You mean the method that you used to bury the magic stone shells in the soil in different shades to lure the enemy in and then detonate one of them to make other magic stone shells explode in series.

Dragonfly said
Yes, but this method is suitable for small magic stone bombs, like the large magic stone bombs we brought this time. I’m afraid it’s difficult for running forces to detonate them. I’m still a little worried.
Evergreen method feasible thinking for a long time shearer said positions, although we brought the magic stone shells are all improved, it is generally difficult for them to explode slightly, but it is the magic stone cannon that detonated. We should bury the magic stone shells deeper, and when those puppet soldiers enter the trap, we can bombard the magic stone cannon near the trap with a small amount of magic stone, which will cause great shock. I believe it will definitely detonate the magic stone cannon.
Well, this is indeed a feasible way. Let’s do this and cooperate with other methods. I don’t believe that a mere 20,000 puppet soldiers can eat us evergreen, and the stone bomb worker will give it to you. You must be careful, and you must never let the red Sect find out that we are moving. Dragonfly decides evergreen tactics.
On March 4th, three years, the Tianlong Army received a decisive battle in Red.
The decisive battle in the middle of Sichuan at noon on Sunday means that a large-scale battle is about to be exhibited when the dragonfly writes a challenge in big letters.
The end of the victory of the Tianlong Army in this war means that the unification of the old Byssos kingdom and the red religion will win the decisive battle, and then the chaos in the mainland will come again.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Big break in red
On March 4, 2003, the two sides agreed that the night before the final battle, the twelve brothers of the red leader in red robes gathered together to discuss the final battle in Japan in the huge camp of the Chinese army behind the Red Sect.
Tell the holy leader that the puppet soldiers’ troops are properly placed. I believe that the holy leader will surely break the Tianlong army in one fell swoop. The first brother sitting on the left got up and respectfully reported to the red leader.
Well, it’s good, but you can’t be too careless. After all, there are a lot of magic stone cannons in Tianlong Army. Once they bombard us with their strength in the early stage, it will be very dangerous, said the red leader
Holy Leader, rest assured that in World War I, we will let mercenary local troops play forward and let them be cannon fodder. The commander of Tianlong Army is not a fool. It is impossible to resist the impact of this number of troops unless they are attacked by cavalry. In case they are really cavalry to stop our troops from attacking, we can launch puppet soldiers at any time to mix these puppet soldiers into attack force, so that no matter how many magic cannons they have, they will worry about bombarding their own cavalry units and get the boat. Hey, by then, 20,000 puppet soldiers will be their nightmare, said the eldest brother proudly.
In the initial attack, half of the senior brother Tianlong Army was waiting for our puppet soldiers, and the other half was waiting for us. I think Tianlong Army must be very aware of the number of puppet soldiers. The military camp Feilong has never stopped these days, and our every move is in the enemy’s sight. The second brother is worried.
Hey, hey, don’t say that the Dragon Army is all idiots. It’s impossible to predict what we can do when we act. When fighting, I will divide the puppet soldiers into 50 teams with 40 people in each team. The most dispersed way is to attack the Dragon Army. Their moving speed is that the Dragon Army can destroy the general puppet soldiers in this volley at most, and the remaining ones are enough to tear the defense line.
Big brother said
Big Brother, I think the second brother said, after all, the Dragon Army is not a glutton that we met before. They have traveled to the north for years and have never heard of defeat. The Dragon Army is not only a group of martial arts generals, but also the most outstanding military strategist and politician Shiller. It is better to be careful when we deal with them. After all, these puppet soldiers are our last strength, and the fourth brother said.
Don’t always be ambitious and destroy yourself. Big Brother made it very clear that World War I is not a reckless attack on puppet soldiers’ ability. You all know that since it is behind mercenary troops, what is there to worry about? Are you afraid that there will be tens of thousands of puppet soldiers in Tianlong army? The third brother said with the help of the big brother that it is obvious that the twelve brothers of the Cardinal in Red are constantly attacking each other in two camps and trying to show their importance in front of the Cardinal in Red.
Listen to my brother bickering, the red leader waved impatiently, and everyone turned their attention to the youngest brother sitting at the back, and said, Marfas, do you think this war will be won or lost?
Report back to the holy leader, the big brother and the second brother, saying that if you want to confirm who said more words or actually confirmed one, it is better to be called the twelfth brother of Mafas, thinking for a long time and saying
Oh, is it actually confirmed? The red leader said to the guard standing near the door with a little thought.
Go get the war chess deduction sand table and let them confirm it.
The red leader ordered a bodyguard to bring the sand table soon, and many brothers kept arguing and focused on the sand table.
Because the second brother didn’t understand the tactical roots, although he mastered the advantages of thousands of magic cannons, he clung to the tactical knot. Of course, it was the victory of the big brother that led the Tianlong army to be wiped out
After this victory, the eldest brother was even more triumphant, and the volume of his speech was much higher. However, on one side, Marfas remained silent, and it seemed that he was still filling the sand table. All this was in the eyes of the red leader, and soon he drove the other brothers out of the camp, leaving Marfas to want him to go further.
Marfas, I think you were thinking about something just now. Can you tell the red leader to go to the altar and say
I hesitate to reply to the brother of the holy leader, Mafas.
Let’s get this straight. I won’t blame you. Do you think we’re going to lose this battle? The red leader said
Malfoy’s face changed respectfully and said that he was thinking that our army might be caught in a bitter battle, but he dared not judge whether it failed or not.
