Mom took out the pattern and prepared to cut a shape.

Song anqiao washed the fruit, cut it and set the plate for everyone to eat.
"Feed me" ChuFei far side eyebrows provoke bullying way
Song Anqiao smiled and put a piece of pitaya in a toothpick and sent it to his mouth. "Please eat, young master."
ChuFei far mouth swallow mood is very satisfied.
It was a dull night, but it made people feel warm and happy.
Section 255
The next morning
Song anqiao deliberately accidentally broke his bowl. Chu Feiyuan’s face was really ugly. He personally selected a pair of matching bowls for the couple after she broke a bowl.
It is conceivable that Chu Fei-yuan’s mood was blocked for a moment and he seemed to be oppressed.
The old lady beside chanting "broken peace, peace through the years"
Song Anqiao hoped that Chu Fei would reprimand her, but Chu Fei didn’t. Instead, he rubbed her long hair and said softly, "I’ll buy another pair if it’s okay."
Song anqiao sighed deeply and didn’t speak.
Later, Song Anqiao deliberately broke the dinner plate. Her own milk cup made her face cold, but he tried to suppress his anger and said coldly, "Song Anqiao, what’s wrong with you today?"
"Why do you dislike me!" Song anqiao stared at him with displeasure and asked him
Chu Feiyuan frowned. "What’s your attitude?"
"What attitude" Song Anqiao’s face is very impatient. "If you dislike me, just say that I just love to break things. If you are not satisfied, let me go."
When the old lady and mother heard this, the old lady calmed her down. "Big Jojo can’t say that. He didn’t blame you."
Song anqiao gave Chu Fei a hard look and slammed chopsticks and got up to "stop eating"
She said and stormed downstairs.
Chufei’s face is getting ugly bit by bit, and he tugs at his tie testily "without rhyme or reason".
It’s really puzzling that Chu Fei was annoyed and confused by Song Anqiao’s sudden temper.
"Xiaoyuan, go and see if Big Jojo is uncomfortable?" The old lady didn’t trust Song Anqiao to persuade Chu Fei to go far and comfort Song Anqiao.
Chu Fei was far colder, and his lips were tightly sipping, "It’s really getting worse and worse not to do anything wrong."
At this moment, Chu Fei wondered if he spoiled her too much and made her so unreasonable and indiscriminate.
When Song Anqiao entered the bedroom, he put his hands together and muttered, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry …"
Chu Fei went to the company with a fire in his chest. He wanted to cure Song Anqiao, but he didn’t feel finished until he got to the company. He still couldn’t bear to reprimand her for Song Anqiao’s heartbreaking attitude alone.
This life is in the palm of this woman’s hand
On the other side of Luhai Villa
Song anqiao sat by the bed and looked silly. She sat for a long time until the sun stretched her lonely shadow.
Song anqiao bit his lip and bit his lip, but he didn’t resist throwing himself on the bed and crying with a pillow in Chufeiyuan’s arms.
can not bear to
She is so reluctant to leave.
At ten o’clock noon, Shi Qian’s words were already urging her. Song Anqiao went into the bathroom, washed his face, and went to the coat and hat to change into a warm coat.
She didn’t take anything but a Chu Fei Yuan white shirt. She wanted to leave this world in Chu Fei Yuan clothes when she died.
Chapter 35 She’s gone
Do everything Song Anqiao take a deep breath and go upstairs quietly.
After the building, Song Anqiao went to hug his daughter’s little rice cake and rubbed her forehead. "Song Song’s mother loves you."
The little rice cake froze in her arms with big eyes and grandma was angry, "Mom?"
"Huh?" Song Anqiao put his forehead against the forehead of the small rice cake, and only two people could hear the sound and gently said, "Mom is leaving, you should listen to your father, don’t cry, don’t make trouble, and forget your mother early."
The little rice cake looked blankly at her and couldn’t understand her mother’s words
Song Anqiao smiled and let her daughter slowly get up and look aside. The old lady, who was busy with her mother, said very calmly, "Grandma’s sweet shop has something for me to see in the past."
When the old lady looked up at her eyes, she was a little suspicious because she was worried about Song Anqiao breaking the bowl early. "Big Qiaoqiao, are you really going to the sweet shop?"
"Yes, grandma, there are still two months to the year. Sweet shops need to be counted." Song Anqiao lied in a serious way.
The old lady listened with some confidence and told Song Anqiao to go early and return early.
Song Anqiao smiled and walked over to hug the old lady and put her in the old lady’s shoulder nest, whispering, "Grandma, that’s very kind of you."
Her words were so sudden that the old lady froze for a few seconds and then she was a little shy and scolded, "Silly girl."
Song Anqiao’s heart hurts a lot. Her ninja hurts lightly. "Grandma, I’m gone. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine."
The old lady smiled, "Good grandma doesn’t worry."
Song anqiao left the villa and took a taxi to the airport.
Shi Qian didn’t come. It was his bodyguard Artest who led Song Anqiao through the security check and arrived at the boarding gate. Then they took the plane smoothly.
Everything went smoothly until Song Anqiao didn’t even have a chance to regret it.
The plane took off and roared into the blue sky.
Shi Qian, a humble taxi outside the airport, sat in it and stared at the blue sky plane for a second …
In his sight, the plane condensed into a point and disappeared in the horizon. His finger rested on the window, Shi Qian knocked stupidly for a few seconds, then took out his mobile phone and made a sentence, "All right, destroy her entry and exit."
"Mr Hirsch" words that end the man respectful way
Shi Qian hung up with his eyes down and asked the driver to return to the city center.