Na Lanyunhua closed his eyes to the two people sitting cross-legged, and a moist white energy emerged from Pei’s warm palm, which is exactly the source of chaos force, that is, chaos source, than pure white energy.

If Qianpei Wennuan absorbed the fur of chaotic forces, now she has completely controlled all the chaotic forces in the sea of consciousness, and it seems that it took her hundreds of years to untie and step into the top floor.
A small stream of chaotic source melted into the venom, blood and gold scales, and in a flash, the three things were wrapped in chaotic source and burned, and gradually merged together.
The little drop of mixed liquid turned into golden red in the white light, and Pei warmed his hands and spun.
For a second, Pei’s warm eyes suddenly opened and a little mixed energy in his hand shot into NaLanYunHua’s eyebrows.
Boom … Na Lanyunhua felt a drop of water melt into his eyebrows, but then the feeling made him shake all over his body. It was like an explosion in his mind. A sharp pain hit his sleeve and his hand suddenly pinched it at this moment.
Na Lanyunhua feels that his blood is burning and boiling, and there are two forces that are constantly fighting.
As the minutes passed, fine sweat and white smoke came out from each other’s foreheads in NaLanYunHua forehead.
Taking the three treasures from MengMeng’s body quickly dispersed in Nalan Yunhua body, cooperating with chaotic chaos.
Na Lanyunhua feels relaxed, and her blood seems to evaporate and regenerate again. The suppression skills of the original body are rapidly rising again, and the weight injury during the battle is rapidly improved in the repair of chaos.
The whole person is like being reborn from the fire, although he has severe pain, but the sense of lightness that gradually appears lightly can be clearly felt, and the pressure of toxin accumulation caused by the body for a long time can be quickly relieved at this moment, and the whole body is completely new.
The house is full of white light, which has a golden red light with a trace of silver.
MengMeng aside comfortably absorbed the chaotic force of the house, and his small body was glittering.
It was not until the sun went down that the white light of the house gradually eased. Nalan Yunhua spit out a mouthful of black blood. The whole person was a little weak because of the pain just now, but at this time his body has become extremely light. Has the toxin accumulated in his body for many years finally been lifted?
Pei Wennuan directly clicked NaLanYunHua’s sleeping point to let NaLanYunHua, who wanted to open his eyes, sleep directly.
Watching Nalan Yunhua sleep, Yan Pei warms his face and reveals a smile. Finally, the toxin deposited in Nalan Yunhua has been removed for a long time. From now on, Yunhua will never suffer from toxins again.
"It’s been so hard for you for so many years." Pei Wennuan gently caressed Na Lanyunhua’s face and cherished it. At this time, Pei Wennuan’s face looked a little pale, but it didn’t matter.
Help NaLanYunHua change a refreshing clothes, and then simply scrub it, and then warm the quilt cover. Quietly watch NaLanYunHua sleep, and NaLanYunHua looks very comfortable in his sleep, just like the most stable sleep in history.
Pei warm corners of the mouth has been smiling with his hands on the bed, just watching.
"I’m jealous of being so beautiful." Looking at it, I couldn’t help but whisper that Na Lanyunhua’s long eyelashes seem to be longer than her. I couldn’t help but stretch out my hand to fiddle with a skin or play Q, and Pei warmed my heart and muttered to myself.
Pei Wennuan slowly depicts his eyebrows, eyelashes, nose and lips along the outline of Nalan Yunhua. He has been in close contact with him for a long time and studied him carefully. Looking at Nalan Yunhua’s face, his heart becomes softer and softer.
Looking at the rosy thin lips that have been restored, Pei’s warm mouth can’t help but blink and want to kiss.
Is it okay to kiss him while he’s still asleep? Pei warms his heart with a small plan and thinks about it, so he is close to NaLanYunHua who is sleeping.
The two people are getting closer and closer. Pei warms his heart and drums, and his ears are red. Oh, it seems really shameless to do such a sneaky thing, but he is already his husband. What’s to be ashamed of!
Pei Wennuan gave himself a justified reason to swallow saliva.
