He and Zi Yan could have fought the first person in the underworld, and the total fighting power was less than that of the magic, right? At that time, the magic of war was different from Nan Yunqing. Since Nan Yunqing can hurt Xuanyuan Emperor, the magic of war should be so stronger than the magic of war. He and Zi Yan must be more convincing. Besides, he has not only been promoted again, but is also learning to refine the sword with the gods! He is now refining the most Qiang Jian instrument in the realm of mature gods and sub-gods! On the other hand, Purple Yan’s strength has definitely increased explosively due to "Twelve Monty Works"!

Then don’t forget that he just returned the ocean heart to Hainong. With the ocean heart, Hainong may not be able to restore the glory of the original sea emperor, but it is also a powerful fighting force to be close to leading four super sea beasts.
What Xiao Wen thinks is that maybe it’s time to show one’s own strength in time to make the demon race change its grand strategy.
Ps is even later. Sorry! to be continued
Chapter five hundred and ninety-one Shoulder fall
Xiao asked if he didn’t like beating around the bush. If he could kill Xuanyuan Emperor as soon as possible, of course, he wanted to destroy the whole world first and then encircle Xuanyuan Emperor. That would have to wait until years later. Besides, how do you know that the demon race will definitely win the decisive battle between the fairy and the demon? !
When the military meeting has reached the point where most people have nothing to say, Xiao Wen got up, bowed his hand to the northern wilderness, and then saluted the people around him.
"The North Leader’s predecessors Xiao Mou came here to look for Nanwu God, but after finding her, our goal is still the same, that is, to kill Xuanyuan Emperor. It can also be said that Xiao Mou came here to kill Xuanyuan Emperor Nanwu God. Since she is allied with you, Xiao Mou is willing to make an alliance with you. We are all on the same front."
Xiao asked these words, supercilious, and when he arrived at Xuanyuan Emperor, he couldn’t help but let everyone nod secretly. Even the most critical and indifferent people couldn’t find anything wrong. The only shortcoming is that Xiao asked that his strength is too weak.
"since everyone has the same goal and our common goal is too strong, we can make it easy for everyone to try their best to give full play to all the advantages or win? Xiao just listened carefully to your strategy and tactics, but that was before Xiao asked to come here. In fact, our strength, especially the top combat power, can change our strategy slightly and greatly. "
The demon race finally moved. Some people were puzzled. Others were angry. Someone threw a hip flask and stared at Xiao and shouted, "Are you questioning us? !”
"It’s not your turn to tell you what to do here!" Someone shouted again
Most of these demons are unruly. There is a northern wilderness that can barely integrate them instead of restraining them. Where did Xiao Wen run wild here at this time?
There are a few people who are still calm, but the girl with silver armor and white spirit and nine eyes seems to be quite strange.
"Is Xiao talking nonsense or is it well-founded? We’ll know if anyone wants Xiao to learn from you once we try."
Hmm? !
Xiao asked a middle-ranking Asian god, and it was obvious that he had just been promoted. How dare he provoke so many demon high-ranking Asian gods present? Moreover, there are several "semi-boundary gods" who are much stronger than higher-order Asian gods!
Many people are eager to teach a lesson. This little monster, who hasn’t spoken much, has the hottest temper. The former army marshal of the demon race, Sheng Cailong Ape, Wang Jindi finally couldn’t help it. Huo Ran stood up!
He is one of the few "half-world gods" of the demon race, whose strength is almost comparable to that of the Northern Wilderness, or that of Xuanyuan Emperor, who has met directly with the most times except the Northern Wilderness. The demon cultivator regarded Xuanyuan Emperor as his lifelong rival, but he ignored all other cultivators. Even the celestial god who came to Nanwu was just a fence-bearer in the eyes of Jindi, and they didn’t take it seriously. The demon race finally won the war by affirmation or the demon race’s strength. Now, a middle-order Asian god who came out of nowhere dared to provoke in front of so many demon race commanders. ! He’ll never get rid of his hatred if he doesn’t directly pat this little guy! Not all humans can run wild in the demon world!
And other people in Jindi must be eager to try, and there will be no movement because they are not rivals in Jindi …
Now that the dragon ape king is out, he can certainly teach the little one a lesson easily. The only worry is whether the dragon ape king will mutilate the little one. It’s not very passable. It’s not very good if he has offended the Nanwu God.
Jindi looks very magnificent, even if you don’t count the height of Shuanglong Horn, it is a head taller than Xiao Wen! He looked at Xiao coldly with anger. "Then let me try your weight."
For a moment, this golden-skinned dragon horn old man took a step forward!
Law is in this step, not teleport is better than teleport. He went directly to Xiao Wen.
Jindi’s hands have been pressed on Xiao Wen’s shoulders. At this time, when he was close, he found that Xiao Wen’s head had just reached the height of his chest, and the width and thickness of the two were also much worse. The contrast between the flesh was too great!
The scene was almost like a strong man bullying a weak teenager.
And the demon people know that the golden land is a variation of the ninth-order monster beast, and the holy cut dragon ape king can reach ten-order monster beasts. There are two super strengths, one is the holy cut divine light, and the other is the flesh! If the single strength than here demon race commander in chief, there are two or three people can barely match.
Even sitting on a mountain can be directly smashed!
Now Jindi has put his hands on Xiao Wen’s shoulder, which is to directly push Xiao Wen into the ground? Or will Xiao Wen press his knees? On which is the most direct humiliation to Xiao Wen.
The northern wilderness came to say a word, and the golden land there has already exerted its strength!
"Hand …" Northern Wilderness found that the speech block could not come and rushed forward directly, but it seemed a little late.
Everyone didn’t see how Xiao asked how to move his hands. Yang was also buckled in the thick arm of Jindi.
The hands of both sides almost dug into each other’s meat and made an ugly dawdle.
At the same time!
"boom! ! !”
The shock wave blew outward from the two men, lifting up the sand grains that had been enchanted and shooting outward like a rainstorm.
Nearby, the master was not affected by the dust. In an instant, the dust has cleared away. Look at Jindi and Xiao Wen in the middle. They are still in a "human" shape, clasping each other and wrestling! Both feet have been deeply immersed in the sand dunes, and there are almost no calves, but the most unexpected thing for everyone is that Xiao Wen has actually fallen!