Ebony wind escape is a kind of posture and lightness skill. It’s as elusive as a wind, and the degree of running is amazing. Of course, the consumption of ethylbenzene wind escape is also extremely terrible. Qin Chu is still only in the foundation period, but it has not reached the state of continuous flow in the then period!

The current is getting bigger and bigger.
At this time, Qin Chu heard a whistle. It is estimated that the body of the archer who was slaughtered by himself was now.
Qin Chu suddenly stopped because the road ahead has been blocked by a fast-flowing wide river.
And the giant eagle coming from the rear is called not far away, and several giant eagles are echoing this way.
"This giant eagle’s sharp eyes can easily show a little movement on the high ground. If it weren’t for the shelter of these trees and my display of’ Yi Mu Feng Dun’, it would have been shown long ago."
Qin Chu closed his eyes and his mind merged into the surrounding environment, and tried his best to extend the scope of his exploration. His knowledge has expanded to one kilometer.
Now we must know the movements of these people before we can make the best escape route ourselves!
When Qin Chu is moving, the gods can detect a maximum distance of 100 meters. When you are still, you can detect a distance of 1 kilometer without distractions. However, this maximum distance detection of gods can show that kind of activity. If you learn to hide your breath a little higher, Qin Chu will hardly show it!
In the distance, two handsome young archers carefully explored the bodies of their companions on the ground, and finally their eyes rested on the thin wound on their chest!
"Moss was injured by a sharp weapon, not by Ulu." They reached a consensus and got to know each other. At the same time, they were shocked and immediately leaned against each other. "Is there anyone else here?"
Moss was killed by Qin Chu, and the archer Ulu was the giant bear just now.
A young man closed his sharp ears and moved all the natural sounds such as Feng Shui around him, which immediately appeared clearly in his mind.
"That man is a master, and his trace disappears from there." Suddenly, the eye-closing youth opened his eyes and pointed to the place where Qin Chu used the Yi-wood wind to escape.
At this time, Qin Chu’s gods also covered up.
"Hey? Someone is snooping! " At the same time, they were alert, and they clearly felt the feeling of snooping around them, which was coming from all sides
"Can you actually perceive my knowledge?" Qin Chu was frightened and took back his knowledge. "This natural race is really amazing!"
Qin Chu didn’t dare to get lucky again. He had to swim across the wide river in front of him.
Suddenly, Qin Chu’s eyes fell on the rocks by the river, and then along the river, there was a mountain stream five or six meters high, where a black stone stood, and the water became swift here and formed a waterfall there.
That’s it!
Qin Chu took a long sword and took a few steps over there. After calculating the distance, Zhen Yuan slammed into the waterfall.
The sword sank fiercely, but the front was empty. Qin Chu had a bottom in his heart, and the whole person had already invested in the Blackstone Waterfall.
"It was eroded by running water here" Qin Chu exulted in his heart. Just now, he saw that some rocks were fragmented by water. It was obvious that the rock structure here was loose and a piece of black stone was formed across the mountain stream to form a waterfall. Although there was no direct erosion of the black stone surface, the water potential shape would follow the flowing water droplets and wear through the years. This black stone surface naturally formed a pit!
The small hole behind this waterfall is wet and slippery, because the surface limestone has been washed away by accumulated water all the year round, leaving strong black rock.
Outside, the waterfall rumbles, and Qin Chu doesn’t dare to explore the gods again, but the waterfall water is like a thick curtain, so it is difficult to see the outside situation clearly.
Qin Chu, a little thoughtfully, poured a sword into Zhenyuan and inserted it into the black rock like cutting tofu, ready to make another hole inside. Because it is close to the waterfall, it may be strange to see it at first sight.
Qin Chu didn’t dare to risk the sword and carefully cut it without destroying the overall rock structure. Qin Chu tried his best to dig the hole to make it bigger.
Digging and digging, Qin Chu, shuriken suddenly stabbed in.
Qin Chu zheng in the mind because of the sword to feel tell him this rock surface is!
Carefully controlling this knowledge, I explored this little place in front of me, but I was amazed to find that this waterfall is really a hole!
Qin Chu slowly enlarged the hole and then got in.
A strange blood gas drilled into the nostrils. Qin Chu’s heart was still afraid to make a noise. The real element poured into his eyes with the help of the waterfall. The scene in the cave was almost clear
The cave with stalactites hanging from it is also a flowing water with a cold, wet and cold feeling.
At this time, the giant eagle outside the waterfall sang, and it was obvious that those natural people had already chased it here.
Qin Chu stayed there motionless, and the giant eagle crowed just as the party kept ringing. "Are they here now?"
To be on the safe side, Qin Chu took out a grain of ice scale Dan and a few big Dan in his mouth, and then walked slowly along the rock wall.
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My feet just took a few steps, and suddenly I felt soft. Qin Chu was shocked. His sword in his hand was immediately protected in front of him, and at the same time he bowed his head and saw a colorful snake body lying in front of Qin Chu.
This giant snake is more than half a meter wide and can grow into this shape. Either it is gifted or it already has a repairing monster.
But-strangely, after Qin Chu accidentally touched the snake, it didn’t move-Qin Chu thought of the bloody meditation in the cave just now, and it was only now that the snake’s body was bloody and its head had been smashed.
Such a thick snake can be hurt like this … Qin Chu suddenly flashed a shadow in his heart that huge brown bear!
Re-explore the wound of the giant snake. The coarse blood at the mouth of the metropolis bowl has not yet coagulated and is still flowing.
"This giant snake just died!"
Qin Chu back suddenly cold sweat straight drop this … Brown bear is not in this hole, is it? Immediately alert to all around.
At this time, two faint Huang Yingying lights appeared in the side darkness.
Qin Chu saw a two-meter-sized brown bear leaning against the edge of the wall and was staring at Qin Chu with fierce eyes at the moment!
Chapter 36 【 Recover Ulu 】
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Hoo ~
The brown bear sneaked a paw.
Qin Chu’s body has receded, and shuriken is not polite. A few strings of swords and flowers to brown bear claws were easily scratched and bloodied!
Brown bear eats pain, but he is horrified. It’s hard to say that he came prepared for the attack. It’s so simple to hide in the past!
Can he see me in such a dark environment?
Qin Chu saw that the brown bear was no longer chasing and his paw was seriously injured, and he didn’t yell.
This brown bear must be afraid that he will make a noise to attract the attention of outsiders and get himself killed.
"I didn’t expect you to hide in it!" Qin Chu accepted the sword and smiled faintly. Qin Chu knew that this brown bear could understand his words!