The dragonfly kissed the lip of Nalan Yunhua, and his lips were as cold as a cold spring in summer.
I wanted to have a kiss with a dragonfly, but Pei Wennuan just couldn’t bear to let go of that cool feeling. I liked clove uvula involuntarily and slightly stretched out in Nalanyunhua’s lip and licked it.
Just want to have a guilty conscience, want to get up and leave, feel my waist tight, and a powerful force will warm her up, and feel that my body is out of control and press against NaLanYunHua.
"ah!" Pei warm exclaim eyes full of surprise.
He-he woke up!
"Warm your own ignition and solve it yourself." Na Lanyunhua’s eyes opened tightly at this time and looked at it close at hand. Pei’s warm eyes were full of smiles. In the smile, Pei Wennuan showed a small flame.
"Nalan Yunhua, why are you awake!" Pei Nuannuan exclaimed that she had ordered his sleeping hole, so how could he wake up so quickly?
A low laugh from NaLanYunHua throat with a warm breath rushed to pei warm neck "you have been in my body ignition I don’t want to wake up also not line" ambiguous words let pei warm face instantly red up red through the ears.
Trance felt his lips blocked by a familiar cold.
"Well … you bad guy …" Pei Wennuan wanted to struggle, but she was already imprisoned in her arms by NaLanYunHua.
"It’s bad for you" whispers will instantly ignite the temperature of two people.
The temperature of the whole room is also rising rapidly at this time.
The lips and teeth intersect, and the close kiss makes each other breathe more and more quickly.
for a long time
Pei warms up his messy clothes, and his white face is flushed.
Lying in bed with a big strong chest, the man is earning his head with one hand, which adds a touch of enchanting meaning. There is a soft spoil in his eyes, but in his eyes, there is a little villain who is unwilling to keep his family. He just pushed him away at the most critical moment.
Also euphemistically called his health care.
"Wife, you really don’t consider feeling that your husband is fierce." Na Lanyunhua narrowed her long and narrow eyes
Pei warm hands had a black line on his forehead. This bastard really knows how to learn from his wife and husband.
Pretend to cough a few times. "Husband, how can you spend your time being immersed in love with your children in such a crisis? You’d better heal yourself quickly. I’ll ask Lan Lin to prescribe some blood-enriching and qi-nourishing drugs for you."
"That you mean that you will satisfy me as soon as the situation is over? Or … You don’t believe me now … "NaLanYunHua awkward eyes full of bad intentions.
"…" Pei warm heart dark scold this man is not just a deathless touch kind? She really regrets to help him get rid of the poison and help him recover from the injury, now let her have a feeling of hungry wolf pouncing on food.
"I’m going out to have a good rest." It’s not advisable to stay here for a long time. Let’s go and find Lanlin to prescribe medicine.
Looking at Pei Wennuan and fleeing back, Na Lanyunhua smiled slowly in her long and narrow eyes. If you don’t answer, it’s your default.
It seems that I haven’t felt this way for a long time since I felt relaxed. I have been living in depression every day since he was in Xu’s body. Now being relaxed makes him a little unaccustomed.
Perhaps it was because he was really tired. Soon Nalan Yunhua fell asleep again and the radian of his mouth became very soft.
Chapter 341 Who is she?
"Is Master Lan Lin burning silence all right?" Pei Wennuan walked out of the house and went directly to the room where the old man was. At this time, the old man was still unconscious in bed and his face was still pale.
"It’s no big deal for the princess to burn the silence, but thanks to the princess, the situation of the master would not be as good as it is now." Lan Lin has prepared a medicine bowl and is preparing to burn the silence for the old man
Pei’s warm face flashed a slight embarrassment. In fact, when she first came, she was anxious for Nalan Yunhua to heal the old man’s injury, which injected some chaotic force into his serious injury and gradually recovered it. She thought that Nalan Yunhua would treat the old man thoroughly after treatment. After all, Nalan Yunhua’s injury was more serious at that time.
But she didn’t expect that big goat NaLanYunHua would do such a thing. Although it was just a kiss, it still seemed to be a wave for quite a while.
"Princess? Princess? "