The audience knows that at this moment, when the song suddenly merged into the drama singing, the whole soul seemed to be out of its mind, and then it floated up and burst.

"You belong to me.
See the whole life together.
But get together again.
Hating heaven has changed my heart.
Erhu’s theory of real sound and falsetto makes people itch. That kind of desolation is unwilling to complain about grief, despair and pain gives people a sense of shock that is difficult to express in words.
Ah, ah, ah, ah
I can’t stand it. I almost want to scream.
cannot stand
Cann’t hold back
It’s normal to feel this way, because the popular singing methods in front of you are all very light and simple, and they all state a story with a little sadness. The story is about halfway through, and a short erhu soo choked, and then it was perfect, and it was amazing to join the drama singing, which made people’s scalp burst.
But everyone can hear that this is an amazing drama, and the cavity insertion is just an excessive part of the whole song.
Even now, she
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Still singing roundly, restrained and far away, this sudden integration into the drama cavity is still ethereal even if it rises to the high notes, as if it makes people lose their fishing flute and sings late, as if it is separated from the clouds and water, and as if the night fog does not move, it is so sad that they can’t see the bottom.
It’s horrible.
She, she still has it at this moment.
The feeling of complaining about heaven and earth in the song is still gathering and brewing and compressing.
And then finally
And with the chorus falling into the loss layer by layer, the emotions are getting more and more abundant, and the emotions are uncontrollable, and some excitement and pain broke out completely.
all is quiet and still
At the same time, the song turned into the main song again, and the high notes broke out.
"Is the cloud the rain.
Throw yourself into the sea
But lonely with tears in her eyes.
It belongs to me and you.
See the whole life together.
But get together again.
Go away suddenly and violently. The high notes and crying are like the thunder "rumbling" after the dark clouds are sealed, and then the storm hits.
If the emotional brewing in the early stage of the song can be said to be sad but not hurt, it is touching.
At this moment, the mood will completely change from the moment of accusation to the moment of legal release, and then suddenly burst out after reaching the critical point, just like that a silver vase abruptly broke with a gush of water poured all over the floor
It’s no longer a sigh that I can feel sad about the good fortune alone, but the more I think about it, the more unwilling I am, and then I hysterically accuse and launch a struggle against the unfair fate.
"hatred heaven has changed.
Heaven has changed.
Heaven has changed.
With the song that seems to bring tears and tears to the audience, it is like setting off firecrackers, because the audience is already covered with goose bumps and exploding on their skin one by one.
The feeling of pushing back is as strong and exciting as sitting in a rocket.
Everyone is surrounded by the penetrating power of this sound and the strong layering, and the lingering sound seems to be endless for three days.
The phrase "complaining that heaven has changed" is as deep as singing the whole life.
It’s shocking.
The soul stirs in the song, believing that it has already been stronger than the soul. At this moment, it seems to be stormy and stormy. The sea is floating and shaking with the wind and the storm, and a canoe is easily torn to pieces when a wave hits.
How can you endure this and what else do you need to endure?
The audience watched the live webcast at home.
An exception
Fall into a crazy state and can’t hold back any longer.
Scream out.
It’s like wanting to join in and help her accuse fate together.
The last word
Sing slowly
After venting, it’s calm
After a hearty sleep
Remain exhausted
And sigh
Chapter four hundred and ninety-one absolute beauty I don’t