But WuPei is now in a state of closed cultivation, so it is naturally impossible to go out to deal with these obvious guys who are looking for fault. It seems that there are two brothers, Chen Shaobai, Sang Xiang Liang and Sang Xiangyi.

But Chen Shaobai saw that the twins were timid and timid in their eyes, and now he can come forward. I’m afraid he is alone
After a good team, it is necessary to play a role. Chen Shaobai touched Wupeixing clearly, and even if something went wrong today, he would help him fight back.
"This is Wu Pei, the younger brother of Qing Xuan. Please let your brothers pass."
For the first time, these Xiandaomen dealt with each other. Although it can be seen that some of these people were furious, Chen Shaobai was accommodating.
However, it seems that these young road flyovers who ride on the winged tiger are determined by the weight, and their tone is getting worse and worse.
"Mr Wu swift boat? Joke! How can my noble and decent brother be so evil! I’m afraid these people are spies sent by the magic way to jiān? Kill them all and find evidence! "
"Brother? How dare a mere mortal call us brother? Who gave you courage? "
"Kneel to make amends! After three heads, we will let you go! "
The white tiger landed on the deck, and they were pressing hard to point the finger at Chen Shaobai. The waves were rolling, and the taste of the government office was shocking.
Most of the people brought by Wu Pei take a fancy to the potential and spleen, and the swordsmen are the three strongest cats and kittens, that is, the swordsmen in the middle of the [three-foot sword mans], and there are Song Sansi and the Sangshi brothers who are afraid to fight.
But there are seven people riding a tiger in the famous road flyover opposite 【 Three-foot Sword Mang 】, a black outer door brother of a middle-level Jian Hao, and a white door master of a high-level Jian Hao 【 J and NG Soul Extremely Changed 】. They are indeed arrogant in this ship.
However, their performance is cruel. Hundreds of classmates from Fengzhou University have seen that these people are not easy to provoke, but they have been holding swords to fight.
But when two or three people breathe, they can’t hold back their anger and immediately kill people.
Poof! Poof!
Two consecutive blood shadows flashed and two heads flew up-also representing the fall of two classmates.
The dream was destroyed by the storm and withered before it bloomed brilliantly.
"It’s just that some mortals dare to disturb and disturb the fairy mountain!"
Two road flyovers riding tigers in black took back their bloodstained swords with cruel smiles on their corners.
Ka pa ka pa
Two white tigers with wings actually ate the body directly in front of everyone and chewed the bones. They heard the bloody scarlet blood flowing down their corners.
Fortunately, the boatmen have some guts, or they will be scared into idiots and crazy on the spot.
It is the simplest and most rude way to kill people, but I have to admit that it is really effective. In the face of great strength, the magic boat people immediately became quiet.
"Wu Pei said that the science of uniting the sword-immortal way is about fighting, fighting, and robbing the original. There are still some ways to understand it. Now it seems that the style of the Sect of the immortal way is really the law of the jungle! The strongest brother in white should be the younger brother of Qing Xuan like Wu Pei, right? But Wu Pei has been other people’s tricks before, and now I’m afraid it’s just the right time to take these people’s knives. "
Perhaps because of the strong soul force, although the opposite person is very strong, Chen Shaobai is not as good as others. When he sweeps through it, he clearly knows that the strongest strength of the other party is not wearing a finger. His head is slightly drooping and his eyes are shining with wild brilliance.
A young road flyover rode on a winged tiger, overlooking the crowd. Not only did he get taller, but he seemed to get a higher mood. He looked at Chen Shaobai with his head held high and jokingly.
"I changed my mind. Either you die alone or they all die."
The corners of the mouth of the most powerful young man in white robe are tilted high, and he thinks he will eat the young man in front of him.
"Brother Huo Xuesong is absolutely right!"
"Kill yourself!"
Huo Xuesong
Wu Pei, the elder heir of Xuanmen in the Qing Dynasty, has a nasty quarrel with his younger brother, and the struggle for interests is constantly being unreasonable.
Hearing this, Chen Shaobai immediately understood the cause and effect, but God Se walked from pacing to this person as usual.
Draw a sword, stab your feet like scissors, tear the wind, tear your feet, crack the deck figure, burst the sword, and provoke the wrist flowers.
"The cannibal dies!"
Poof, poof, poof, poof.
The sword mans swallows some blood, and Se puts his wings in his head, and the white tiger’s head bursts out of the original prestige, and all the tigers have become the ghosts of Chen Shaobai’s sword.
Once the gifted creatures are used to being viewed as mounts, they lose their original wildness and wildness. Therefore, after practicing, these spiritual talents can become great monsters and be beheaded by Chen Shaobai in the blink of an eye.
Lost their lives, magnificent and mighty giant tigers fell down one after another, while the dead tigers and young people lost their footing. They either turned over in a hurry or fell down directly. The most ridiculous one came into close contact with the earth and the deck and got nosebleeds flying.
Although the individual strength of this Taoist is not weak, they are all registered handyman brothers of the Qing Xuanmen. They are all thinking about the breakthrough day and night. However, after becoming a younger brother, they fawned on Huo Xuesong and gave up their original intention to learn to enjoy welfare benefits and background. When there is nothing to say, they will learn to ride the riding station with J Ο ng force. It’s just a bravado to ride the white tiger on this trip. It will definitely produce a result that one plus one is less than one.
It is because Chen Shaobai saw through this that he brazenly took the lead. Although the white tigers are powerful, they are only compared with ordinary people. In his eyes, they are just small monsters at the peak of the pearl. They can’t spit and kill people easily.
Killing the white tiger is the first step. Chen Shaobai didn’t stop moving himself.
"So the murderer pays for his life!"
He waved the fish intestine sword, and the purple awn flashed and gave birth to a layer of energy-permeable defensive cover. He snorted his arms and burst into brawn, and a good head flew directly.
"The younger brother of Qing Xuan’s outer door comes standard with a black crane coffin, which can bear three stones in a dead angle, but how can I have three stones in my strength?"