Even if it is impossible to give it to outsiders who are not descendants of God’s blood, let alone Chai Wanying, she is a mortal.

Light feather forehead can’t help but appear black line. Don’t tell me that you are just swayed by an idiot like her.
Zhu Rong a listen to these words also some blindsided.
Before has been ignored by him in the brain blind spot, this is light feather words suddenly appeared clearly.
He made a mistake in this matter, but it was a lower-level mistake than an idiot.
So if he had not been tough at that time and insisted on grasping the two twins together, it would have been absolutely certain.
Zhu Rongyue thought more and more that the scene at that time was a big problem.
Those two points have reached a spent force, and there is no extra spiritual power.
And he missed such a good opportunity to be cheated by such a half-magic and half-aura.
Zhu Rong’s face was as ugly as the palette, and it was very wonderful.
Light feather root when he answered, just see his face and you will know that you have been right.
At this time, if you look at Chai Wanying’s injury, you will turn around. Did you bring her to heaven and didn’t add a new shield to her side?
Zhu Rong callous nodded his head.
Light feather with a sigh, even he can’t help but praise one now.
What an intelligent and witty woman is worthy of being the matriarch of the Nuwa clan. With this agility and tenacity, this courageous Nuwa clan is bound to flourish again in the hands of the couple.
Zhu Rong looked at the light feather and I murmured.
Zhu Rong, go to Dan Pavilion and bring two Ziyun Dan to this Chai Wanying. Don’t say that you can’t be a celestial being if she dies.
Zhu Rong wanted to retort that it was just a woman, but he swallowed all his words at the thought of seeing seven divine lights in the mirror.
Go ahead. Come on.
Guang Yu whispered to Chai Wanying, who was still seriously injured in a coma, after Zhu Rongfei plundered to get Dan medicine. Maybe after you wake up, we can talk about each need.
Chai Wanying felt that she couldn’t wake up after a long and painful sleep.
But quickly returning to her mind and feeling the biting cold before coma made her open her eyes at the fastest time.
When you look at it, it will be a sky-blue gauze and ethereal Xiangyun pattern.
It’s not that cold palace anymore.
Madam finally woke up. It’s not easy to save her.
Chai Wanying didn’t feel that there were people in this room at the moment, but she immediately turned her head when she heard people.
I saw a man dressed in a complicated and gorgeous gold robe.
who are you
My name is GuangYu, the lady of GuangShen Temple. You can call me GuangShen, or you can call me GuangYu directly.
The Temple of Light, you are not the Emperor of Heaven, are you?
Chapter 54 Injury as a threat
Chai Wanying clearly knows that the guy called Diablo God, the owner of Diablo Temple, is under the orders of the Emperor of Heaven.
He sent someone to harm tourmaline more than once, but he didn’t succeed once
But she has never heard of the position of the Lord of the Temple of Heaven.