"Still angry!" I pouted early to coax his heart. "What do you have to do to avoid getting angry?"

Liang Juanbang stopped at the door of the commander’s office and suddenly looked at the early tone. Finally, he couldn’t help being a little harsh. "You really shouldn’t. You still have … don’t you think about it for our children?"
"Ah?" I was startled early and immediately laughed. "Haha … so you are worried about this?"
Liang Juanbang was stunned and laughed early? "Don’t laugh seriously!"
"Hee hee" smiled and leaned against Liang Juanbang and whispered in his chest early "Actually, I’m not pregnant … I didn’t deliberately say that until your father agreed to get married. Don’t worry, I won’t be so indiscreet …"
"What?" Liang Juanbang was surprised, surprised and more disappointed. Looking at the early belly "fake?"
"hmm!" Nodded early and told, "But don’t tell your father!"
Liang Juanbang can’t stop losing his mind, and his thoughts are getting more and more nervous just now.
Early also want to say what the phone rang "hello … um mom came back? I’m at the door. I’ll go in immediately. I’m in a hurry to get a car early. Junbang, will you go in?
He should be very busy at this time
Liang Juanbang shook his head. "I have things that have been delayed … I won’t go in."
"Oh, well, I’ll go in first." I got off the bus early and waved to Liang Juanbang.
"Hoo!" Liang Juanbang long breath mood is extremely low.
Chapter 794 We go home early
From the commander’s office, I came back from Liang Juanbang and Le Xuewei, and the car just passed by.
Le Xuewei was sitting in the car. She was holding a doll in one hand with Shen Jingyun … It was Huanhuan Lele’s wedding that lifted Liang Juanbang’s surveillance for a month. She came back with her child to show him this as a father.
Inside the car, Shen Jingyun smiled at Le Xuewei. "It’s good to get married early. You see … the child is so big early. It seems that taking a good nickname’ early, early’ is the right time for this child to beat everything faster than people."
"Well," Le Xuewei chuckled, "There’s nothing wrong with girls not being like men."
Two people talking and laughing did not notice the situation outside the car.
However, Liang Juanbang, who came face to face with them, noticed it … People couldn’t see it clearly through the tan window glass, but it was not difficult for Liang Juanbang with naked eyes 5.3.
However, a quick glance at Liang Juanbang made me understand.
There is indeed Le Xuewei sitting in the car! When I answered the phone early just now, I also said that her mother is back … What’s the matter with being a child? Liang Juanbang’s pupil is miniature and feels that his brain is big!
Liang Juanbang has never asked about the child, because he didn’t say that he was hurt early, but also because of a little selfishness, no matter how much he likes being a man early.
Men are jealous.
He admitted that he was jealous of Lei Yaohui for having children early! Just because he doesn’t mind doesn’t mean he won’t be jealous
Originally, it was not because most of the children had an accident early, but it was not until now that I saw Le Xuewei holding a doll in her arms that I suddenly realized Han Jiaqi’s magical power? How is it possible to get that kind of injury early?
Two cars passed by and the camera was limited to slow down.
Liang Juanbang’s heart is full of mixed feelings and the tip of his tongue is bitter. Just now, he saved Lei Yaohui early, regardless of his own safety! So can these things be mixed together to prove one thing?
In fact, in the early heart, Lei Yaohui didn’t have no position at all?
Where did you wander and hesitate between him and Lei Yaohui early?
The more I think about it, the more upset Liang Juanbang raises his fist and slams it on the steering wheel. The anxiety is indescribable.
Here LeXueWei with a pair of twins into the commander’s office early and Shen Jing Ann had been waiting for the early smile happily before seeing two children can’t help but hold up before "HuanHuan, Lele mother miss you so much! Finally go home! "
The elders looked at her and laughed. Shen Jing’ an deliberately reprimanded with a straight face. "You girl knew that your mother had come so hard and you didn’t say hello?"
"I …" Guilt looked up at my mother early.
LeXueWei smiled and shook his head "it’s okay! It doesn’t matter that the mother loves and is nervous about the child. This is nature … "
"hmm!" I thanked my mother early and nodded, holding Lele and shaking it gently.
"Wow …"
Suddenly there was a loud cry in Shen Jingyun’s hand, and his brother was full of vital capacity. Everyone looked at each other and laughed together. "Haha, this child is always jealous!"
In distress situation, I put Lele in my arms early, with curly hair and blue eyes. Huanhuan stopped crying as soon as she reached her mother’s hand, with watery tears in her eyes.
I couldn’t help but bend my head and rub his little nose early and whisper, "Naughty bag is really easy to put away!"
"What about Junbang?" Le Xuewei looked up and asked Shen Jing ‘an, "When will he come to see the children?"
Section 561
Shen Jing Ann laughed "just waiting for you to come! I want to surprise him by keeping it a secret for so long. Say it early, and let our country see it when you bring the children. Of course, we must meet your prospective mother-in-law first. "
"Well, that’s good." Le Xuewei nodded without objection.
The family walked in, talking and laughing, and the children’s room was already ready.
I called Liang Juanbang early in the afternoon, but he seemed to be busy and didn’t receive it early, so I left him a message … Junbang came to the commander’s house for dinner late, and my mother came. Remember I told you I had something important to tell you?
The short message was sent out for a long time and there was no response
I didn’t take it to heart early and conveniently called Lei Yaohui to ask him about his situation.
"Hey Yaohui, are you okay?"
Fortunately, I didn’t know that Lei Yaohui’s voice was really injured by Longteng, with some severe soft tissue contusion and mild tear. Now he is in hospital.
"Ah?" Surprised up early "so serious? Let me see you. "
"No …"
Lei Yaohui refused to change clothes early and hurried to the hospital.
Seeing Lei Yaohui, I believe that it is a relief to ask about the illness early.
"I said nothing, you don’t come here specially." Lei Yaohui smiled slightly, and he was so moved and ashamed that he could be so worried today.
Liang’s Liang Juanbang was busy for a while before he saw that he didn’t receive the message early. To tell the truth, he hesitated. He was a little afraid to see Le Xuewei and wondered what Le Xuewei would say to her.
Will you ask him to take good care of her child early?
Why is that bastard Lei Yaohui? He and Zao became like this because of that bastard!
Struggle for a long time Liang Juanbang just dialed the early number.
At this time, I was visiting Lei Yaohui early, and her handbag was put in the chair. People washed their hands and squeezed juice for Lei Yaohui. Because of Lei Yaohui’s throat injury, fruits could not be eaten but juice could be drunk.
Liang Juanbang dialed again, but no one listened. He persisted and dialed again.
I didn’t intend to listen to Lei Yaohui’s phone ringing all the time. Lei Yaohui flushed his hand and shouted "Early words …"