"No, no, I don’t believe you give me some sincerity," Liao Jinghua said while retreating.

"Well you say let’s how to give sincerity? Whatever. Do you think I’m beautiful? If you want to quit, I will be you. "The ugly woman said that she stood up and danced with rags. The white skin made Liao Jinghua feel cold from the bottom of her heart. The most secret woman was exposed at three o’clock, but Liao Jinghua felt like vomiting instead of feeling a little excited.
"No need, we have different aesthetic views. Maybe you are the first beauty among the ugly terrans, but it is really a legal evaluation in our eyes." Liao Jinghua shook her head and said that she couldn’t help thinking of the beautiful woman of the giants. Although in any aspect, she was horribly big yesterday, in the final analysis, there are still some beautiful women, but this ugly beauty is really developing towards ugliness. This beautiful woman’s teeth are darker and yellower than other ugly people, and her skin is even more abnormal like a dead person. It is stronger than other ugly people. Some of them are too strong and bony, especially when the hair is blue and white in front of them, which is seven points like a skeleton and two points like a ghost. People are a little too much. Liao Jinghua’s aesthetic view is not too much even if it is vicious, but Liao Jinghua is not mean.
"Well how do you want us to show sincerity? How about if we all quit? " The ugly beauty said
"This mountain is your day. Even if you all quit and wait for me to go out, you attack me." Liao Jinghua shook his head and said that he also had some headaches. This mountain is extremely closed and he can’t think of any good ideas.
"Damn it, come out for me, otherwise we will let you die in the most vicious way when we catch you." Ugly beauty lacks patience. Seeing Liao Jinghua’s hesitation, she can’t help but get angry first and then calm down, and her tone is gentle. "Come out, we are a trustworthy race."
Liao Jinghua shook his head. The ugly beauty was so crazy that she reminded Liao Jinghua of that crazy gentle gentleman who dared to believe her words.
"How about this? There must be a way out here. How about you quit and I’ll find a way out myself?" Liao Jinghua said
"No," the ugly beauty huffed and leaned forward, but she was afraid to come over like a scruple, which also reassured Liao Jinghua.
"Then I’ll have a rest here." Liao Jinghua said, carrying water leaves and making the giant stick thick and short as a stool.
The ugly beauty roars around the mouth of the cave from time to time, beating the ugly person who is blocking the road and flying out. This ugly beauty is actually much stronger than ordinary ugly people, and much stronger.
The ugly beauty roared at the mouth of the cave, turned her teeth anxiously, and threw herself around, so it was not strong. The rags and debris flew around for a moment and almost became naked. If it was a beautiful woman, maybe Liao Jinghua would secretly look at it, but in the face of this ugly beauty, Liao Jinghua was really lacking in interest. If you look at her eyes, you will feel that the water leaves in her belly are churning. After saying hello, let her recover her physical strength as soon as possible, she will sit on a giant stick instead of a low stool and ignore foreign affairs, and concentrate on recovering her body. A turn-over excavation almost exhausted his last strength.
In the sea of knowledge, pieces of milky white fog like dead clouds gradually surged up and dispersed into Liao Jinghua’s body, which quickly restored his body. This also made Liao Jinghua send out a strange phenomenon, that is, those milk clouds piled up in the sea of knowledge would move a few times to fill up their strength. Unfortunately, that kind of swallowing ability appeared once in the forest of milk flowers, and in the face of ugly people, such a dangerous situation did not appear, which made Liao Jinghua confused about his body and himself. Liao Jinghua is still a stranger. I don’t know what’s going on. I know that whenever I die, there will always be strange things that I don’t expect to help myself. But Liao Jinghua dare not pin all her hopes on this side.
There is a strange feeling in the power of knowing the sea. When Liao Jinghua looks like something has been swallowed, Liao Jinghua hasn’t reacted yet, but Shuiye exclaimed.
"What’s the matter?" Liao Jinghua asked.
"I … I don’t know if the dizziness is gone, as if something has been swallowed." Shuiye said that he still couldn’t perceive anything with his hands touching at random.
Liao Jinghua shook his hand and a water mirror appeared in front of him, only to find that their faces had turned normal and turned ruddy. The ugly man’s chronic poison disappeared unconsciously.
"You are really a mystery," Shuiye said.
"That’s what I feel, too." Liao Jinghua gave a wry smile and said that mastering the strength in his own body is always very passive.
After Liao Jinghua’s body poison was removed, the ugly people seemed to be more anxious, which further confirmed Liao Jinghua’s previous guess that the poison was to control his speed of action, and secondly, it was the main reason why these ugly people had been chasing him. Now that the poison has been removed, I am afraid that these ugly people will never find themselves again if they run away.
"I don’t know if there is any danger in this red crystal palace. I want to go in and try it. Maybe I can find a way out. What do you think?" Liao Jinghua asked Shuiye back.
"I follow you right" Shuiye nodded mercilessly and said "good". Liao Jinghua said that she was going to move on.
"The ugly person is responsible for rushing." The ugly beauty rushed at Liao Jinghua with a wave of his hand. This ugly beauty is faster than Liao Jinghua’s imagination, and she is afraid of her own strength. There is also this speed. I didn’t expect that ugly people would rush to Liao Jinghua just now. An inconvenient response was rushed to Liao Jinghua by this ugly beauty. Liao Jinghua can swing it back with a stick, but Liao Jinghua is still not used to hitting women, even if this woman is disgusting again.