Then tell me what you think. The cardinal approached the sand table and reached out and pointed to the sand table to signal Marfas to speak frankly.
It was Malfoy who bowed down again and went to the sand table and said that at present, the total strength of Tianlong Army is about one million days, and the front line of our army is 350,000, but most of them are Uzbekistan. Compared with the elite troops of Tianlong Army, most of them are familiar with each other, but they have not received unified military training, so it is impossible to have a tacit understanding. Mercenary troops are superior in combat strength, but it is not easy for them to cooperate in unruly battles.
I am the commander-in-chief of the Tianlong Army. In the battle stage, there are two ways to face the impact of these Uzbekistan. One is to rely on the Tianlong Army to be invincible. The heavy armored cavalry assault unexpectedly takes ten minutes. When tens of thousands of heavy armored cavalry attack our 300,000 vanguard troops, it will collapse. However, our army will not launch a puppet soldier raid for a short time.
Secondly, our army’s impact depends on the strongest armored infantry surface of Tianlong Army, and when our army rushed into the front line, a small range of magic stone shelling cut off our retreat, and then the light cavalry surrounded the left and right central bows and arrows, and the scope of our activities became smaller and smaller, so that our vanguard troops could be destroyed in the war of attrition without magic stone shelling, said Malfoy, holding a chess game.
Malfoy, do you think too strongly about the Dragon Army? After all, how can we be crushed by the other 300,000 impact troops? The leader in red looks at Malfoy and can’t help but feel angry.
Holy leader, you don’t know that the contact surface of 1 million troops and 300,000 troops in the face battlefield is exactly the same. Generally speaking, the front line will not exceed 10 kilometers, and the distance is about 10,000 meters. To form combat effectiveness, each soldier must occupy more than one meter and 10 kilometers, and at most 10,000 soldiers will fight. In this way, 100,000 troops will participate in the actual battle, and the rest will be pressed in the back line, waiting for the soldiers in front to break through or die before they can launch an attack.
However, Long Jun, which is on the defensive side, is different. They can rely on 500,000 infantry to defend against the impact of our army, and then transfer cavalry to attack our two wings, and there are tens of thousands of archers in the rear. In this way, our army is equal to dozens of enemy battles, Marfas explained
To be like this, then what can be done to reverse the red leader asked again
According to the master elder brother’s strategy, once the war situation develops to this point, it is likely to be reversed. Either our army breaks through or our army is exhausted. The only way to avoid this unfavorable war situation is to change the strategic layout before the battle. Our army can first transfer 100,000 local troops to form a 10-kilometer front phalanx and directly kill the enemy front. Let 100,000 mercenary troops advance behind the enemy cavalry, and the light cavalry will inevitably retreat.
As soon as they retreat, the pressure of infantry defense on the battlefield will greatly increase. At this time, the Tianlong Army will turn around the situation, and this time it will definitely be a large-scale one. Once the other side consumes a lot of magic stone cannons, our army will still transport 600,000 troops despite losing 200,000. At this moment, the hope of victory of our army will greatly increase. Of course, the battlefield situation is ever-changing, and the actual situation has not changed rapidly. My brother is just assuming whether it will really develop his brother and grasp Mafas respectfully said.
Ha, ha, ha, after hearing Marfas’ words, the red leader suddenly burst out laughing, which made Marfas feel so scared that he immediately knelt down and repeatedly accused the red leader of pulling him up and said with a smile.
Marfas, you’re not afraid. I’m glad that the red suit has finally become a military talent. You said that everything in the battlefield must be improvised, and some projects will fail. I decided to give you command.
Ah, Malfoy was surprised and said, the holy leader can’t. I’m the latest to enter the house and I’m the youngest. I’m afraid it’s hard for me to command the holy leader. My brother can’t afford it
What can’t afford a seat has always been a meritocracy? Since you have this ability, you should get this Rong Yaori. I will publicly announce who won’t clear the way for you. The red leader’s eyes are full of dangers.
As if I saw the murderous look in the eyes of the red leader, Malfoy also dared not say much to answer yes.
Mafas, who is away from the red leader’s camp, is walking alone on the way back to the camp.
His mind is full of red hierarch asking him to be the marshal’s order. Other people would be ecstatic about it, but Marfas knows that it is naive to take this responsibility. Let’s not say whether we can really defeat the Tianlong Army. Even if we do, I’m afraid the day after tomorrow will be hard.
Ten younger brothers are intrigued with each other, but others don’t know him, but they deeply understand that the leader in red hasn’t decided on the first world war. The coach is probably hoping that his younger brother will keep this hostile state. Once they know that this little younger brother will take charge of the coach, I’m afraid he will be lying dead in the wilderness before waiting for him.
Tianlong Army should not give up the fortress war and choose the enemy’s decisive battle day. The first world war in red is bound to lose. Now the holy leader says that although it sounds good, it is unknown whether he will protect me or not. I must think of a way, otherwise this time, nine lives are not enough to die. Malfoy secretly thought, but he thought about it but couldn’t think of any way to shirk this position. After all, he had just found that strong murderous look in the eyes of the red leader.
Alas, after coming here for three years, I haven’t learned much about martial arts. Forget it, it will die sooner or later. Red teaches together with hell. I don’t want to go to other people. When I thought of this, Malfoy suddenly had a bright eye and a whim. I heard that the Tianlong army was thirsty for talent, and many of its fallen soldiers were appointed.
Make up your mind Malfoy decided not to go back to camp and go to Tianlong Army overnight.