly there appeared a voice of alarm and anger, "Why are you?"
Although this sound shows surprise, anger, communication and meaning, it is so tactful and elegant in the ear that it feels like a spring wind.
After the sound appeared in the hall, all eyes were on the sound owner. It seems that Xiang Ye naturally looked at the familiar sound quickly. He remembered where the sound seemed to be heard at this time.
It doesn’t matter when he looked up. At this time, Xiang Ye was shocked because he found a familiar face. Although he had only seen this face once and it was a little different because of dressing up at this time, at first glance, Xiang Ye still endured it. After all, the monk’s memory is almost unforgettable.
At present, these two’ female’ people show their’ dew’ at this moment, which turns out to be the same elegant and expensive temperament, which is the most attractive thing that men want to sign.
This year ago, in front of Xiang Ye, the "female" was a charming "gorgeous" and "desirous" woman who looked extra noble in a light blue "color" palace dress, with long red hair and two willow eyebrows, a pair of single phoenix eyes and a white Zhang Jun face, which made Xiang Ye still stunned.
"It’s you. Why are you here? Oh, by the way, you are a native of West Mundus." Xiang Ye was also surprised at this moment and said something.
A word from each of them made everyone confused at this time, and they talked about it one after another. Here they came.
At this time, the first person to speak was the middle-aged beauty’ woman’. "Feng Er, what’s going on? When have you met this young man?"
With the gentleness of the middle-aged beauty’ woman’ like water, the’ woman’ raised her head slightly and said slowly, "Well, this teacher is the guy who ruined our good deeds when I went to perform it a few years ago. If it weren’t for him, we would have finished that time."
After hearing this’ female’ word, Xiang Ye secretly complained in his heart. He already knew that something was wrong and spoke quickly. "The misunderstanding was purely a misunderstanding. I just happened to have one’s fingers itch that day. I hope my predecessors don’t mind."
At this time, where is the middle-aged beauty’ woman’ who can still hear Xiang Ye’s words? First, she said to Lingba Tian in the main seat, "Eldest brother, I said I don’t agree with you, right? This small score is that the East Dragon thieves and bandits sent’ traitors’. Now she still wants to enter our Tibetan Pavilion and definitely wants to complete the skeleton in my closet."