The ugly beauty screamed and jumped on Liao Jinghua’s body with great momentum, which made Liao Jinghua hold this ugly beauty backwards, but the thought of pressing the ugly beauty into the water turned into a face, pressing the ugly beauty into the body, screaming and struggling, and the strength was surprisingly great, which almost made Liao Jinghua let go.
Then the ugly man stayed for a moment before he got up the courage to rush in, forcing Liao Jinghua to say something without beating a woman. I’m sorry that he hit the ugly beauty’s head with a fist. Liao Jinghua’s fist was heavy. At that time, he hit the ugly beauty with his mouth watering and shook his head. Liao Jinghua looked at his posture. The ugly beauty’s legs were on his waist, and that thing was facing the ugly beauty’s crotch, as if she were doing that kind of sex. Liao Jinghua was cold and lost her mouth, and she fled straight to the depths of the crystal palace, followed by large tracts of ugly beauty.
Liao Jinghua ran breathlessly, perhaps one step closer to the top of Tianzhu Peak, and the body became heavier. However, those ugly people ran on all fours as if they had wings, and it was very easy to see that they caught up behind them. The foul breath exhaled by those ugly people could be smelled.
The red crystal ground in front of it suddenly became redder, like it was exposed to limited heat. Liao Jinghua ran in regardless of the fact that the ground was not hot, but there was a cool feeling. However, those ugly people exclaimed and stopped one after another, but the big ugly people in front collided with this redder crystal area. The ugly people hit Liao Jinghua’s legs and knocked Liao Jinghua to the ground. These ugly people tumbled into Liao Jinghua’s heart and tried to get up and then fled, but it was even more difficult. Many ugly people bumped into each other, and a lot of people turned over to one place. When the ugly people stopped behind, Liao Jinghua had a lot of ugly people mixed together.
Liao Jinghua got up with a bone and shook the giant stick and was ready to fight. But to Liao Jinghua’s surprise, these ugly people who were mixed together didn’t look at him, as if they had met something terrible, and they ran away in succession, even though Liao Jinghua staggered by, they didn’t bother to look at him, which surprised Liao Jinghua.
"Hey? What’s the matter? " Liao Jinghua surprised yi.
"Damn you, you’re dead. You’re dead." The ugly woman jumped up and down at the junction of the light color, pointing to Liao Jinghua, shouting and jumping up and down, which made Liao Jinghua very worried that the two breasts hanging badly on the ugly woman’s chest would break with the beating, and she wanted to wake up, but it was hard to say such a thing.
"What’s the matter with life?" Shuiye asked
Liao Jinghua will change the color of the crystal around him, and there are ugly people who show abnormal behavior. Now he also needs an opinion whether to go in or out. In terms of perception ability, he can follow his intuition. If Liao Jinghua used to be alone, he naturally did not hesitate to step in, but now he is still carrying a water leaf, and he can’t make a decision for the water leaf.
"Before there is a way, there is a pursuer. Of course, we have to go where there is a road. Although I don’t know what there should be worse than ugly people, I would rather be torn up in an instant than bitten by these ugly people." Shuiye thought for a moment and said that ugly people’s black and yellow teeth she couldn’t see, but that foul smell was clearer than Liao Jinghua’s smell.
"Well," Liao Jinghua nodded and then bowed his hand to the ugly man. "Goodbye," he said and turned to leave.
"Come back, let’s have something to discuss. What do you want? Magic pill? Magic weapon or secret skill of fixing truth? We can all give it to you. "The ugly woman said, returning her hand and slapping an ugly face. After a closer look, she even knew that it was the ugly ugly ugly who ran out for a moment and ran back with a big bag behind her.
"Look, look, look, this is a panacea." The ugly woman took out a small jade bottle, which seemed to emit soft light. It was very comfortable to see the bottle, and it was obvious that the panacea contained in it was not comparable to those big pills that Liao Jinghua had swallowed before.
"Look, this is a magic weapon." Said the ugly woman, reaching into her bag and turning it over for a while, she took four or five sword-shaped or other weird-shaped weapons. From Liao Jinghua’s point of view, it is really a magic weapon for the fix-true person. Seeing that the magic weapon is still emitting a variety of soft or sharp breath on its own, we can know that these magic weapons are not ordinary things, and none of the fix-true people can really climb to the top of this mountain. Even the master of Liuhua may not dare to come.
"This is the secret skill of fixing the truth. We have everything." Jade plates or finger-sized jade pupil slips were poured out, and there was still something woven by the unknown to be strong. Seeing those Liao Jinghua’s warm heart almost made her step over, which had a different attraction for Liao Jinghua, and the water leaves were even more unbearable for those things in front, which were enough for the fix-true practitioners to break their heads and compete for. Now the water leaves are just listening, and the saliva has already flowed out. If that kind of perception is still there, I am afraid that now she has rushed to hold these things in her arms and nodded wildly.
"How about you all give it to you if you want to come out, and then we’ll send you the mountain?" The ugly woman said softly as far as possible
Liao Jinghua leaned forward with a warm eyebrow and smiled faintly. "What’s your name?" Liao Jinghua asked.
"Maya … why do you ask this?" After saying her name, the ugly woman was suddenly surprised that her own people had been tempted by things that fix the truth, but she didn’t expect that she would inadvertently set her name out. Although it seems that it is no big deal to reveal a name, she completely fell from the wind to the wind and lost all the opportunities.