But all these do not hinder his relatively mature ideology in his immature body

The situation in today’s capital is that after seeing Chai Wanying’s beautiful breasts, Egg has an excited desire to get close to her.
But it is impossible to be impulsive to give birth to a child after this.
So he can feel that he has become strange, but he doesn’t know what will become so strange.
However, these do not affect the most intuitive feeling of the egg today. Guided by this intuitive feeling, it will be the most direct to continue to study the beautiful big toys of my sister.
Chapter 57 Escape
See an egg also looked at her with a full face of horror Chai Wanying said in his heart is not love or anger.
After shouting like a vent, he quickly drilled from the only mouth of the bed to leave an egg, sitting on the bed alone in wait for a while.
I don’t know what I have done wrong
Chai Wanying quickly got into the dressing room and buckled bra’s fingers. She couldn’t buckle them several times in succession, but she finally buckled them and couldn’t buckle them properly.
She can’t care, and now she’s completely confused
She has a feeling that she can’t stay in this room any longer now.
I was in a trance, wearing clothes, trousers and hair, and I didn’t wash my face. I didn’t even find socks when I went to the door to change my shoes.
Just like a wandering soul, I left her room as quickly as possible.
From the beginning to the end, it seems that she didn’t see the expression and eyes of an egg from the bed.
Or if she saw it, she forced her not to see it.
She can’t be soft-hearted again as if nothing had happened.
At least she can’t do it in front of her eyes
She doesn’t know how to face the egg. She wants to get angry with him, but he is still a child. He doesn’t know anything yet. He has never seen the second human except her.
How could she vent her shame and anger on him?
One doesn’t know that he has made a mistake.
However, on the other hand, Chai Wanying can’t accept that intimate intercourse between men and women or husband and wife can happen on her egg.
In her eyes, an egg is a brother, a relative and a family member, but it can never be a lover or a husband.
But just now she woke up and saw what it was.
Egg, he, he is sucking and playing with her breasts, which can leave her husband a place for future children to touch.
Who taught him to do this?
Are there different genes in eggs and other human children?
Or did she give an egg the wrong guidance to make him feel that he was born to do this to her?
The thought of this Chai Wanying heart is even more angry. She asked how he could do this to her without inducing an egg.
She is in pain when she thinks he is her own brother.